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I'm a 48yr old married guy,that doesn't get much sex,and on this Saturday,that all changed! I was home alone,no wife,or kids,just relaxing,drinking a few beers,thinking of how I wanted to jack off that day. After a couple beers,I turned on a porno,and started to stroke my 7. 5inch cock hard. I love beating off! After about 15 minutes,the phone rang. Seeing as it was my assitant basketball coach,I answered. Now I've been coaching girls b-ball for over 7yrs now,and never thought of doing anything sexual with my girls,only the beating off,thinking of their tight butts,and perky titties. Well, my assitant is a smoking hot,16 yr old girl,5'6",100lbs,long brown hair down to her fantastic,tight cheeked ass,and perky tits. She is a family friend,who I've seen grow up. She asked if she could come over and talk about the upcoming game,that week. I said:Of course!,I'm by myself,so come on over. " Her mom dropped her off  about 20 minutes later,and I told her I would take her back home. She said thanks,and off she went. As we walked into the house,I about shot my load off! She was dressed in very short,shorts,that showed off those tight,butt cheeks(my favorite!),and a white,see thru top,showing off her white bra. We went to the family room,to view the game films,and I forgot I had the porno on! As soon as she saw them,she said:"Is this how you study the opponents??A little embarrased,I said:"I'm sorry,I forgot that was on!" She laughed and said,"thats cool coach,I understand!!" I put the game film on,and we sat side by side on the couch to study them. In about 10 minutes,I grabbed a beer,and to my surprise,she asked:"Can I have one?" I said:"Your to young,and your parents would kill me!" She said:"They sometimes let me have one at home,it relaxes me. " I said:"Okay,just one,but don't tell them,please!" She said:"I'm cool!" We watched some more film,and as we were sitting there,she suddenly put her hand on my right thigh,about 2 inches away from my cock.

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   She said:"I like being here with you,your fun to be around. " I laughed and said:"Its the beer talking,huh?" She said:"No,I mean it,you are a cool guy. " I answered:'Thank you,you know your pretty special to me too. " She then stood up,walked over to the TV to point a player out,and as she did,she bent over,and stuck out that fine,little ass. My cock started to grow in my shorts as I admired this young,fresh,hot ass. She asked:"What about this?Caught off guard,I said:"Its great,I mean. . . . she's a good player,we need to double up on her. " My mind and my cock,were thinking of her and her ass. She sat back down,and put her hand on the inside of my thigh,and began to casually,rub up and down. My cock was now rock hard,and sticking up in my shorts. I knew I would blow my load soon,if she continued,so I said:"You better not do that,I'm getting really turned on. " She turned to face me,saw my cock straining to get out,and said:'I know,me too!" Without a word,I grabbed her,pulled her to me,and began kissing this hot,young girl.

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   We were all over each other,like dogs in heat,when she said:'I want you to be my first fuck,do you want too?" Barely able to speak,I said:"Are you sure,you want me?"She said:"I know your always looking at me,and I know you like sex,and you jack off,and that turns me on,so yes. . please,I've been thinking of it for a long time now,and besides,I'm on the pill!" Hearing that,I stood up,off came my clothes,my cock sticking straight out,she took hers off,and there was that hot body! So young,and fresh,perky tits,soft skin,and a virgin pussy,staring at me! I laid her on the floor,and said:"I've wanted to eat your pussy so bad,can I?' She said:"Please. . . I want you too!" I attacked that fresh pussy like a wild animal!It was great! Little pubic hair,tight pussy lips,and that tight butt to grab. It never tasted so good! In a few minutes,she began to scream and grind that pussy so hard on my mouth,I loved it. I couldn't stop! I then stuck my finger in that tight butthole. She screamed:'Oh my god!! that feels good. . . keep doing it. Her butthole was so tight,and my cock was about to blow,when she screamed:"I'm coming. . .

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  . . Oh my God. . . coming. . . . and she exploded everywhere. I loved it. Still shaking she said:"Fuck me please. . . fuck my tight pussy.

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  . . put it in. " I stood up,my cock throbbing,spread those legs,and put it up to that pussy. I looked at her:Okay,here goes!I pushed slowly,she screamed in pain,her pussy grabbing my cock like a vise! Oh my god I thought! Look what I'm doing! I loved it! In minutes,I pushed harder,felt her Hymen break,and in my cock went! We began fucking up a storm. Both screaming in pleasure,I said:'I love your pussy. . . its so good and tight. . it makes my cock feel so good baby. " She looked at me,screaming:"I'm going to come again. . . .

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  fuck me harder. . . . please!!. . fuck the shit out of my little pussy. . I pounded that virgin pussy!!All of a sudden,I said:'Okay,here I come. . . I'm going to come. . . .

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  . I grabbed that tight butt,pulled her all the way on my cock,and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!I came like I've never come before,she followed me,and screamed:"YES!!YES!!,I'm coming!!And together we came!!I fell onto her,out of breath,and said:'I love your sweet pussy! ,it is the best I've ever had!!" She said:'I knew you'd make it special for me,and it was perfect!!I really love your big cock!!" ,and I love how you ate my pussy!!We kissed,and as I stood up,my cock dripping come,she looked up and said:"Do you want me to suck it,cause when you get hard again,I really want you in my butt,do you want to fuck my little butthole?" I said:"I would die for that. . . yes,I do!!"   Part 2 next week!!  .

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