New Boy in Town - Part 2


“Oh my god, is there anything this girl doesn’t do!” I whisper under my breath. I really can’t believe that she is so sexually experienced and decide that Kyle must have trained her well. I also have the exciting feeling that more hot stuff is to come!Sarah lowers her inviting breasts over Kyle’s hard dick and start to move them up and down. His hot cock is slipping in and out of that heavenly place between her heaving tits. I can see that Sarah is enjoying it nearly as much as Kyle. Kyle sweeps her hair away from her face and looks done at the stunning girl who is expertly working his cock. Sarah is pushing Kyle into a further state of ecstasy by quickly licking the head of his cock as it pushes through her tits. I imagine that I am Kyle and think about the soft feel of her tanned skin wrapped around my bulging member. Sarah is continuing this perfect tit-fuck and Kyle’s body squirms with pleasure as her juicy breasts provide the almost perfect cushioning for his throbbing cock. My cock is near bursting point and I have to reduce my wanking to a slower pace to keep myself from cumming. I decide to make myself last the whole length of Sarah and Kyle’s fuck and aim to climax with them. “That’s enough now baby! You don’t want me to be spent too early do you?” shouts Kyle. He obviously needs Sarah to stop her incessant titty-fucking of his cock so that he won’t cum. Sarah laughs and slows down. She gives a final rub of her tits and one last lick of his cock before sitting back on the bed. “How about me on top this time Kyle?” says Sarah in her soft, innocent voice.

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  “Sounds perfect babe” chuckles Kyle. I am thrilled to be able to hear their private conversations and my body tingles as I wait for the real fucking to begin. Sarah kisses Kyle deeply on the lips and then straddles him. She is sitting with her perfect ass hovering just above Kyle’s waiting dick and I cannot think of a more gorgeous sight. Her blonde hair hangs down by her face and the sleek lines of her tanned body make me shiver with excitement. Kyle looks content to just lie back, savour the moment and let Sarah do all the work. He crosses his hands behind his head and relaxes with a huge grin plastered across his face. Sarah rubs her hands all over his sculpted stomach and delights in lightly kissing his bulging muscles. She reaches down to grasp her boyfriend’s firm manhood and guides it into her tight pussy. They both visibly gasp as Kyle’s cock penetrates Sarah’s hot cunt and it pushes deep inside of her. Sarah allows herself a second to adjust to the feeling of her lover’s engorged meat inside her. Slowly, she begins to move up and down the shaft of Kyle’s cock. His cock glistens with Sarah’s wet pussy juices and his cock slides in and out of her cunt with almost effortlessly ease. Sarah speeds her movements up and begins to bounce harder on Kyle’s stiff dick. Her perfect breasts bounce and sway with every deep penetrating thrust and her shiny blonde hair falls tangled across her angelic face.

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  Both Sarah and Kyle’s twisting bodies are now coated in a thin layer of sweat that shines in the soft low-lighting of the bedroom. Sarah starts to ride Kyle’s cock at an incredible speed and their moans and groans are just audible over the sound of Sarah’s bed squeaking under the strain of their wild fucking. “Oh yeah Sarah, ride it harder…that’s good…keep going…oh yeah!” moans Kyle as his dick-loving girlfriend slides up and down his aching cock. Sarah leans further back and places her hands behind her on Kyle’s well-built thighs. She arches her back and swivels her pussy around on top of his dick. She reaches down with one hand and begins to flick her clit and rub Kyle’s cock as it pulls out of her cunt, before plunging deep inside of her again. Kyle’s face is twisted into an expression of pure bliss and he can hardly believe it when Sarah starts going even faster than before. Eventually, he can no longer stand it and he has to use his hands. He has been patient and tried to just sit back and enjoy the ride, but he can take it no longer. He reaches forward and caresses Sarah’s wonderful body with his strong hands. This drives her into an uncontrollable state of delight and her shouts become even louder. “Oh god Kyle, your cock is filling me up so much. Don’t ever stop fucking me!” screams Sarah as she nears orgasm. Kyle grabs her sweet ass and starts to massage it with both hands. He rubs her pert cheeks together as his cock slides inside her pulsating pussy.

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   Kyle thrusts his hips in time with Sarah’s rapid motions and I can hear the faint slapping sound of his large, cum-filled balls hitting her ass. Sarah suddenly throws her head back and lets out a loud scream. “OH YEAH!!! Oh my god! I’m cumming!” she shouts as her hips buck up and down and her ass shakes fiercely. Sarah’s whole body seems to shudder as a violent orgasm ravages her body. Her hot pussy walls contract around Kyle’s rigid meat and she continues to scream. Her eyes are closed and her eyelids flutter as a series of mini-orgasms wash over her body. Kyle loves the feeling of her cumming cunt and the milking action it performs on his hungry dick. He lets out a low throaty groan and holds Sarah’s ass firmly. She slows down as her orgasm subsides and she collapses with fatigue onto Kyle’s powerfully built body. Sarah rests her head on Kyle’s chest and he holds her tightly. His still hard dick springs out of her wet pussy and then both relax in each others arms. I release a slow sigh and think to myself about how lucky I really am. I check the camera yet again and continue to stroke my swollen member. I check my wall-clock and see that is 2. 15 in the morning.

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   These two horny teens have been fucking for well over an hour and I begin to worry that I might run out of video tape. I convince myself to stop worrying and just enjoy the sight. Kyle and Sarah lie still together for a couple of minutes and I use this time to take a break from jerking off and relax. I start to wonder whether they are just going to fall asleep, but my fears are dismissed when Kyle kisses Sarah on the head and then sits up in bed. They are whispering softly to each other and I am unable to hear what is being said. I determine that that both Kyle and Sarah have cum once each and Kyle is probably rested enough to cum again. After they finish talking, Kyle takes up a position behind Sarah and she slowly moves onto all fours, with her curved ass pointing upwards. “Great, some doggy-style action!” I think to myself and get back to work on my growing cock. Kyle stands on his knees and his large cock is clearly visible and trembling as he prepares to enter his girlfriend again. He strokes his dick back to its full erect length and then pulls Sarah’s small hips towards him. She shrieks with delight as Kyle positions himself ready to shove his hard cock into her throbbing pussy. To increase her anticipation, he uses two fingers and slowly massages her clit from behind. Then he traces a line down to her hole and sticks his fingers into her drenched cunt. Her body shivers and she pushes her ass back onto them as she lets out a small purr of satisfaction. Kyle then leans down to her ass and begins to lick lightly at her pussy lips.

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   This drives her wild and he knows she loves it. He uses one hand to manipulate her clit while his tongue probes her damp cunt. With his other free hand, he strokes his cock to make sure he doesn’t lose his intense hard-on. Finally, he decides to get down to the real business. He leans back and guides his cock into Sarah’s alluring pussy. He lets the head of his cock penetrate her pussy before stopping and teasing her with some slow, rhythmic motions into her pussy. Then suddenly in one swift movement, he thrusts deep into her cunt and pulls her hips aggressively towards his body. Sarah’s head shoots back and screams longingly for his dick. Kyle smiles and leans back as he lets the feeling of deep penetration sweep over his sensitive cock. Kyle begins to slowly pump in and out of Sarah’s pussy and they both moan in time with the motion of his thrusts. Kyle leans over and plays with her hard nipples and full breasts. He starts to plunge into her harder and faster. Kyle’s hefty balls slap her ass as he fucks her and her sweet-smelling pussy juice runs down onto his legs and her own. Sarah is really enjoying this deep, hard fucking and pushes her ass backwards in time with Kyle’s powerful thrusts. She leans further down; with her head on the mattress and her ass pointing higher.

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  Kyle holds her legs tightly and uses his arms to pull Sarah back onto his hard cock as he pushes into her cunt. His biceps flex with every fierce push of his cock and a broad smile spreads across his face. I can tell that Sarah is now about to cum for the second time this night and she bites down into her pillow to muffle her screams of absolute joy. Her body quivers and her ass bucks against Kyle’s body. Kyle quickly reaches down and grabs her under her stomach. He pulls her upwards so that they are both kneeling up on the bed. He leans back and continues to fuck her while she has to reach behind her to hold onto him. She clutches his strapping arms and pants loudly as she fucked from behind in a near-standing position. She lets out one long scream, not caring who hears, and then her body spasms as she feels the effects of her orgasm course through her already exhausted body. Kyle holds her head and smirks as his massive dick brings her to yet another earth-shattering orgasm. Sarah collapses down towards the bed and struggles to stay on Kyle’s cock as he continues to pound her tired cunt relentlessly. Sarah soon regains her composure and settles back into the classic doggy-style position as her pussy is fucked further. Soon, their fucking reaches a near frantic pace and I decide that I can barely contain myself any longer. Kyle is obviously beginning to feel the same and yells out to Sarah. “I’m gonna cum soon baby.

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   You ready for it?” shouts Kyle in a hoarse voice. “I’m ready Kyle, just don’t cum inside me!” gasps Sarah as she wipes away the sweat-soaked hair that clings to her red and panting face. Kyle continues to fuck her at an incredible rate and then he slows down as he starts to thrust deeper inside her. His muscles start to spasm and he leans his head forward. “This is it babe, I’m gonna cum. Stay still and I’ll do it over your back. ” says Kyle as he tries to catch his breath. “Ok, just go for it” replies Sarah as she grabs the bed sheets and tightens her pussy around his near-bursting manhood. By this time, I can no longer control myself and feel myself start to cum. I lean my head back, close my eyes and stop jerking off. I am so horny that my dick starts to spurt hot streams of semen without me even touching it. I look down at my dick and then across at Sarah and Kyle. My cock throbs as a seemingly endless supply of cum springs forth within it. My body shakes and I let out a quiet groan as I reach my climax. Cum is splattered all over my new room but I couldn’t give a shit because this is perhaps one of the most pleasurable moment of my whole life.

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   When my orgasm has finished I take hold of my cock again and rub it gently. The warm feeling of post-orgasm ecstasy spreads throughout my body and I gently massage my warm cum over my softening dick. I feel wholly satisfied after relieving myself of my substantial cum load and settle down to watch the rest of Kyle and Sarah’s impressive fucking session. Kyle is very close to his orgasm and he gives one final last dominant thrust into Sarah’s aching pussy before pulling his cock out quickly. He seizes his cock with one hand and uses his other hand to support himself as he leans down over Sarah’s back. He jerks his rock-hard dick for a couple of seconds before releasing the product of his fierce orgasm. He closes his eyes and screws up his face as his body thrashes about with pleasure. He lets out a noisy groan and Sarah tenses her body awaiting the inevitable stream of cum that will shoot up her back. “OH MY FUCKING-GOD!” shouts Kyle as he begins to cum. Huge jets of pure-white semen shoot from Kyle’s hard, pulsating cock and his legs buckle from pure satisfaction as he struggles to hold himself up. He lets out some more groans of delight and he must send about ten or fifteen spurts of hot, sticky cum up Sarah’s slim, tanned back. Sarah seems to love the feeling that the cum makes on her back and her body quivers with each squirt of semen that splashes against her. Kyle’s orgasm comes to an end and he begins to use his still-stiff dick to rub cum into Sarah’s back. He wipes some of his own semen on to his hand and massages it into Sarah’s smooth ass cheeks. This makes her giggle and then he pushes her ass cheeks together, making cum ooze out between her cheeks.

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   He slides his softening cock in between her ass for a while and then they both lie down next too each other. They both look tired, sweaty and ready to sleep. The atmosphere in the room seems to be one of contentment and they settle down to spend the night together. Their smooth teenage bodies are tangled together and they breathe heavily in time with each other. I feel privileged to have witnessed their remarkable night of fucking and continue watching them in wonder. After about ten minutes of me watching them and nothing more happening I decide that they are probably done for the night. I check the camera again and insert a new blank tape ready to leave it recording through the night (just in case they get horny again later in the night). I get into bed and quickly fall into a deep sleep with a warm feeling inside of me. ***The following morning I wake up early and start to pack all the camera equipment away. I quickly review the footage from last night by watching it on fast-forward. Nothing else had happened when I was asleep but I wasn’t disappointed because I’d already captured some amazing footage. My second day at my new school turns out to be even better than I could have possibly imagined. I’m sitting eating my breakfast when my dad comes downstairs. “By the way Nick, the Palmer’s from across the road have invited us to their BBQ this evening. You should come along and get to know some new people.

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  ”Suddenly, my mind registers that this must be Sarah’s family and my head spins at the thought of meeting her. “Yeah sure, I’ll try and make it Dad” I reply quickly. Trying to sound casual but failing. “Great, I’ll see you tonight when I get back. Bye” shouts my Dad as he leaves the house for work. The second great discovery of the day comes when I find out that Sarah is in my chemistry class. At first am I just pleased to have a nice piece of ass to watch during the mind-numbing lessons, but then my heart almost stops when I find out that Sarah needs a partner for an experiment we are doing and (being the “new kid”) I’m the only person available. “Guess we’re working together now huh?” asks Sarah as she places her cute ass on the chair beside me. “Yeah, I guess so. ” I reply awkwardly. She looks at me and smiles. I decide this is a good thing and I hope that she sees me as the sweet new boy. We start the experiment and once I mention that I’m her new neighbour we chat easily with each other. She is wearing a tight top and a short skirt that show off all her perfect curves. I can’t help but try and take glances of her great ass and big tits.


   I think she notices me admiring her, but she doesn’t seem to mind and starts to get flirtatious with me. The experiment requires a lot of waiting around and this gives us time to talk. We talk about school, our neighbourhood, our interests and the BBQ. I find that we have quite a lot a common and we get on really well. Sarah keeps bending over to check the experiment and this allows me tantalising glimpses of her cleavage and tightly-clad ass, I have to spend a lot of time trying to conceal my growing erection. At the end of the lesson we say goodbye and she promises to introduce me to some of her friends at the BBQ. I admire her ass as she walks away from me down the corridor and I spend the remainder of day dreaming about her. I rush home from school when the bell rings and watch last night’s video tape in its entirety. It brings back some great memories and makes me unbelievably horny. I restrain myself from jerking off because all my family are home and reluctantly sit down to study for a test I have tomorrow. Later in the evening, I get ready to go out to the BBQ. I put on some choice clothes and put a bit of expensive aftershave on. I take a look at myself in my mirror and change my t-shirt for a slightly tighter one that shows off my muscular frame. At about 7. 00pm we head over to Sarah’s house, the sun is going down and the weather is warm.

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   Sarah is sitting in the garden with some of her friends and they have already started on some bottles of beer. She jumps up when I arrive and politely introduces me to all her friends. I feel a bit embarrassed but I get talking to another guy called John and after a couple of beers I begin to relax and enjoy myself. The evening wears on and it gets colder as the sun sets. Sarah decides we should all go inside and watch a movie, while our parents get slowly drunk outside. Once inside we put on some cheesy horror movie that Sarah picks out of her DVD collection. After a while, my mind wanders and I can hardly believe that I’m sitting in a room with the same girl that was fucking like an expert last night. I decide that I really need to jack-off so I excuse myself and head of to the bathroom upstairs. I get into the bathroom and try to lock the door. There is no lock! I resign myself to having a wank when I get home but something catches my eye. A black bikini top is lying on the tiled floor. I pick it up and realise it must be Sarah’s. This makes me even hornier and I choose to risk having a quick wank with the door unlocked. I sit down on the edge of the bath and lower my jeans. I pluck my swelling cock from within my boxers and start to caress it lovingly.

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   It doesn’t take me long to work my cock to its full erect size and I’m really enjoying the warm, meaty feeling of my dick inside my clenched fist. I really start to pump my dick hard and I inadvertently let out a small grunt of satisfaction as I near an orgasm. Out of the blue, I hear footsteps on the landing outside the bathroom. “Shit, shit, shit!” I think to myself as I struggle to pack my erect dick back into my boxer shorts. It’s too late and I look up just in time to see Sarah open the bathroom door and look down at me in with an expression of astonishment on her face. My dick is hanging out of my boxers and my jeans are round my ankles. I look down at my feet and can feel my face go bright red. I try to think of something to say…“It’s not what you think!” I blurt out stupidly. “Is that right Nick?!” giggles Sarah as she smiles and looks at my naked dick. There is an awkward silence and I use the time to finish packing myself away. “Don’t do that Nick” whispers Sarah in her innocent voice. This statement almost stops me dead and I look up to see a devilish grin on her cute face. My mind swirls as I try to think what to do and then Sarah interrupts my thoughts. “Look Nick, I noticed you checking me out today at school and I have to admit I’m attracted to you as well. When you excused yourself to come up here, I guessed what you’d be doing because you’ve been trying to hide that massive erection all day!” says Sarah in a calm, convincing voice.

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  I am still trying to judge Sarah’s feelings on this embarrassing situation and I’m unsure whether she is just playing with me. Is she really attracted to me? What about Kyle? Is she just teasing me? All these questions speed through my mind and I start to wonder whether anything could ever happen between us. That would literally be a dream come true!Before I can organise my thoughts into a coherent sentence, I am overwhelmed to see Sarah dropping to her knees and starting to move towards me with a naughty grin on her face. My heart pumps faster as I see the animal lust in her deep blue eyes. She places one hand on my knee and I tremble at her first touch. Slowly and gently she takes my dick into her hand and squeezes it tenderly. I let out a short gasp of amazement and recognize that this beautiful girl wants to suck on my now rock-hard dick. “I’ve been thinking about doing this all day!” admits Sarah as she opens her soft lips and lowers her head towards my groin. In the same second, the bathroom door swings open quickly and Kyle bursts into the bathroom. “Oh SHIT!” I think to myself as Sarah hurriedly drops my dick. My world seems to crumple around me and my heart leaps while I try to comprehend the situation. Kyle’s face shows a mixture of horror and amazement. Sarah turns round quickly and I just stare at Kyle, unable to gauge what he is reaction will be. There is long silence and then Kyle opens his mouth to speak…THE END (for this part)In the next part, discover what Kyle’s reaction is and whether there will be any threesome action. I hope people enjoy this part and as before, all comments and ratings are welcome.

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