My Sister's Friend


 When I was 16, my sister was 18, and she had a friend stay over for the weekend. Her name, we'll say it was Ashley. When I first saw her, my dick throbbed. She had long red hair, and the best ass I've ever seen.
 She stayed over for the weekend. The first night she didn't seem interested in me at all. So I just ignored it. Now, I wanted to know what kind of underwear a fine ass like that would wear. So they went out, and I looked into her bag, and I saw some cute thongs. Then my eye caught this magnificent, thin g-string. When I saw this, my dick hardened instantaneously.
 They came home later, and slept in the room next to mine, I thought about her beautiful ass wrapped in that thong. I could barely sleep. . . When I woke up, my sister was in the shower, and Ashley wanted to use the other one downstairs.

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   So she knocked on my door and asked me if I would show her how to use it, I immediately got up and said sure. I had forgotten about my morning wood, and I saw her eyes look down right on it. She giggled and said she changed her mind and wanted something else. She came up to me, kissed me on the lips and slid her fingers down my boxers. First chance I got, I grabbed onto that ass. She pushed me back onto my bed, and wasted no time. She pulled off my boxers and started to suck my dick. I ran my fingers through her long red hair, then I started to guide her mouth to the base of my cock. I could tell that she liked it.
 This lasted quite a bit and soon enough I was ready to cum, and she could tell it. She looked at me as if to say, not yet. I took off her tank top and sucked on her already hard nipples. She moaned as I slid my hand down her shorts. She ripped them off, revealing her g-string. My dick seemed to grow another inch.

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   She giggled as she straddled me, pulled her g-string to the side and shoved my dick inside her. She leaned back in ecstasy as she rode me faster and faster. . .
 I grabbed onto her ass as I thrusted upwards. She moaned harder and harder. I was ready to fucking cum. I asked her where she wanted me to cum. She said she loved it in her mouth and face. I pulled out and she got on her knees and I came all over her face, as she licked her mouth. I fell back down onto my bed, and she walked off to take a shower.
 Later at the breakfast table i slid my hand between her legs as she rubbed my cock. She winked and said "Wait until tonight". . .

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