My sister's friend


My sister's best friend's name is Ashley. She is about my height and a year younger than me. My name is Kyler i'm 5'11 brown hair, brown eyes, white skin color, and I'm 15. The story begins after school one day. My sister and I started the habit of getting into shape right before ski season so we arent winded on the slopes. Anyways, I ask my sister if we are going jogging today and Ashley was with her. Ashley asks if she can jog with us because she says she is fat. Which she is just shy for because of her D cup breasts. When we jog I peek over at her every once in a while and see her tits bouncing up and down. After getting home my dad orders us all to take showers. Ashley goes first but I dont know its her. So I walk into the bathroom casually to take a piss and go "hey sis". Ashley stays quiet. After I get done I get mad an open the curtain to yell at my her. When I see its Ashley I quickly apologize and try to run with my face blushng. She says "Kyler wait!" You wanna suck on my tits? After fantasizing for so long about her I quickly strip off my clothes and jump into the shower with her.

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   My whole body is hot and I can hear my heart beat in my ears. I start to kiss her left tit slowly then suddenly she says harder!. Now I'm licking and nibbling furiously. "I'm bored" she says and then asks if I want to fuck. "Do you have a condom?" she replies "no but I got a tight asshole. She gets down into the doggy position and becons me. So I position the shower head to make the water pour on her nice large firm ass. I then drop to my knees behind her and slowly inch my dick into her ass. She wimpers but holds it well. When its all the way in I start to pick up the pace. This keeps going on until my balls are furiously slapping her ass. She has stopped the wimpering and is now moaning. Suddenly I hear her say I want your dick in my pussy. We both get up and I prop her up against the shower wall. "You're a strong boy" she says as I hold her up effortlessly.

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   This time I slide my dick in all the way. I start pumping in and out of her pussy as fast as I can. She is screaming and her ass is slamming against the wall which makes me fuck more. Suddenly she is twitching and screaming louder and her puss tightens around my dick. This is my que and I pull out and cum all over her tits.