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I guess it was time I introduce myself; My name is Rose Melborn, at the time this story takes place I was fifteen. In experienced and naive, just how my parents wanted me to be. I hadn't even been kissed!But I suppose that comes more from the fact that I hadn't been around boys that were out of the family in a real long time. As (even if I didn't realize it at the time) I was, and am fairly attractive. My hair is dead straight, and falls gracefully to my waist. Auburn in color. My eyes are bright green, rimmed with long lashes. My skin was a creamy color. I have never been a dreadfully skinny girl, but instead I developed a tight, curvaceous body. My sister and I share a great likeness to each other. If it weren't for the difference in height, one might think we were twins. Katherin however, was experienced with boys, and absolutely hated our school. Our tiny dorm rooms were right next to each other, and we shared a bathroom as siblings often did. Katherin was my idol. She was more daring than I'd ever be, and skilled at everything she did. I was mom and dad's favorite, only because I was scared of them.

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   But Katherin wasn't jealous. In the contrary, she thanked god that it wasn't her that was put on a pedestal like some shiny trophy, and she worshipped the day she'd be able to leave this school and start her own life. As the last bell of the day rang, I practically zoomed out of class and raced up the grand stairway to my dorm. Friday at last! And this, wasn't just any old Friday. No, today would be the first day I was allowed to go into town with the older kids. I had money saved. I was determined to buy candy and doughnuts, like my sister had always shared with me. Plus, I wanted something more than the drab sweaters and skirts my parents bought for my free time. Upstairs I quickly changed from one dismal outfit into the other. The only difference in the two being, that the one I had changed into was more comfortable. I grabbed my purse and jacket and raced back down the stairs, beaming at my sister as she stood in the welcoming hall, all ready clothed in a trendy jacket and chewing on a piece of gum. "Finally!" Katherin said laughing as she handed me a stick of the spearmint gum. We headed out the gigantic oak doors and onto the front lawn, where several other students ninth grade and up were already waiting. I greeted several of my friends, but stuck close by Katherin, as she had promised me she would as well. Tonight it would be just us two.

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  . oh, and her boyfriend, Mark. The busses pulled up and we hurried to the top floor of the double-decker and took a seat. "You're going to love Mark! He's soo cute. Cuter than Leonardo DiCaprio!" Katherin sang. Indeed, Mark was quite handsome. I had seen pictures. I was not disappointed. I could literally feel my heart jump into my throat when I saw him! Mark was even more breathtaking in person! "Oh hi, Philip! I didn't know you'd be coming. " my sister greeted the boy. Philip? "Oh, Rose this is Philip. Mark's younger brother. Philip, this is Rose. " Katherin said smiling. Oh my, had she heard my heart pounding in my chest or why was she looking at me to strangely?Philip smiled, "Hey there! Nice to meet you.

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  . " he said. I could feel his eyes boring into me, causing a light hint of pink to grace my cheeks. So. . Mark had a younger brother eh? I very, very lovely looking younger brother. Need I say that I had found my first crush?"Where's Mark?" Katherin asked, scanning the crowd for her boyfriend. "Little boy's room, should be out in a sec. " Philip replied. His eyes never left me, which was quite disturbing as well as flattering. Could it be that he fancied me as well? No, that thought was too overbearing and silly. Why would he like me? A girl who was hidden beneath potato sack clothes and wore no makeup at all?When Mark showed up I was impressed. But not nearly as much as when I had seen Philip, who decided to tag along for the night. We visited many shops, tried on some clothes, and ate dinner at a popular diner that was literally packed with students from both of the catholic schools. Katherin was quite affectionate with Mark all evening.

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   Kissing him, running her hands through his hair. Secretly I was taking note of everything she did. Philip and I had some pleasant conversation, and many laughs. He was an all around great guy. That night I dreamed of his dark hair and piercing blue eyes. His charming smile, and soft lips. I pictured us kissing, doing the things my sister and Mark did. It was, a wonderful dream to say the least. When I awoke on Saturday, my plain white cotton panties felt strangely wet. . Each Friday we saw each other, tagging along with our older siblings. It wasn't until the fifth time we met that anything happened between us. Katherin and Mark were both sick. No doubt having shared the bug over their last saliva trade. It was just us two, and being immensely bored with the various shops and restaurants, we decided to walk around the park.

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  It was winter now, and I was bundled in a sleek black jacket, with fuzzy gloves and hat (all inherited from Katherin). My auburn hair spilled forth over the collar and from beneath my hat. I had begun to wear the lightest traces of makeup. Soft pink, frosted lipgloss and eyeliner completed my look, and for the first time I felt happy with my appearance. It was dark, and the park was only illuminated by tall lamp posts. Fat, white snowflakes fell from the sky, settling in my hair and on the ground. Somewhere along the way, Philip's hand had slipped into mine. I was happy for the gloves, for my palms were sweating profusely. "Rose, can I give you your Christmas present now? I won't see you next weekend, Christmas because I'm going to see my parents. " he asked, stopping in the middle of the path and turning me towards him. I only nodded, trying to ignore the racing drum that was my heart. Out of his coat-pocket, Philip pulled a small box wrapped with a red ribbon. I smiled softly as I opened it. "Oh it's beautiful!" I gasped, staring at the silver bracelet that had a single silver bear attached to it. Spontaneously, and totally out of my control, I wrapped my arms around him.

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   His arms encircled my waist, and that was when his lips lowered onto mine. Our first kiss. Needless to say we made out the rest of the night, and I returned to school with a silly grin plastered on my face. "He kissed you didn't he!" my sister had shrieked incredulously when she saw my soppy, love drunk expression. "And, what is this?!" she asked, pulling my wrist to her so that I stumbled and almost fell. She threw her head back and laughed, "Aaaw how cuuute!" she giggled. "Oh, shut up. I never laugh at you and Mark!" I said, rather embarrassed. "No, seriously. It is. Holy cow, you're red!" she said, laughing once more. That was the end of that conversation, for I turned and went back to my room, leaving Katherin in a fit of giggles. It wasn't funny. . I shan't go into much detail for the following months.

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   I'll only say that weather it was intentional or not, Philip and I were now a couple. We saw each other as often as possible, and kissed most of the time. Innocent touches had become more serious. His hands groping at my ass and boobs. Her had even run his hand up my shirt and caressed my bra encased mounds, and rubbed my panty clad pussy. I felt the wetness and the tingling more and more often now, especially when I could feel his penis pressing against me during these make out sessions. It wasn't until right before summer break that the next big step in our relationship occurred. One sunny Saturday afternoon, Philip took me on a picnic by the lake. We kissed all afternoon, only stopping once or twice to eat and drink. Little did I know that this picnic was meant to seduce, but I would soon find out. His hands did more work than usual. Caressing my stomach and back, my bare upper thighs underneath my skirt. I was wet again, his hands were teasing me every time they nearly touched my pussy. I didn't stop him when one hand ran over my bra, quite suddenly pulling and pinching at the nipple. I moaned softly as he undid the clasp, for the first time seriously touching my fleshy tits.

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  I helped him pull his shirt over his head, exposing his hard chest to the sinking sun. My shirt went next, and then he pulled the bra from my body. My c-cup boobs were now fully exposed to his hungry, horny eyes, nipples sticking up proudly. He attacked them to say the least. I gasped as Philip's tongue circled the goosbumpy areole, slightly nibbling and suckling on the nipples themselves. I could feel the juices running from my pussy. Within minutes we were both stark naked, shyly eyeing each other's bodies. Philip's dick was erect, and while I didn't know it then, about six and a half inches long. There was no doubt that today would be the day, and Philip had come prepared. He fished a pack of condoms from his pocket, and showed me how to help him roll it onto his cock. At my touch, it twitched and I was surprised to feel how hard and warm it was. I spread my legs so he could gain access to my slick, hairy sex. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my virgin cunt, and slowly pushed in. It was, sheer pain. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as he pushed farther and farther into me.

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   My hands squeezed his shoulders to keep myself from screaming out. He looked down upon my pain contorted features, and asked if I wanted him to stop. I shook my head, no. I wanted him to go on. In one quick motion he broke through my hymen, and a sharp bolt of pain shot through me. I didn't utter a sound, my eyes were glazed over and I still clutched his shoulders. Once all of his dick was buried in me, he stopped, letting me adjust to him. Slowly the pain subsided, letting me enjoy the feeling of being filled with cock for the first time. As he slowly began to move in and out, steadily fucking me light mewing sounds came from the back of my throat. His penis began to slide in and out of my slit with ease as my pussy juice slickened the plastic around his cock. It was the most amazing feeling, and soon I felt a tension build in my groin, which erupted into spasms of pleasure. I moaned, and was soon met with equally pleasured groans from Philip. Obviously he had ejaculated, strangely enough at the exact same time I had reached my climax. My first sexual experience happened in under ten minutes, I am sad to say. Philip and I became regular lovers, and our sexual relationship all but diminished.

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