New Family


Having been placed in a children’s home since the age of 8, it seemed like a relief when the social services worker explained that I had been selected for fostering or even adoption. My mum was a drunk and my dad had walked out when I was just born.  
The children’s home that I stayed in wasn’t the sort of place that anyone would want to stay in, I was bullied constantly. I just hated every minute of my life there.  
Two weeks before my 14th birthday I was taken out to a big house in the country and introduced to my prospective new family. I stood looking at the large grounds unable to believe how lucky I would be to get to live in such a wonderful place.  
The foster parents seemed really nice; the three children though were slightly cold towards me.  
A few more visits and I was packing my bags to finally move in with my new family.  
David and Karen picked me up from the home, helping me put my possessions in their fancy car then explained that I would get my own room and money to decorate it as I chose.  
When I finally arrived at the large house, I received another cold welcome from the three kids. I realised that maybe I was stepping on their toes by moving in, but I guess I hoped in time they would get to know me and maybe even like me.  
I soon realised though that Darren was the oldest he was 17 with large shoulders and a good physique, he was average looking, but he was the leader of the three of them.  
Helen was 16 and the only other foster child that the family had kept, Helen had short blonde hair and a really nice figure, the thing I envied the most was the fact that she had nice sized breasts. I guess I had a thing about breasts as I was barely fitting into a B cup.  
Then finally came Mark, Mark was 15 and was the quiet one of the family, unlike Darren, Mark wasn’t very muscular but took the family height, standing at 6 foot.  
I guess I have to admit, Mark was my type, he was quiet, thoughtful and on the odd occasions that he let his guard down.

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   He was usually quite funny.  
A couple of weeks had passed and still I was receiving the cold shoulder from Darren, Helen did speak occasionally, but I still got the feeling that she had to follow the family line. Mark seemed to be the one that might crack first.  
Mark would talk when the other two weren’t around, although I guess sometimes he would realise that he was getting too friendly then suddenly dry up.  
The Friday night, I had decided to head up to my room and caught a part of a conversation between Darren and Helen. I stood still trying to listen then realised that Mark was heading upstairs too.  
“Listen Helen, you know the rules, it has to be this way, not for me but for Mark” Darren said then a pause for a few seconds.  
“Darren, I know what you’re saying, but if you let me handle it my way, I’m pretty sure I can make everything work out the same way” Helen said as I heard Mark’s footsteps on the bottom of the stairs.  
I bolted to my room quietly then sat trying to work out what they were talking about.  
So Darren was the leader, that was for sure, but what the hell was the conversation about.  
The following day, Karen told Helen to take me into town to get some clothes as some of my stuff had seen better days. Helen looked over at Darren as I watched him nod, catching him out of the corner of my eye.  
Karen dropped us off in the town then told Helen to phone when we needed picked back up.  
We stood watching the car pull away then turned to look at each other.  
“Helen, what the hell is going on?” I asked watching her give me a cold look then head down to the shops.

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I raced to catch up with her then grabbed her arm. “Okay so what were you and Darren talking about in the bedroom last night” I added watching a look of shock on her face.  
“You know you shouldn’t listen to other peoples conversations” Helen said angrily then listened to me tell her what I had heard.  
“So what did it mean” I asked watching her look at me.  
“okay then, you want to know, come with me” Helen said grabbing my arm then dragging me across the street to McDonalds then ordering for the both of us before heading upstairs where it was quiet.  
Helen sat at a table in the corner away from the stairs then passed me some food.  
“Okay, when I came to the house, the boys didn’t accept me right away, especially Darren, I guess they didn’t want a foster sister” Helen said watching me eat and listen as she spelt out about her past.  
“I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that home again, and other than the attitude I got from the boys, I loved living with David and Karen” Helen added.  
“I soon worked out that if I could get Darren onside then Mark would probably follow too” she said giving me a grin then adding “Something that you have already guessed”. I sat nodding.  
Helen stopped then seemed to stare deep into my eyes for a couple of seconds as I sat waiting.  
“I had to make some serious choices, did I want to stay there or not, and how badly did I want it. ” Helen said then explained that she had been given a fresh start in the best home imaginable. It was like a fairy tale come true.  
Helen sat explaining about the three holidays a year abroad, the endless money and presents.

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   And two parents that really cared about her feelings and thoughts and tried to encourage her every step of the way.  
“I didn’t know all of this at the time, but what I did know was that Karen and David had three other girls that asked to leave because of Darren. Well I wasn’t prepared to leave, but we couldn’t go on like that either” Helen said as I sat engrossed as she explained everything.  
“Three months had went by, and still Darren and Mark were making my life hell, then they started to lift money from the dish, then blame me for taking it” Helen said as the thought etched onto her face.  
“They were trying to get rid of me” Helen said as I sat shocked at how far they would go.  
Helen stopped then looked down at the table in thought.  
“It was then that I realised that I had one thing going in my favour that Darren seemed to like” Helen said giving me a smile.  
“I had boobs” Helen said as I laughed then tried to work out how that affected things.  
Helen sat explaining that she kept catching Darren starting at her boobs when he thought she wasn’t looking.  
“It was then I finally decided that I had to get leverage on him” Helen said as I nodded then thought about it.  
“When everyone was out of the house, except for Darren and I, I would go for a shower and walk about with a towel on” Helen said then explained about starting to wear lower cut tops or walking about in a bra all for Darren’s benefit.  
“Suddenly Darren seemed to thaw out a little” Helen added as I sat grinning.  
“I had already made up my mind that I wanted to stay and sat thinking about how far I would go to keep my place there” Helen added then smiled.  
“I decided then that I was going to push it a little further for Darren’s benefit, so one day when everyone was out and Darren was in the kitchen. I walked down in a towel and looked in the washing machine for a top” Helen said then gave a smile.

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“My towel was quite short and when I bent forward, Darren got an eyeful” Helen said with a grin watching the shock on my face.  
“A few days later Darren came to my room and told me that my review was coming up and that the social services would ask the boys what they thought” Helen gave a smile then continued. “ Darren explained that he had spoken to Mark and if I was prepared to go through an initiation then all the crap would stop and they would tell social work how much they loved having me here” Helen said as I finally saw a light at the end of my tunnel.  
“Darren didn’t tell me what the initiation was but I sort of guessed it would be something hard. Darren told me to think about it” Helen said watching me nod.  
“I sat for the next two nights thinking about what they might make me do, the more I thought about it the more I realised that no matter what it was, it was worth doing once to keep my place in the family. ” Helen added as I sat and thought about what she was saying.  
“Two days later on the Saturday, Darren and Mark took me up to the den, then asked if I was prepared to make the effort to be part of their family, I stood nodding then listened to them explain that I had to pass a test, if I passed then I was in. if I didn’t I would be gone in a month” Helen said then explained that they could do it too.  
“I agreed to their test and done everything they asked, ten minutes later Darren gave me a smile then told me that I was now one of the family. The problem is they liked the idea of foster kids having to prove themselves and the next person got the same treatment” Helen said as I sat listening.  
“She lasted a month, since then we have had three more girls stay and each have chosen that they don’t want our family bad enough and returned to the home they came from” Helen said then gave me a cold look.  
“What you have to do is think about what you want and how badly you want it” Helen said as I sat nodding.  
Helen explained that they swore her to secrecy about the initiation and that they would kill her if they found out she had told me, but she explained that she wasn’t prepared to help me any further. I had to make this decision on my own and if I chose to go back to the home then that was my choice.

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The rest of the day Helen and I spent wandering about the town talking as she explained about the holidays abroad, what Christmas was like. It seemed like a dream.  
Yet as soon as we returned home Helen stopped me at the door and explained that from there on in, things between us returned to normal.  
The rest of the night Helen gave me the cold shoulder. I sat weighing it all up.  
Okay she teased Darren then he made her do an initiation. It didn’t take a genius to realise that he probably asked for her to do something sexual. I headed to my bed early and lay on my bed thinking about it.  
If he asked me to do something what was I prepared to do. Strip for them, I could handle that. Let them touch me, okay hard but as a one off I could handle it.  
Me touch them. Okay so I wouldn’t enjoy it, but if it had to be done.  
Then suddenly it struck me, the hardest question so far? What if they both asked me to suck their things? I was old enough to realise that guys liked that sort of thing. Would I be able to do something that tasted so badly to keep my place.

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What if they wanted to have sex with me? That one seemed a little easier. I had never had sex before but I was curious and if it kept me in the family then I guessed that I could do it.  
The more I thought about having to have sex with either Mark or Darren the more I realised that I was starting to moisten between my legs. Slipping into my bed I lay back on the pillows and decided that I would think about it further.  
Slipping my hand into my panties, I lay imagining Darren making me give him a hand job, and then having to give Mark one too. Then suddenly I was on my hands and knees stroking Mark as Darren was pushing himself inside me.  
Within a couple of minutes I was feeling my orgasm rushing through my body.  
I had my answer, sex with ether of them wouldn’t kill me, okay so I didn’t get to choose when I lost my virginity but it would be worth it.  
The following day I sat in school trying to get to grips with it all, when I returned home I finally got Helen alone for a couple of minutes.  
“Helen tell me that it didn’t involve you having to do something disgusting like letting them pee on you, or worse” I whispered watching Karen pass her room.  
Helen shook her head then looked at me, “Listen I can’t tell you, all I can tell you is that I done everything they asked regardless of what I thought about it then I was part of the family. ” 
“Just tell me I’m not going to regret this” I said watching her shake her head.  
“Listen Ashley, I can’t guarantee that, it depends on you and you alone, but what I can say I have never ever regretted anything that I have done” Helen said watching me nod.  
Helen looked at me for a few seconds then smiled; “if I were you I would think long and hard tonight about whether you want to take a walk up to the den tomorrow” Helen said then stared at me as I got the message.  
The rest of the night I sat feeling worried about what I was letting myself in for, the following morning I got the cold treatment at breakfast then headed upstairs and got ready putting on a short skirt and blouse then headed back downstairs.

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“Ashley, Darren and I were thinking about taking a walk up to the den. Do you fancy tagging along” Helen said as I felt the boys stare at me.  
“Sure, but what do I need to wear and is it far” I asked already knowing that it was across the next field. It was an old horse stable that the last owners had.  
Helen explained that the boys had turned it into their own den with the blessing of their parents.  
“Trainers will be fine the field should be pretty solid” Helen said then looked at Darren as I lifted myself and fetched my trainers feeling nervous.  
When I returned Darren was explaining to Karen that they were thinking about going a walk through the field and maybe even up to the dam.  
Karen offered to make a picnic for us; Darren looked at me then nodded.  
“I guess we could have something to eat, right Ashley” Darren said giving me a cold stare as I nodded.  
An hour later all four of us were crossing the field toward the outhouse that sat next to the woods. The journey seemed much longer as no one said a thing. We entered the building. Darren sat on a bale of hay in the corner watching Helen and Mark sit beside him.  
Darren pointed to a bale of hay in the middle of the room telling me to sit down as I sat looking up at them.  
“Okay, as you know we have given you a bit of a hard time recently” Darren said as I sat nodding.

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   “The way we see it” Darren looked at Mark and Helen in turn then continued “we don’t want any free loader joining our family. Helen came here two years ago and proved herself worthy of being in our family” Darren said as I sat watching Mark and Helen nod.  
“I now consider Helen my sister, I would do anything she asked, and Helen proved to me the same thing” Darren stopped and turned to Helen watching her nod and smile.  
“Being part of this family has a lot of benefits, but it also has a lot of responsibilities too. ” Darren looked at Helen and Mark in turn. Mark stood with his head down and nodded.  
“it is for this reason that anyone wishing to join our family has to prove that they are prepared to put the whole family first instead of being selfish and looking out for what they can get” Darren’s eyes pierced coldly into mine as I sat nodding.  
It’s for this reason that we devised a test to see if people are worthy, Helen done it without question and now has every benefit. The question is do you think you are worthy of staying with us” Darren asked as I watched Mark lift his head and watch me nod.  
“Okay the test happens today, each one of us will ask you to do or say certain things. If you don’t do everything we ask. We stop and you go back to where you came from” Darren said coldly as I watched Helen give me a soft smile and nod.  
“What do I have to do” I asked watching Darren draw me a dirty look then answer.  
“You will find out soon enough but first try listening” Darren said coldly as I nodded.  
“First you have to agree that you never speak a word of this test to anyone, if you do we will deny it and make up a story that will land you in it further, do you understand?” Darren asked as I sat nodding.

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“I promise not a word to a living soul” I said nervously watching Helen smile again.  
“Secondly, you have to agree to put the family’s feelings before your own no matter what the cost” Darren said watching me nod.  
“I promise I will” I said watching Helen smile again.  
I sat watching Helen grab Darren’s hand then look at him as he nodded.  
“Ashley do you like living with us” Helen asked as I sat nodding.  
“Okay are you ready for the test then?” Helen asked as I sat and looked at all three. It was now or never.  
I sat nodding watching Helen smile look at Darren before looking back at me.  
“Remember there is no backing out, you have to want to do everything we ask, do you think you can do that” Helen said as I nodded then dropped my head in shame for a second then lifted my head watching them turn and face each other then start to whisper.  
Helen turned to me and smiled “stand up” Helen said coldly as I followed her command.  
Helen nodded then stepped forward then gave me a soft smile then looked back at Darren.  
“Now comes the hard one” Helen said turning to face me.  
“Take off your tee shirt” Helen said as I slipped my hands under my tee shirt then lifted it over my head placing it on the bale of hay behind me.  
“Now take off your skirt” Helen said as I slipped my hands to the button then dropped my skirt to the floor before steeping out of it watching Darren and Mark stare at my bra hiding my small B cup breasts as the embarrassment quickly set in.  
“Now take off your bra, let the boys see your breasts” Helen said then flashed a quick smile as I stood nodding then slipped my hands behind my back undoing the catch then slipping my bra off as I watched Darren smile.

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“Now take off your panties too” Darren said as I dropped the bra behind me on the hay.  
Stopping for a second then looking at Helen I slipped my hand into the sides of my panties then lowered them to the ground before stepping out of them leaving then on the cold floor.  
“Well guys, she’s doing well so far” Helen said watching Mark and Darren nod.  
“okay Ashley turn round and kneel in front of the hay, once your set close your eyes” Helen said as I stood nodding then followed her command.  
A few seconds later Darren spoke as I knelt feeling my face red with embarrassment.  
“Remember we all have to do what ever either of us ask, do you understand?” Darren said coldly as I tried to nod with my head on the hay.  
“Mark, go over and touch Ashley between her legs please” Helen said as I knelt waiting for a few seconds then felt a Hand slip under my bum and softly run against my pussy.  
“Well how does she feel Mark” Darren asked as I listened to Mark reply.  
“She has very smooth skin” Mark said nervously, removing his hand.  
“Mark, I want to know what her clit feels like, run your hand under her again and use your fingers until you feel her clit” Helen said as I knelt shaking with nerves then listening to Darren whisper “What are you doing”.  
Helen didn’t say anything, and then suddenly Mark’s hand touched my warm skin again.  
Mark knelt behind me rubbing his fingers gently over my clit within seconds it was starting to respond sending out little pulses of pleasure through my body as his finger continued to tease me.  
A few seconds later Helen gave another order “Mark pull your hand back now then push a finger inside her and tell us how she feels” Helen said as I waited then felt Mark tenderly slide a finger into my now wet pussy.  
“Eh she’s a bit wet” Mark stuttered leaving his finger inside me.  
“Good then maybe you should fuck her little pussy with your finger for a while” Helen said as I felt Mark pull his finger back then push it in again sending a shock of pleasure through my pussy.


Mark knelt fingering me for about 15 seconds as I lay enjoying his tender touch, my embarrassment had evaporated. I had reached the point that I couldn’t wait to hear what was next.  
Suddenly Darren’s voice piped up, “You know Helen, I don’t think Mark’s finger is enough for her, what do you think?” Darren asked as I listened to Helen laugh then a quick slapping noise.  
“I guess not, maybe she should have something decent in there” Helen said then went quiet for a few seconds.  
“Mark, pull your trousers down and put your cock inside her” Helen said as I lay desperate to feel Mark thrust himself inside my wet pussy.  
I lay listening to Mark struggle with his trousers then felt his warm cock suddenly push inside me.  
“Oooh” I let out a little groan then realised that maybe I should have had more control.  
“I think she is starting to enjoy herself” Helen said as I felt Mark start to slowly fuck my pussy gently.  
“Helen it’s supposed to be a test” Darren said as I lay enjoying each thrust of Mark’s cock, listening to Helen’s voice again.  
“Mark, stop what you are doing and pull out of her then let her turn around” Helen said as I felt mark pull out lifting myself off the hay I turned to face Mark then looked over at Darren as I watched Helen standing with her hand on Darren’s hard cock working him slowly.  
“Mark, stand up” Helen said as Mark lifting himself and stood in front of me.  
“Ashley, you can stop this at any time, all you have to do is say” Helen said as I nodded watching her smile at me “but you know the consequences” Helen added as I nodded watching Darren give her a strange look.  
“Ashley, I want you to kneel in front of Mark, and let him put his cock in your mouth” Helen said as I knelt staring at Mark’s purple head bouncing gently in front of my face. Suddenly fear set it, what if I didn’t like the taste, what if I couldn’t do it.  
“Ashley open your mouth” Helen said watching me look at her as she winked.

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Pushing my mouth forward, Mark pushed his hips forward then suddenly he was filling my mouth with his six inch cock.  
“Now suck him gently” Darren grunted as I sucked back on Mark’s hard cock watching Darren and Helen move toward me then stand beside me watching me suck gently on Mark’s cock.  
I knelt there surprised how nice his cock actually tasted although the thought that I was sucking some of my own juices didn’t seem to sit well.  
About 30 seconds later, Helen spoke again as I watched her continuing to stroke Darren gently.  
“Ashley stop sucking his cock” Helen said then commanded Mark to sit on the hay before telling me to suck Mark again remaining on my hands and knees.  
By now my pussy was flooded with my lust, I sort of guessed what was coming next but didn’t care, I wanted to feel my orgasm surge through my body.  
Pushing my mouth back over Mark’s warm cock as I knelt on the cold floor, Helen gave her next command.  
“Darren, I want you to kneel behind her and fuck her tight little pussy” Helen said as I felt Darren’s hand rest on my bum as he positioned himself then pushed forward forcing a groan from my cock filled mouth.  
“Ashley, I want to see you suck mark’s cock faster” Helen said then watched as my mouth went into overdrive as each thrust of Darren’s cock sent another pulse of pleasure through my body.  
“Oh fuck she feels good” Darren groaned as he started to increase his pace much to my delight.  
“Darren, I want you to stop before you cum” Helen stopped for a second then caught me by surprise.  
“Then stand up and cum in my mouth” Helen said with a dirty laugh.  
“My turn” Mark said as I stopped sucking briefly then listened to him hiss “Helen I want you to bend down and touch Ashley’s boobs” Mark said I froze for the first time. Being fucked my two guys was one thing but being touched by a girl was a totally different prospect.  
“Ashley keep sucking” Helen said as I started working my mouth over mark’s cock again then listening to Helen explain again that I could back out, slipping my mouth off of Mark’s cock I shock my head then plunged my head back down onto mark’s warm cock feeling him start to push into my mouth.

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Within seconds I felt Helen’s warm hand slide round the side of my breast then gently squeeze my hard little nipple. It was the final act that was about to send me over the edge 
Suddenly in seconds my orgasm had built and was surging through my body as I knelt moaning continuing to feel mark trying to fuck my mouth.  
“Oh fuck, she’s Cumming” Darren groaned then started to slam his hard cock into me as my pussy clamped around him.  
“Helen quick” Darren moaned as I felt him pull out then a few seconds later listened to him groan loudly.  
“Fuck Helen, you definitely know how to suck cock” Darren groaned as I knelt feeling the after effects of my orgasm fade away.  
“Oh fuck, I need to cum” Mark groaned as I considered pulling my mouth away then heard Darren’s voice “Ashley let him cum in your mouth” Darren asked as I thought about refusing then suddenly it hit me.  
I had done everything they asked of me, and was even surprised how much I enjoyed it; I couldn’t stop now and lose all that hard work just because of a bad Mark hissed as I felt his cock suddenly explode into life then shoot stings of warm salty fluid into my mouth as he continued to fuck my mouth.  
“Good girl keep going” Helen hissed as I continued to suck Mark’s cock until he had finished filling my mouth with his fluid.  
“Ashley, trust me on the next one” Helen hissed as I continued to slip my mouth up and down mark’s shaft slowly.  
“Let us all see his cum in your mouth then close your mouth and swallow for us” Helen hissed as her request scrambled through my brain.  
Could I really swallow, what I did know was even though his sperm tasted salty, it wasn’t a taste that I disliked. Pulling my mouth back as I realised that Mark and Darren were finished and maybe even my test.  
I opened my mouth watching each in turn look at my mouth full of mark’s cum then watched as Darren smiled.  
“Now swallow” Darren said as I looked at Helen watching her stand, her fingers under her skirt working her clit.  
Closing my mouth and giving her a smile, I forced the watery fluid back then swallowed gently, opening my mouth in front of Helen.

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“Oh good girl” Helen said lifting her skirt then letting me watch as she stroked her clit quickly.  
“Please, Ashley. touch me” Helen groaned as I knelt in front of her watching her fingers move like lightning.  
“Ashley last command make Helen cum with your mouth” Darren groaned as I watched Helen step forward offering her pussy to my mouth.  
“Shit, I can’t do this” I thought watching her fingers continue to move like lightning on her clit.  
“Ashley your finished if you do it, don’t spoil it now” Mark said as I turned my head to him then realised what he was saying.  
“I had to do this, I had done everything else, I can’t lose everything because I couldn’t do one thing” I thought pushing my face forward preparing for the worst.  
Helen lifted her left leg then slipped her fingers away as my mouth reached her hot wet lips, pushing out my tongue I knelt pushing my tongue through her lips realising that she tasted similar to Mark’s cock when I first sucked him.  
Within seconds my tongue was stabbing repeatedly at Helen’s clit as I knelt listening to her moan.  
“Oh yeah, I’m Cumming” Helen moaned as I continued to lap on her sweet tasting pussy surprised that I was actually starting to feel hot again at the thought of licking another girl.  
Helen’s body shook above me for a few seconds as I continued to force my tongue onto her clit.  
“Oh stop, that’s enough” Helen moaned as I pulled my mouth away then grinned up at her.  
“Shit girl, you know how to eat pussy” Helen said with a dirty grin watching me nod.  
Helen looked down at me then smiled then looked over at Darren and Mark.  
“Are you both happy now?” Helen asked as I watched Mark standing dressed again then watching Darren pull up his trousers and nod.

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“Welcome to the family” Darren said with a smile as I nodded then listened to Helen.  
“Not so fast, I have one last request” Helen added as a feeling of fear washed over me then watching her smile.  
“Guys lift her up and hold her legs open, I think the least I can do is taste her too” Helen said as I watched Mark and Darren lift me then hold my legs open as Helen slipped beneath me.  
“Oh fuck” I groaned feeling her tongue start to lap gently at my clit, holding onto Mark and Darren I closed my eyes enjoying every move of Helen’s tongue on my clit.  
Five minutes later I was moaning wildly as Helen finally completed what she had started as my body shuddered to another orgasm.  
After I had finally composed myself, then dressed Darren and Mark kissed me on the lips in turn then welcomed me into the family. Helen walked over and smiled.  
“I knew you could do it” Helen grinned watching me nod.  
“You realise this thing won’t be the only time you have to do this” Helen said watching me think.  
“Trust me though, the boys aren’t too demanding” Helen said with a grin as I realised that I was going to enjoy my stay with my new family.  
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