Naughty next door - The final move?


I knew that eventually, the antics of Emma and I would catch up with us. I just wasn’t sure when Sarah would find out.
I was working away on my PC one early morning, wearing only my track suit when the door bell rang.
There was Sarah. She looked at me for one second and then said simply and with force “Bastard. ”
“Nice language for a Catholic teacher” I said trying to bluff it out. But I knew.
I grabbed her arm, pulled her in the house, and shut the door.
She threw a punch at me with her other arm, but I ducked.
“Hey, ease up. Please let’s talk. ”
"Ease up? Don’t forget. I'm Emma's sister. " She said while watching for my reaction. I felt my face get hot. "You took advantage of her.

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  . . you . . . . you. . . sex maniac. " she spat. “My sister told me all about your little episode. " “Which one” I said, then instantly realised I had made it worse.
“Which one? There have been more? Tell me everything or I’ll make it bad for you. ”
“Are you sure” I asked “Everything?”
I went into brief detail about the various times Emma and I had ‘met’ and then decided to tell her in full all about the latest session with Kayleigh.

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   I said that Emma seemed to be more than happy, and not in any doubt of what she was doing. Sarah stared, and seemed to breathe in when I told her about Emma and Kayleigh.
She spoke more quietly now. "First you stalked her, then lured her into your office where you took advantage of her. "Now, she was making me boil. "Sarah, you know I never stalked her and I didn't take advantage of her. It was almost the other way round. If anyone was taken advantage of, it was me. Your sweet Catholic sister has nearly exhausted me. "She raised her hand as if to slap me and I grabbed her wrist to stop the movement. Not too hard but enough to stop the momentum. It threw her off balance and she toppled backwards. I tried to hold her to stop her falling on the hall table and hurt herself. She grabbed my at my sweatshirt to steady herself, and I went with her, landing on top of her. The large vase of flowers fell over, and the water covered her shirt.


   “What the fuck did you do that for?" The water made her top almost transparent and it moulded to her breasts. Her nipples became very visible as the cold made them hard. I could also see the dark area around them, almost as if she wasn't wearing anything. I was spellbound and could do nothing but stare. . . what a sight. Her breasts while small were so different to her sister. They kind of heaved as she shouted her indignation at me. “What are you staring at?" She said grabbing my chin and raising it so I was looking into her blazing eyes instead of a those beautiful breasts. "Look at my face when I'm talking to you. Stop staring at my tits. " "Again, nice language for a teacher” I stammered. " Look Sarah, I’m sorry, but when Emma came on I couldn't help myself. My God she is so like you.

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   Bloody gorgeous!"Perhaps saying that was the right thing. I noticed her grip change and her voice become more questioning than accusing.
"Is that how you looked at my sister too” she said slowly “That lustful look in your eyes?"
I bowed my head a little, knowing she was right.
The she seemed to snap out of the sensual depth we were falling into. "And then you started fucking her?" The accusing look in her eyes had me on the ropes. There were issues since Emma is a still a few months below the English 16 legal age and, even though she is, or rather had been a very willing partner, it could create a very difficult situation for me if she starts shooting her mouth off.
“Sarah. I know it would be difficult, but Kayleigh and even Jay would also get into a mess. Emma is a little minx. And all their college work will be screwed up. ”
She looked at me, knowing that it would be tricky for us all.
“I would have trouble too” she said even more quietly “But it has to stop…”
As I was thinking of the potential consequences, I realized my hand was very close to her breast. Had she manoeuvred that? No. . .

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   surely that couldn't happen. It must be my imagination. I started to back away and found that we had moved to the stair well and my back was up against the wall. "What did you do first? Put your hands all over her breasts?” I felt my hands gently being drawn to her. So it wasn't my imagination. I could feel her hard nipple pressing into my palm as my hand moulded around her breast. "So this is the game you want to play. " I thought to myself as I spun her around and pressed her against the wall with my hands on her breasts. I pulled her back into me her soft crotch pushed against my hardening cock.
"You're exactly right. " I shot back at her. “First I grabbed her tit and squeezed her nipple like this" With my thumb and forefingers, I pinched and pulled both Sarah’s nipples through her shirt.
Sarah tried to squirm away but I held tight to her nipples. "Then I kissed her on the ear and neck. " Acting out the part as I talked.

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   At first she pulled her head back but by the time I was nibbling on her neck, she had settled down and pushed back into me.
"Yes. " She moaned. “Then ?”
“I lifted her top and undid her bra, but you aren’t wearing one, so I’ll just hold your nipples, like this!”
Coming to the realization of what had just been said and done, she whirled to face me again. "You Bastard! You think I'm a pushover like my sister. " Her eyes shot fire at me as she spoke. I reached out, put my hand behind her neck, and pulled her to me, spinning around so her back was against the side of the stairs. She started pounding on my shoulders with her fists before I could grab them. With one hand, I held her tiny wrists over her head, grabbed a nipple with the other, and squeezed. "Are you going to calm down?" I asked. She shook her head as she struggled to free her wrists. So I pulled the bottom of her wet shirt off her arms. Once free, I couldn't help but stare. Her small beautiful breasts were now free and pointing out at me. .

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  . just begging to be sucked. Still holding her wrists, I bent down and sucked one nipple into my mouth. At first she struggled but the more I licked and nibbled, the calmer she got. “This is what I did to your sister. " I calmly informed her as I moved to the other breast. Sticking my tongue out, I swirled it around and around her hard nipple. Then I grabbed the hard nub between my lips and pulled out until it popped from my mouth. I thought I heard a moan. When I looked at her face she was calm, her eyes closed. I went back to licking, sucking and nibbling. . . first one nipple. .

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  . then the other. I relaxed my grip on her wrists and felt her hands to behind my head, pulling me into her breast. As I sucked and played with them, my hands began to wander. . . . first up and down her side. . . then her hip. . . then her leg. Slowly, I caressed, working my way to the sweet spot between her legs.

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   I felt her initial stiffness, then she relaxed as I rubbed her pussy through the material of her sweat pants. After rubbing for a few moments, I slipped my hand past the waist band, into her panties and down into her wetness. I could feel the heated moisture escaping her body. After a moment, I could feel her pressing herself into my hand as I rubbed. . . first her clit. . . then down. . . slipping a finger between her lips into the warm wet chasm between her legs. Not expecting any more fight, I reached up. Immediately she started kissing my neck as I played with her nipples with my tongue and lips.

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   First one finger, then two, slid deep inside her wet pussy. She moaned and pushed harder into my hand. I continued to fuck her with my fingers as I nibbled and sucked on her breasts. I could tell she was getting really hot so I backed off and lifted her up on the hall table. I lifted her and slid her tracksuit bottoms and panties down. This put her pussy right in front of my face as I moved in between her legs. Starting out with one long lick, from the bottom of her pussy to her clit, I licked away and using my fingers to spread her pussy lips, I stabbed my tongue in deeper. . . licking. . . . flicking. I moved up and down her slit.


  . . stopping at her clit for a few moments, then teasing, going away from it. By now her hands were on the back of my head. . . pulling my tongue deep into her. All of a sudden, her body stiffened and I thought she was going to smother me and she held my head until the orgasm subsided. "Wow!" was all she could say. When she finally calmed down, I lifted her off the table pulling her to me as she slid down. I pulled her legs apart and let her settle on my hard cock. It felt amazing when I slid into her. She was so wet that there was no resistance. Not being that much heavier than Emma I could lift her up and down, her legs against the table, impaling her on my cock, with very little effort. Up and down we went for what seemed like hours but I know it was only minutes before I could feel the familiar sensations as I prepared to erupt into her.

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   It was all I could do to hold off until I felt her body stiffen again. That was all it took to send me over the edge and I pumped wave after wave of white sticky cum deep into her. As the sensations subsided, we slowed to a stop, my softening cock still buried inside her. She put her arms around me and said, "That was wonderful. No wonder Emma likes it. "“ You aren't still mad?" I asked, as I stroked her wet pussy, and not saying just how good Sarah was at being naughty. “Me mad?" she looked at me with sparkles in her eyes. "Well, I was sort of mad. But I do know Emma is a tricky kid. I guessed she was in it. Rather you than some guy who just fucks and leaves. And I just wanted to see what happened. "I dropped her then, laughing.
“Well, I hope you aren’t going to just fuck and leave!”
She thumped me, and I turned and ran. She chased me upstairs until I let her catch me.

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She pushed me on to the bed, and straddled me.
“You touch Emma again, I will have to do all this again! In fact I know I will have to do this again. Don’t tell Emma…. . please!
All I could say as she spread her cunt lips and lowered herself onto me was “Don’t worry. I’ll be ready for both of you!”

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