my little red headed neighbor's friends: Jesse, Bridget, and Ashley


it was the next night and i saw that maci had delivered what she had promised.   both bridget and jesse (along with some new black girl that i hadnt seen before) had all came over.   I waited till it was about 1 in the morning or so and i was sure my parents and little sister was asleep until i slowly slinked on over to macis house.   I walked to the side where macis room was and saw her and the other 3 girls sitting on the bed conversing and such.
maci and the black girl (who i later recognized to be a girl from there class named ashley) were sitting at the head bed ,using hte pillows for cusions, talking to eachother and bridget and jesse were at the foot of the bed talking rather loudly with bottles of what appeared to be grey goose.   they were taking shots together and after every one theyd let out a loud moan and theyd shivver.  
i overheard maci mention to ashley about going on the computer so they both left leaving the other two intoxicated girls by themselves.   they both watched the other two girls leave and when they shut the door bridget got up and locked it behind them.   she than went over to the vanity and grabbed the remote and put on what seemed to be some soft core porn.   they both got under the covers of the bed and lied togehter watching it.  
what next happened ashtonished me.   bridget rolled over so that she was on top of jesse and started making out with her.   i felt an instant tent build.   i wasnt sure if it was a common thing between them or if i twas just the alcohol.   but at this point i didnt care.   jesse put her hands around bridgets ass and squeezed it tightly while bridget dry humper her on the bed.

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    i knew i couldnt take much more of this so i ran around to the back of the house and let myself in through the back, which as promised, was unlocked for me to get into too.   as i walked towards macis room i ran into maci and ashley and maci met me with a big wet kiss right on the lips and began to hold her hips tightly against mine.   i told her that she would have top wait because i was going to go and give bridget and jesse a visit first.   she gave me a sly wink and told me she understood and grabbed ashleys hand and walked back towards the kitchen.   i went up to the door and knocked loudly to make sure they heard me.   i heard the tv turn off and than one of the girls scream out who is it.   I said in my most suave voice possible "just open up and youll see"
the door opened and standing there in nothing more than a g-string thong and a tight bra was jesse in her tanned curvacious body.   "maci told me that yud be around soon"  than she looked directly to my tight crotch.   "it looks like you were right bridget, someone was out there"  what then happened again shocked me (even though by now nothing should of) she reached down to the fly on my jeans and unzipped them.   she then pushed my boxers to a side letting my hard dick to stick out freely into the cold air.   she then grabbed it tightly and led me to the bed while still holding it.   i could smell the alcohol on both of the girls so i knew they were stinking drunk.
jesse motioned for bridget to get off the bed and she did with out comnplaint.   bridget climbed out of the bed wearing nothing but a sokaing wet pair of white cotton panties.   her tits were fully exposed to me and even though they were very small in size they still made my cock dance in jesses finger tips.

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    "i see you like what you see there too" jesse said.   she than pushed me backwards and i landed on the bed so that my back was on the bed but my legs were dangling over.   she pulled my pants and boxers completly off leaving me completly naked from the hips down.
she than continued to give me the best head i had ever had to date in my life.   she stared by kissing the tip than licking up and down the shaft.   she took each nut into her mouth and began to suck on them individually wit hte greatest of care. than she moved back up and started deep throating me.   she went on and off with this for about 20 minutes stopping at just the right time to stop me from cumming.   at about the 15 minute mark i had noticed that bridget was on the desk chair furilously fingering her cunt.   she had pulled her panites completly off and was really tering herself up.   i think that led to the excitment even more.   not wanting her to be left out i motioned for her to come over and had her sit next to me so i could lean over and start orally pleasing her also.   i flicked her clit once or twice which made her cum instantly since she had been stimulating herslef for the past couple minutes and so i licked up all the juices.   i turned my attention back to jesse who had taken off her bra by now letting off her enormously large breasts.   i thought maci had been hung but they looked like mole hills compared to these flesh mountains.

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    she p[ut my dick between them and started titty fucking me like crazy.   i couldnt hold myself any longer so i shot a tremendous load all over her face, chest, and hair.   it was like heaven.
jesse said she was going to go clean up and shed leave us two alone so she got up and exited the room in nothing but her thong and jizzed up hair.   i looked over to bridget and motioned her over to me once again and instructed her to sit on my lap.   she told me that i was her first so she asked if i could be gentle at first.   so i lifted her up in my big, burly arms and gently lowered her onto my once again stiff and throbing cock.   she winced as the head of menis pushed its way into her hot and tight cunt.   i felt the hyman so i pulled her down onto my lap as hard as i could and felt the cherry pop.   with this she let out an ear peircing scream which im sure should of awakened the whole neighborhood.   i asked her if she wanted me to stop and she answered with hell no and preoceded to wrap her arms around my neck and started bounching up and down on my cock as hard as she could on her free will.   i knew this girl was in it for the long run so i put a hand on each one of her buttox and started slamming her.   her cunt was so tight and firey hot that im suprised i didnt cum after the first to pumps.   she was bouncing up and down and up and down on me now and she was letting out these very cute squeaks that made me want to cum even harder.   i looked her in her face and saw that she was in pure ecstacy and was loving every minute of my cock pouding her younge virgen twat.

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    i decided that i was really gonna make her first time count so i picked her up 9while i was still in her stomach) and slammed her against the wall.   i started fucking her brains out.   i could hear the room rattling now and i felt her cunt muscles wrap even tighter around my cock and she let out another tremdous scream and then she went limp.   i gave her a deep, passionate kiss and then let her lay down on the bed.   i hadnt came yet so while she lied there in a half dazed state i began to pump my cock and than proceeded to cum all over her face.   she seemed to tired to care about it so she just let is sit htere in all its white sticky glory on her face.
i left the room, now completly naked, in search of a bathroom to clean up in.   but right as soon as i opened the door there was jesse again, staring at me with lust filled eyes.   she had taken her thong off and had left me a view of her beautiful blonde cunt.   she looked me in the eyes and than looiked down at her own cunt and then back at me in the eyes again and than licked her lips.   i caught her drift.   i went down to both knees and instructed her to lean against a wall and put each one of her legs over one of my shoulders.   after she completed this i stoood up so that she was sitting on my shoulders but backwards.   i began to eat her cunt like i was a mad man that  hadnt eaten a meal in twenty years.   she began to moan loudly and pushed her hands on the ceiling burying my face deeper and deeper into her glorisous snatch,  i  tounge fucked her for what seemed to be hours until she finally too wnet limp against the wall and i let her down easiily and carried her in my arms back to macis room and laid her in the bed with bridget.

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    as i was exiting the room i could hear there tounges begin to dance with eachother.
i lef the room again and found maci and ashley talking ot eachother on the couch.   they were both completly bude but acted like nothing was out of the norm.   "i was talking it over with ashley" maci said " and she told me that she wants you to fuck her in the ass like she did me"  this was sensory overlaod once again because maci was the first i had anal sex with and ashley would be the first blakc girl i had sexual relations with.   it wasnt htat i didnt find black girls unattractive, it was jsut that i never found the time to do it.   she was the cutest little black girl i had ever seen htough.   she was about five foot one and no more than 110 pounds.   she had the most plumpest ass i had ever seen in my life and knew that iw as going to enjoy fucking hte hell out of it.   i instrcuted her to turn aroound and put her body over the couch and stick her ass straight up towards me.   i than prceeded to plunge my erect cock into her ass which suprisingly ate it up like it was a fucking tic-tac.   i began slowly and than buiilt up to an incredible speed which made me feel as if i was going to have a friction burn after this.   i grabbed her ample breasts and started too tweak her puffy brown nipples which made her begin to groan.   she than slit two fingers or so and began to finger herslef while i butt fucked her.   she than began to shiver like the other girl had and i knew she had an orgasm.   i decided that i was going to fnish myself off in her so i kept fucking her until i came all over her ass.

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    it was a beautiful sight seeing all my white goodness on her young ebony ass.   i should have taken a picture.
after all thatwas over i asked maci if she wanted me to fuck her next and she told me no and that i should be getting ready to go becasue her parents were due home any second. i rounded all the girls up and gave them big kisses (after i kissed jesse she turned around, bent down, and than slowly and sexily popped her ass so it grinded against my ass, than turned around and winked at me)  maci was the last one to kiss me and whispered in my ear that i should really consider inviting matt over tomorrow cus she was thinking that she might be feeling a little bit friendly that day if she knew what i meant.   and trust me.   i knew what she meant.