New Next Door Part 2


Chapter 5 – A Knocking at the Door
Friday night past and the majority of Saturday past with worries of what might happen now that Mrs. Perry knew that I saw her naked. We had supper that night, and then my parents left for an hour to go and get groceries. Emily had gone over next door to Maria’s house and I was left all alone to worry that Mrs. Perry might tell Emily that I was spying on her. It was about five minutes after my parents and Emily had left and then the door bell rang. Paranoid I ran to the door and looked out to see who it was. It was Mrs. Perry standing at the door! Panicked I thought about what I should do. Should I just not answer it? Or maybe I should answer it and hope that she will only tell me not to spy on her again?
I took a deep breath and decided to answer the door. I slowly opened the inside door and then pushed open the outside door. Mrs. Perry said, “Hi Chris! Is your mom home?” “No. ” I replied. “Oh, ok. Well is your dad home?” she said.

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   “No he’s not home either. ” I replied nervously. “Ok, well then…I’ll ask you then. Does your mom have a blender?” she asked. “Yeah, she does. ” I replied. “Do think I could borrow it for a minute?” she said. “Yeah, I guess so. ” I replied apprehensively. I turned around and walked to the kitchen and peeked behind me to see that Mrs. Perry was following me to the kitchen. I continued on into the kitchen and began to unplugged the blender. As I did so, I heard Mrs. Perry walk up behind me. With the blender in hand, I turned around to give it to her but instead was greeted with the surprise that Mrs.

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   Perry had undone her shirt!
I stood silent in front of Mrs. Perry holding the blender with my eyes fixated on her chest and my penis starting to go hard. Mrs. Perry was wearing a white blouse pulled off to the side revealing her large lacey tan colored bra which pulled both of her boobs tightly together to give her a ton of cleavage. We both stood silent for a moment until Mrs. Perry spoke up and said, “Do you like what you see Christopher?” Dumbfounded and lost for words I replied, “Yeah!” “I thought you would. Maybe you’d like a better look?” she temptingly replied. Still with the blender in my hand I watched as Mrs. Perry slowly removed her left arm from her shirt followed by her right arm. She turned around and through the shirt on the kitchen table behind her and then turned back to me give me a full view of her seemingly huge breasts covered by even larger bra cups that stretched a crossed her breasts. She slowly reached behind her back with both of her arms and undid her bra, allowing the straps to snap forward, and for her breasts to fall from their nest.
She then peeled her left bra strap from over her shoulder exposing her left breast, then removing the bra from her right arm and allowing it to fall to the floor. I stared in amazement as I now had a pair of large boobs with huge nipples in front of me. Suddenly Mrs. Perry moved towards me grabbing the blender from my hands gently and then placed it on the counter.

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   All I could remember seeing were her breasts moving ever so slightly back and forth as she moved. “How’s this?” she asked. I stood silent focused on her boobs. “That’s what I thought!” said Mrs. Perry. She then gently grabbed my right hand and placed it on her left breast. I could feel my hand softly sink into her soft breast and her nipple gently poke up against the bottom of my hand. All the while feeling my penis being held back by my pants. Mrs. Perry slowly moved my hand over her breast as I gently sank my fingers into her. She then grabbed my other hand and brought it up to her right breast and then relinquished her soft grip on both of my hands. “How do they feel?” she asked.
Staring at her breasts I replied, “Good!” “Have you ever touched a woman’s breast before?” she asked softly. “Ahhh, no!” I replied “Go ahead and touch them then. See what they feel like.

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  ” I looked up at her with a puzzled look on my face and she said again, “Go ahead touch them. They won’t bite. ” I looked back at her breasts and started to feel them. I immediately sunk my fingers into her soft fleshly breasts and felt around as Mrs. Perry watched silently. I moved my hands all over her breasts just feeling them in my hands and then grabbed a hold of them in my hands, squeezing them. They felt almost like water balloons only these were made from soft flesh. I felt around for a few moments and then Mrs. Perry said, “How do they feel?” “Good!” I replied innocently.
“Good. ” She replied, “I think you’re a little excited, aren’t you?” “Ahhh, yeah!” I answered. “I could tell. Your pants are like a tent!” She said seductively. “How bout we let that big guy out? Huh?” My jaw dropped open and all I could muster was an, “Ok!” I watched as Mrs. Perry then reached down to my pants and pulled up my shirt revealing the button and zipper to my pants.

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   She reached inside the seam of my pants and undid the button on my jeans. We both looked up momentarily and Mrs. Perry just smiled at me as I still had a “What the heck” look on my face and then she continued to undo my jeans. She grabbed the zipper with her right hand and gently pulled the zipper down and carefully over my hard dick which popped out as the zipper moved out of the way. “No underwear huh?” she said.
I suddenly felt kind of embarrassed that I had no underwear on as I never ever wore underwear during the day as I loved the feeling of going commando and the fact that it was kind of titillating knowing that everybody who walked by you had no idea that you were only wearing pants. The only time I did wear underwear was at night just incase my penis got a mind of its own while I was asleep. I looked up at Mrs. Perry seeing she still had a grin all a crossed her face and said to her, “No!” Mrs. Perry replied, “Good! I like it that way. Less to take off!” As she said that, I felt my pants fall to my knees and saw Mrs. Perry glance down as a soft gently hand grabbed hold of my cock. I looked down at my penis and saw Mrs. Perry had it resting in her hand and I could feel her fingers suddenly start to feel my testicles.
I watched as she ran her fingers around my testicles and my penis continued to grow and get harder in her hand as she stroked my balls with her fingers.

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   “It looks like you like that?” Mrs. Perry temptingly asked. “Yeah. ” I replied “How bout we try this then?” she answered. Mrs. Perry slowly lowered her hand away for my penis and slowly lowered herself onto her knees. She then looked up at me as I glared down at her and then brought her face closer to my erect penis. I watched as she drew her head sideways and then came towards me taking my dick into her mouth without using her hands. She then slowly and gently turned her head upright and closed her lips around my cock as she took more of me into her mouth.
She began to go up and down the shaft of my penis with her lips locked around me sucking back and forth, licking the head of my penis as she with drew me from her mouth. I watched as my penis would slowly disappear into her mouth and then reappear as she came back down my shaft. The feeling was unimaginable, her head going back and forth, back and forth as she took my penis up to the base in her mouth as I felt the smooth touch of her mouth and tongue run up and down my cock covered in saliva. After only maybe a minute I could feel my balls tighten and fluid gather at the base of my penis ready to explode. Worried about what might happen I blurted out, “I’m gonna cum!” Mrs. Perry pulled back and with drew my penis from her mouth and held it in her hand and said, “Give it to me!”
She took my penis back in her mouth and began to suck up and down my cock again all the while looking up at me, just tempting to load her mouth full of my hot young cum.

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   She went up and down my shaft furiously while I closed my eyes and I did my best to hold in my ejaculate, waiting to blast all that I had deep within her mouth. Finally, I couldn’t hold it any longer and felt my ejaculate fly up through my dick and out the end into Mrs. Perry’s mouth, sending me into ecstasy. Spurt after spurt into her mouth it came filling up her mouth. It only lasted seconds but it felt so good. As I came back down from orgasm I could feel Mrs. Perry’s lips firmly wrapped around my penis with it lying in cum inside her mouth as well as her tongue moving against my dick. I opened my eyes and looked down at Mrs. Perry and saw she had my dick sucked right into her mouth up to the base as she kept her head still waiting for the cum to stop pouring out.
As I looked down I could feel my penis start to go soft and Mrs. Perry slowly jerk her head back and slide her tongue underneath my penis licking some of the cum off of it. She then brought her head back far enough to swallow the cum and then pushed my penis back in her mouth. I could feel her begin to lick around the head of my penis, licking around in circles and then licking straight across the head. She then took out my slowly deflating penis and said, “How was that, Christopher?” Slowly coming out of shock and joy I replied, “Really good!” “Great, did I miss any cum?” she asked as she gently raised my penis up vertically to see if she had left any cum underneath my cock. “Opps, I missed a spot!” she said innocently.

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   She then took and held my cock up with her index finger and thumb and stuck her tongue out, licking up my shaft collecting the remains of my cum on her tongue. “All done!” she said again innocently.
“Next time I’ll make sure I get it all!” “Next time!?” I thought to myself, “There’s going to be a next time!?” Mrs. Perry got up off her knees and stood up in front of me, allowing her breasts to brush up against me, reminding me of the fun bags. Before she could get another word out I leaned forward and pushed my face into the center of her breasts and rubbed my face around for a few seconds before going for her left nipple. I pushed my lips up against her left breast and latched my lips around her nipple and started to suck when Mrs. Perry said, “Ok, that’s enough for now! We can do this some other time!” as she gently pulled my face away from her breast. I fully expected her to want me to give her some kind of pleasure and was shocked that she wanted me to stop.
Without hesitation I said, “Didn’t you like? Was I doing it to hard?” “No, no, you were doing everything just fine. I have to leave before we get caught! But we have to have something to do next time don’t we?” Mrs. Perry said. “Next time?” I replied. “Of course. You did like that didn’t you?” she answered. “Yeah, I loved it!” I replied still puzzled.

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   “And you do like me don’t you? You weren’t just looking through your window at me for no reason right?” Mrs. Perry said. “No, I do like you. I actually kind of just saw you at the window naked by accident and couldn’t resist seeing a woman naked. ” I replied. “Well then if you want to see more of me…more than just my breasts we’ll have to meet again?” she replied temptingly. “But where are we going to meet? How are we going to keep it a secret?” I answered.
“Well, we can meet at my house right or we can meet here when no one is home. And maybe I could ask you to do so work around the house for me as a cover up for what we are really doing?” she replied. “Yeah, that might work. ” I replied “That’s good then. Sometime I’ll come over and ask your parents if you can work for me and then we’ll see what happens. But remember we can’t tell anyone about this because we could get in real big trouble!” she said. “Yeah, I won’t tell anyone! I promise!” I replied excitedly. “Ok!” she replied as she bent down and grabbed her bra from the floor and turned her back to me to put it on.

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   I watched as she put her bra on and then put on her shirt and buttoned it up. She turned to me and said, “I’ll see you later Christopher!” She leaned forward and kiss me on the cheek and with her right hand grabbed a hold of testicles and felt them. She let go after only a few seconds and then turned to go out the door. I waddle over to the doorway to look down the hallway and watched as she left the house. As soon as she left I pulled up my pants from my knees and tried to continue on with my day as if nothing at all happened.
Chapter 6 – The Front
            The next morning I woke up feeling like I could take on the world. I guess that’s what you get after a glorious evening the previous day and a relaxing sleep filled with dreams that actually came true only hours before. You gotta love Saturday nights! The morning past fairly quiet like every Sunday, everyone just relaxing getting ready for another work week or school week. That afternoon my mom and dad left to go out shopping looking for pool supplies as they wanted to try out our new pool as soon as possible. My sister decided to go next door and play with Maria. When my sister left my thoughts immediately turned to Mrs. Perry. Maybe she might make a surprise visit over to the house for a little ‘playtime’ with her new best neighbor. Well as it turned out my over sexually active mind was just that because there was no ring of the door or knock on the door.
The majority of the day past and we all sat down for supper that night.


   Almost immediately at supper my mom asked Emily if she was having fun hanging out with Maria. And of course my sister answered yes and started to go on about what they did that afternoon. Near the end of their conversation my mom said, “We ran into Maria’s mom this afternoon outside today and she asked us if you were interested in doing some odd jobs around her house Chris?” “Umm, maybe!” I replied not letting on that I knew about anything. “What did she want me to do?” “Well she said that maybe you could help her with some of the gardening or fixing up stuff in the house. She said she would pay you though. ” my mother replied. “Ok, I’ll do it. If she is going to pay me. ” I replied. “Good, that will give you some money to spend on things you want. ” my dad chimed in. “Why don’t you go tell her after supper you’ll do it for her. ” said my mom. “Alright, I will. ”
I answered as my heart started to pound heavily as I knew I had pulled off the scam.

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   I sat at the table for about five more minutes eating and then got up and headed over to Mrs. Perry’s house. I went to the front door and put my shoes on and opened the door. I stepped outside the door and closed it behind me. I stood at the front door for a second and took a deep breath, calming myself down so I didn’t look too excited when I met Mrs. Perry at the door. I walked a crossed the front lawn and up to Mrs. Perry’s door, slowly reaching for the door bell while trying to keep myself calm even though my heart was pounding. I rang the door bell and waited a few seconds and finally heard footsteps coming towards the door. I looked straight at the door and saw the glass vibrate as the inner door opened. I watched as the door opened and Mrs. Perry came into view, causing my heart to try and jump out of my chest.
The outer door opened and Mrs. Perry said, “Hello Chris, what can I do for you?” “I came to tell you that I will work for you around the house if you want me to. ” I replied.

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   “That’s great!” she said as she came out of the door and on to the porch, closing the door behind her. With the door closed she gently whispered aloud, “Did it work?” “Yeah, they think I’m coming over to help you with stuff around the house. ” I replied quietly. “Excellent! They fell for it!” she answered excitedly. “Did they suspect anything?” “No!” I replied, “I acted like I didn’t know anything about it. I fact my dad said it would be good for me so I can go and buy what ever I want with the money I earn!” “That’s good, at least they don’t suspect anything. ” she replied. “When will you be able to come over next?” she asked. “Ah, tomorrow during the day would work, I can skip school. ” I replied. “No tomorrow won’t work for me; I have a meeting I have to go to tomorrow.
How about the next day?” Mrs. Perry replied. “Yeah the next day would work but how will I get back here from school?” I asked. “I can pick you up!” she answered.

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   “Alright. ” I replied. “But I’ll have to be back at school by two-thirty for my parents to pick me up. ” “That will work fine. I’ll pick up at school at ten-thirty and then take you back at two-thirty. ” she replied. “Ok. ” I answered. “I’ll see you Tuesday at ten-thirty then!” Mrs. Perry said. “Alright!” I replied. Mrs. Perry then leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and then popped back up. As Mrs. Perry leaned backwards I couldn’t help the urge to feel her big motherly breasts.

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   I quickly reached under her baggy red sweat shirt with my right hand, grabbing a hold of her left breast and started to feel it. As I quickly felt it I could feel the fabric of her bra slide a crossed my hand and then end as it turned from her bra to her breast. As I felt her breast she said, “We can’t do this here! We might get caught!” Quickly I pull my hand back down and out of her shirt. Mrs. Perry turned around and said as she opened the door to the house, “Meet me at your window at ten tonight!”
She walked in the house and closed the door as I walked back a crossed the lawns and into our house as I wondered what she wanted me to meet her at the window at ten for. Hopefully it was for a quick peep show I thought to myself.

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