My Only Love


Hi. My name is Caitlin and I am 18 years old. About 5'4, long blonde hair,blue eyes, size 36B, 125 pounds and I am in love with my boyfriend, Blake. Blake is 19 years old, about 6 foot, brown hair, green eyes, and is the most amazing thing in the world. He is everything I've always wanted. Hes athletic, and very hansom. I love this boy so much. We have been dating for almost 4 years now and I could never ask for anything more. The first time I met Blake (believe it or not) was first grade and he was the first person I ever had a crush on. So I've known him a long time and loved him and I know he is the one for me. My story takes place when I was 16 and Blake was 17. We had already been dating 2 years and never went too far. In fact barely did anything past make out or anything. When me and Blake first started to date I was young and I had always dreamed of just being with Blake. When I was 14 years old he asked me out. Come to find out he has liked me since first grade too.

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   I didnt tell him I liked him then till after he told me. I knew it was meant to be. Me and Blake took it really slow for a while. It took him months before he told me he loved me. Which was really worth it. It took him along time to kiss me for the first time too. Its always worth it if you wait. My parents adored Blake. He'd get to come over all the time and eat dinner with us. Or we would go to the movies or mall and just hang out and have a good time. My parents really trusted me. I was a good child. Good grades and they would let me do alot of stuff other parents wouldnt let their kids do, but I wouldnt do anything to lose my parents trust like that. Till one night. My parents decided to go on vacation to the Mountains.

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   Of course I love the Mountains I just didnt feel like having to sit in a car that long. They would leave Thursday night and be there by Friday and leave there Sunday and be back home when I was at school monday. The thursday they left I told Blake about my parents being out of town and that I wanted to spend some time with my baby. Blake told me he'd tell his dad that he would be with Bryan (his friend that he hangs out with whenever hes not with me) for the weekend. Of course his dad let him do whatever he wanted like he cared. So Blake planned to take me home after school friday and he'd stay with me till sunday. Just like we planned Blake took me home after school friday.  We stayed there till about 7 talking on aim with some friends of ours. We got bored and decided to go rent a movie. We drove to block buster and got some movie he likes. I dont even remember the name. We came home and layed on my queen size bed and watched the movie. Me and Blake cuddled in the bed while the movie got to some of the love parts in it. Oh how it reminded me of my wonderful boyfriend. I looked up at Blake with love in my eyes.

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   And he looked back with love in his. He leaned down and kissed me on my lips. It wasnt a short kiss but not too long, He leaned in again for another one but this time this kiss was longer than usual. And more passionate I could tell just by the way he was kissing me. We were making out on my bed and he was holding me close. He climbed on top of me and we continued. I started to get horny because Blake and me was grinding alittle bit on the bed. Suddenly he stopped kissing me and looked at me and he said "Do you wanna?". He knew my answer when I didnt say anything to him and pulled him close and we kissed passionately. Then as we were making out I could feel his loving hand touching every part if my body. I could feel him undoing my pants and unzipping them and then I felt him stick his hand down my pants, pull my thong to the side, and slowly start to finger my shaved pussy. I was moaning alittle bit and this seemed to turn him on even more. He pulled his hand out from my pants and sat up and pulled me close to him. He was still between my legs and we were both ready for each other. Blake took the bottom of my shirt and started to slide it up till he got it completely off.

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   Revealing my normal sized breast which he loved dearly. He undid my bra and threw it to the side with my shirt. So, I lay there half naked and him none. So I unbuttoned his shirt while he played with my breast. He was feeling my nipples and they were hard as a rock. He laid me on my back again and he started to kiss my left boob. He licked it and nibbled on it alittle bit and this was really getting me going. He sucked it and I could tell he was really enjoying himself. He could tell that if he didnt do something soon I was gonna bust. So he slowly slid my pants off and threw them to the side too. He pulled my thong to my ankels and I kicked it off the bed. He sat up and looked at my naked body. He looked to be in shock because we never planned this and never even talked about it really. I put my hand on my pussy and start playing with my clit and fingering my self. And Blake really seems to enjoy this.

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   But he wants action too. So he lowers his mouth down to my pussy and he starts to lick my clit. He sticks two fingers in me and is fingering me really fast. I really start to moan and he keeps going till I cum in his mouth. He licks all the cum left and he comes up to my mouth and we kiss somemore. I undo his pants and get them off of his all left on him is his boxers with his 6 1/2 inch cock in it. I could tell he was really hard and ready to fuck me by now. But I wouldnt let him have me yet. I pull his boxers off of him and I start to jack him off. I lick the head of his dick and start to suck on it. I bob my head up and down going faster and faster each time almost gagging but me loving every minute of it. Blake is really moaning and breathing hard he puts his hands on my head and basically pushes my head shoving his dick down my throat farther. Finally he cums in my mouth and I dont miss a drop. He falls on my bed full of exhaustion. But Im not done yet.

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   I climb on top of him and I grab his dick and slowly insert it into my virgin pussy. His eyes get big and I scream alittle when my cherry pops. After that I start to ride him. Him laying on the bed me on top of him riding him. He loved to see me fuck him. My breast bouncing up and down and I play with my clit cause I was so fucking horny. We are both moaning really loudly and I could feel me getting to my climax and I was going faster and faster and finally I cum all over Blakes dick and he cums all in my pussy. I lay on top of Blake and he is rubbing my back. He kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear that he loves me. We fall asleep on my bed and we dont wake up till noon on saturday. Blakes work calls his cell phone and they need him to come in at 4 and work really late. So we both get in the shower and have alittle fun and Blake leaves my house at 3:15. Good thing he decided not to spend the night saturday night because my parents came home early on sunday. My parents never find out about the first time me and Blake had sex. But it definately wasnt the last time we would.

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