My Lucky Day (Part 2)


Hi.   This is part 2 of this story set. Please Read Previous Story for Character Description.
2 Weeks after Lauren and I started dating, we were going at it like rabbits. We couldn\'t keep our hands off of eachother.
One day, Lauren and I were at the movies. We went to see Jumper. Through almost the entire movie, we were either playing with eachother through the clothing, or making out. By the time the movie finished, I was on the verge of cumming. I was on my way to the bathroom to finish it off, when Lauren pulled me to the side.
"Why don\'t you let me finish that for you. "
"Here!?" I asked incredulously.
"Is that a problem?"
"No, it\'s just. . . unexpected.

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Lauren guided me by the hand to the bathroom all the way in the back that nobody ever goes into, and locked the door. I threw myself on her, exploring her mouth vigorously with my tongue, and sucking on her lips. The bathroom is routinely cleaned, so there\'s no mess whatsoever. Lauren broke the kiss and dropped to her knees.
"Uh-uh. " I shook my head.
"What do you mean, Conor?" she asked.
"Take off your pants," I said.
She did, and I followed suit. Then, I got on my back.
"Straddle my face," I told her.
Her eyes glinted with lust, then she did so. I pulled her bright yellow lacy panties to the side, and started to lick softly. I put one finger in, fucking her with it while licking her clit. She started massaging my cock, kissing and licking it all up the shaft and getting me harder my the second.

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   I slipped a second finger into her tight pussy, making her moan onto my cock. I rubbed her clit faster and faster, making her groan louder and louder. She was gagging herself with my raging dick, so the moans sent waves of pleasure through me. It took only about two minutes for us to climax simultaneously. She wasn\'t a squirter, so it was relatively easy for me to catch all of her juices in my mouth, while she did the same. She milked my dick like a pro, then got off and lay next to me, panting with satisfaction.
We weren\'t finished for the night, though. We went to a restaurant/night club called Mansion. It was a perfect setting for any kind of naughty play, and we took advantage of it. after we got our seats and drinks (which were actually alcoholic, as we both knew the owner\'s son), the song Yeah Yeah, by Bodyrox came on. We quickly drained what was left of our drinks, and went to the floor, her leading me, yet again. We started grinding in time to the music. I got lost in the beat, and so did she. After a few songs, we were through with dancing. We went up into the Member\'s section (again, because of the owner\'s son), and found ourselves a private room.

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   It had all of the trimmings, a full minibar, stereos, couches and chairs, and most important of all, sound-proofed walls. Lauren and I laid down on the bigger of the two couches, and started to kiss. We went on exploring eachother\'s mouths, then, my hands started to roam. They went straight for her ass, which was firm, because she swims. I squeezed, and she smiled through the kiss. Her hands went for my zipper, which she opened, and pulled my cock out. she started stroking it.
"Mmm. . . someone\'s ready for more," she said coyly as my dick grew hard.
"Only if you are," I replied.
My hands went from her ass to her pussy. I opened her pants up as well, and put my hand down them. She was soaked.

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   I slipped two fingers in, rockstar style, and rubbed her G-Spot. She moaned into my kiss, and was rapidly approaching her orgasm. She quickly stopped me, stood up, and took off all of her clothing, except her bra and panties. I helped with those. I reached behind her, uncleasped her bra, and let it fall to the floor. I lowered my face to her breasts, and licked them slowly. I kissed around the nipples, which were the size of half dollars, and flicked the nipples themselves with the tip of my tongue. She moaned softly every time I did this. I dropped to my knees, and grabbed the elastic of her panties in my teeth. I pulled them down slowly, and let go. She stepped out of them, and sat down on the couch. I grabbed her legs and softly kissed up the insides of both. When I cam to her pussy, I threw all my inhibitions to the wind, and began to eat her out with wild abandon. As my nose massaged her clit, I buried my tongue in he vagina and stuck a finger in her ass. She gasped in surprised pleasure, and started breathing heavily.

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   She lasted a while longer, but when she came, it was amazing. I clamped my mouth on the opening of her pussy and drank all of her juices in as they spilled out.
 When she came down from her high, she threw me to the couch and started to feast on my cock, which was extremely hard. She sucked up and down on the side of my shaft, then focused all her attention on the head of the dick. She swirled her tongue around it, hitting all of the sensitive spots, and then thrust it her head down, my dick hitting the back of her throat. She made gurgling noises, and pulled back for air. She repeated this several times, and her throat muscles drove me over the edge. My orgasm was so strong, that I could barely gasp,
"I-I\'m-- cumming!"
She drove my dick all the way into her throat, without even gagging, and her throat muscles milked my cock for all it was worth. She pulled off, but my dick wouldn\'t go soft. She smiled at the sight of this, and straddled my hips. SHe lowered herself onto my dick.
I slowly thrust into her, her hips meeting me halfway. We continued this, going for 20 minutes. When her breathing quickened, I knew she was near orgasm. I paced it so we would climax at the same time.

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   She finally came, screaming out in sheer delight. She shuddered, her vagina squeezing tight on my cock, sending me into extreme bliss. I clamped her down onto me, holding her tight. Her breathing slowed, and she almost fell asleep. My dick fell out, and I pulled her headdown to my chest.
"I love you," she breathed.
"I love you, too" I whispered into her ear.
After 10 minutes, we got up, and went back down into the club. The bartender, seeing us so disheveled, smiled knowingly. I smiled back. Lauren and I walked to her house, and kissed goodnight. I walked home, satisfied and tired.   I got into bed, and my phone rang. It was Lauren, with plans for next week.
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