Nick and Miley FAKE part 1


not miley cyrus just the name miley!
"get back here!" said Nick, as he ran in after Miley. The two were home alone while their parents were out grocery shopping togther. Their parents were co workers at a hardware store outside of town. Nick had a six pack, blonde hair that was long and had bangs that fell under his right eye. He was 130 pounds and was very strong and innocent. He had a nice shaved cock about 7 inches long. miley was 100 pounds and had long brown hair that fell right under her round B cups. She had a nice shaved pussy that was wet almost all the time. They began to roll around on the bed in a childish fight, taking glances at each others privates from time to time. Suddenly Miley grabbed Nicks crotch by accident. She felt the pulsating bulge in her hand and she slipped back from his grip. He stared at her in shock, but in her mind she was feeling something more intimate. She began stroking it from the inside and his head rolled back in ecstacy. "fuck miley, stop i have to tell you something" he said as she let go of the throbbing rod inside his shorts. "Miley, I'm a virgin. " he said.


  "I am too" Miley whispered. She began to pinch the tip of his cock through his athetic shorts tensely and slowly. He felt under her skirt and pulled it off with her top. "stop before i cum" he wimpered. "im really into this now you dirty fucking slut! youve turned me into a horny dog, and im ready to make you a wet little bitch" he pulled her bra off and quickly took off his shirt and shorts and boxers. They were both completely naked when Nick let the room. He came back with a large bottle of ky jelly. "are you on the pill?" he asked. "yes i am i have been for a year, waiting for this moment" she said, caressing her pussy as she spoke. Nick squirted out a handful of the lube and pushed his cock through his hand "fuuuck !" he moaned. " i am soo horny. let me cover that hot mound of yours with my pre cum. " He took the head of his cock and rubbed it on her clit. Miley jolted and quivered. "wanna suck me ?" Nick asked.

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   He kneeled over miley as she adjusted herself on a mound of pillows. "ill try but im not sure how good i am" she let escape her mouth before he thrusted the large muscle to her lips "this feels just like your wet pussy baby. lick your lips you sexy little cunt" "for a virgin youre pretty good at talking dirty" miley said. "Ever since i watched you play with your pussy through the keyhole last month, I've been practicing everything till i got your hot snach in front of me, like I do now" by now miley was holding his cock and slowly stroking it as licked the head. She started massaging Nicks balls, watching them get tighter and tighter. "shit you little whore! let me fuck your pussy and ass and then we can 69 so i can lick that hot clit of yours and watch you gush steaming cum while i dump my load down your fucking throat" Nick got up and hit his cock against the table so it would be come softer so he could hold his load in. He got the lube and lubed her asshole and love slot. "mm more babe please" she said as he rimmed her butthole with the warming ky jelly. "oh my little miley likes to be a little slut eh? oh nice. i cant wait to pop your sweet cherry" Nick said. Miley moaned as he rubbed her ass harder and stuck his tumb in her ass. "oh please
Daddy, please take my virginity and fuck me hard !" "oh i see my little cum dumpster likes her daddy huh" nick teased. "nick please fuck me nowww!!" she let another moan slip from her quivering lips. "trust me miley, I want my sluts first time to be perfect"
Part Two coming soon !