Naughty next door - 3


Ever Since Sarah had asked me help her 15 year old sister Emma, I have become a new man (an absolutely exhausted new man).
I had given up on my conscience ever since Emma gave that sweet warm pussy to me.
After the CD burning incident, Sarah seemed pleased with the interest Emma had in my work. And with some coaxing from Emma, Sarah did ask me to give Emma a tutorial on Computer Powerpoint.
When the day arrived Emma said that she was house sitting for Sarah who was at a teachers conference in London, so she was staying next door.
She arrived not long after Sarah had gone, and made herself at home.
Since we first fucked she feels free with me and now I am able to watch her walk around the house naked. She is naturally graceful as she moves and totally without a hint of self-consciousness. Quite different from when she first arrived. But I can always tell when she is aware of me watching her. Her movements remain ever graceful, but she seems to add a bit of flirtation to her walk, sometimes pausing to bend over affording me a fleeting view of her perfect arse and bald pussy, or at other times, pausing momentarily, turning sideways to offer me a silhouette view of her beautiful profile--slightly protruding arse and those small perfect breasts with hard, erect nipples.
We sat at the computer, her on my lap, her naked body making my track suit bottoms tent with my ever hardening cock. I needed a drink, and left her playing on the net. When I returned she had found a porn site and was looking at a short video of anal sex. She looked at it, and then when it finished looked at me with that sideways look I love.
“Does it hurt ? It look so naughty.

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   Can we try it? Pleeeeease?” While she spoke her little fingers traced the hard cock I now could not control.
Once again, who am I to refuse such a polite request.
“Ok Emma, but we need to do it slowly, and if you want to stop at any time just tell me. ”As I watched her run from the office to the bedroom, I had only one thing on my mind--her shapely arse and that brown, wrinkled bum-hole. Just imagining the feel and the sight of the head of my cock parting her crack and slowly pushing into that hot, tight canal was starting to get me very hard. I followed her into the bedroom. She lay back down on the bed.
"Spread your arse-cheeks for me, Emma," I said. "Yes, Steve," she said as she reached behind her with both hands and gently parted those smooth globes, exposing her small, perfect, virgin anus. I let my fingertips gently graze over her arse-crack from her open pussy to the base of her spine and then gently back. Each time my finger touched her brown, puckered opening I could see and feel her wrinkled aperture open and close slightly to my touch. I knew at that point that I needed to feel those tight muscles milking the swollen head of my cock. "What should I do now, Steve?" she said. "Nothing" I said. "Just let me play with your sweet little bum for a while and then I will show you how my cock will feel real good in that tight little arse of yours.


   Now while I get the bottle of oil, wait for me in the bedroom. ""Will it hurt, Steve?" she asked. "We'll make sure it doesn't" I said as I watched her worried look change back into the sweet smile I was accustomed to seeing. Emma was sitting on the bed when I walked in, "How do you want me, Steve?" she asked. "Get on all fours in the middle of the bed and spread your knees apart so I can feel your pussy. Now put your head on the pillow and get comfortable," I said as I knelt behind her and gently pushed her shoulders down with one hand while cupping the other against her smooth, shaved pussy. "That's nice, Steve," she cooed as I gently pressed my fingers against her puffy lips. I then opened the bottle of oil and poured a generous amount into my hands.
Emma moaned softly as I started the light rubbing of her perfect young arse. The sight of her brown, puckered hole winking and peering at me as I spread her cheeks was definitely having its effect as my cock swelled and bobbed only inches from its target. I paused for a second to reach down with my oiled hands and give my cock a few slick strokes, reaching further back to gently touch my own arse-hole for a second and oiling my shaved balls in the process. Returning to the easy stroking of my little girl's arse-cheeks, I moved my face as close as possible to her wrinkled hole without actually touching it. I wanted her to be able to feel my breath on her arsehole and pussy. Several times I let my warm breath bathe her and each time as I inhaled I was treated to the delightful musky scent of her pussy, arse and the oil. It was intoxicating!As I reached down to stroke my cock to full hardness I noticed that its slit was already oozing pre-cum so I moved forward and pressed the tip against her tight anus, lubricating her sphincter with the slippery juice.

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  "Oh!" she said when she felt the head of my cock pressing against her virgin hole. "I'm scared, Steve! Maybe I'm not big enough back there. Please be slow and gentle. " "I will, Emma," I whispered to her as I poured a stream of oil from the top of her arse crack, watching it flow down over my cock head, coating it and her smooth pussy lips below. After putting the bottle on the sidetable I moved up tightly behind her, adjusting my cock so that the sensitive underside could slide easily up and down between her slippery cheeks. I reached one hand under her belly to spread the dripping oil completely over her pussy lips and forward to her hardening clit. I love the way my fingers can move so gently over her clit when it is slippery with oil, tracing the outline of the shaft, lightly around the hood and back up the shaft to the point where it disappears. Emma's breathing was getting heavier now as my fingers moved over her wet slit and slippery clit and I heard her whisper "Oh, Steve. Yes! Yes! That's it. Ooooh pleeeease be slow. . . , Don't stop. Unhh, Unhh!" between her ragged breaths. And I don't want to stop either”.

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I released my hold on her pussy and backed away from her bum. "Steve," she pouted. "that was starting to feel good!" "This will feel good, too. You'll see," I whispered as I moved forward, guiding the head of my cock towards Emma's waiting virgin back door. I held my cock firmly against her puckered hole and with the other hand on Emma's hip guided her gently back. "You do it, baby," I said. "I won't push. I'll just hold steady. You push back and let your arsehole open for my cock. ""I don't know, Steve," she whimpered. "It's just too big!""Relax," I whispered as I lightly rubbed her back. Emma pushed back and groaned slightly as I looked down to see the swollen head of my well-oiled cock disappear inside her dark, virgin hole. The pleasure from her tight grip was exquisite, but I had to keep up a steady pressure against her hole as I felt her muscles trying to push me out. Eventually she relaxed enough so that the head of my cock felt securely lodged in her tiny arse. "Is it in, Steve?" she asked?"Yes, sweet, my cock is in your sweet bum," I softly touched her face and hair.

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   "But now you have to relax your inner muscles so I can slide in and out. "I kept a steady pressure against Emma's back door and looked down to see my cock slowly sliding in. I could feel her inner sphincter spasm around my cock as it disappeared inside. When I was about three quarters in Emma gasped, "Steve, stop!" So I did. I held steady as I felt Emma's inner muscles grip my cock and then begin to relax. If I moved only a fraction of an inch, her sphincter would grab me again and then relax, tighten, and then relax again. After a few minutes I felt a loosening around my cock and Emma said, "OK, Steve, give it to me now! Fuck me in the arse! Now, Steve, now!"Every time she said the F word, it drove me even harder, and I  slid all the way, deep into Emma's dark tunnel. She grunted as I felt her clamp down on my cock one more time. The pressure felt exquisite! As Emma's muscles began to relax I started fucking her sweet tight arsehole. "Yes, Steve, fuck my arse! Give it to me! Shove that cock deep in my arse! Yes! Yes! All of it! Take your little girls arsehole. It's so dirty!”  she screamed as I reached my hand under her belly to play with her pussy. What I felt was not her pussy, but her own fingers furiously flicking back and forth over her hard, slippery clit. So I just rested my hand gently over hers, enjoying her desperate attempt to bring herself to orgasm. That was it for me! There was nothing more that I wanted than to fill Emma's tight arsehole with a load of hot, thick cum when I felt it start. A pulsing deep in my body, somewhere between my own bum and my heavy, swinging balls.

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   As I felt the cum begin to race through my shaft, I pulled out so that only the head of my throbbing cock remained inside Emma's tight, pulsing arsehole, and I filled her smooth, hot tunnel with shot after shot of milky cum. Emma was still feverishly working her fingers over her throbbing clit and soaking pussy when I pulled my cock slowly out. I watched her puckered hole open and close, and then open again, expelling part of the load of hot, sticky cum. At that point Emma gasped, "Oh, Steve! Oh, I'm cumming now! So nice!" as she shoved her fingers in and out of her cunt and I slammed my still hard cock back into her slick, cum lubricated tunnel. We collapsed onto the bed gasping and I whispered in Emma's ear, "Did you like that, Emma?"Emma whispered back, "Can we do this again, Steve? Soon? By the way, I am staying with you tonight aren’t I? I am scared of being attacked by slippery monsters when I’m alone”.