night of fun and pleasure


She got out of the car and slowly walked up to the front door. After three knocks a very cute teenager opened the door,
 “Hey Ab! Get here ok?”
“Yeh just fine honey. U ok?” Abi leaned over to give the lad a very long passionate kiss.
 “Come on dude you can’t ignore your guests’ just coz she’s here you know!” Another lad shouted from the kitchen.
 “He’s right you know Dan come on it’s freezing out here. ” Abi said as they broke the kiss. Danny had thrown a party now that his parents were out of town and invited a few friends over. and their girlfriends and his girlfriend. He always hated it when his parents were around because they could never do anything past light kissing when they weren’t looking. Abi had never really gotten to know Danny’s mates but he didn’t mind. That’s why Abi had come round later then everyone so they would leave long before she would.
 Abi walked into the room and every ones eyes turned to her direction. Not because most of them didn’t know her but because she looked stunning. She was wearing a low cut halter neck black top and a dark denim skirt with boots that brought out the best of her legs. Abi soon got to know people a lot better and after about 2 hours everyone had gone leaving Danny and Abi alone together.
 Danny put on a scary film knowing that Abi got frightened easily.

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   It made Abi jump at certain parts and she had moved very close to Danny that his manhood had started to take control. And he wasn’t the only one that noticed this. She got up making sure that her hand brushed up against him.
 “Come on,”
 “Where we go…” Abi put a finger against his lips before he could finish, grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. So far he was not objecting as he knew what this would soon lead to. Neither of them had had sex with each other before and they had been waiting on purpose so they were both ready. Danny had been ready for a while but didn’t want to pressure Abi in any way.
 As they reached his bedroom Danny pulled back gently on Abi’s arm and she turned round to face him,
 “What’s wrong, don’t you. . . ?” But before she could finish she was embraced in another passionate kiss and was loving it too, as they kissed they slowly walked into the bedroom and fell onto the bed not breaking the kiss at all. Abi lay down as Danny rested himself upon her and moaned as he ran his hand up and down her chest. Her hands meanwhile were running up and down his back, each time getting nearer and nearer his manhood. Danny broke the kiss first,
 “Are you sure you want this?” he asked her not wanting to get on the wrong end of the stick.
 “Of course I do, I love you Danny and I always will, you know that don’t you?”
 “Of course I do and I love you too, you’re the only person for me” They gazed into each others eyes for what seemed like ages and then kissed each other again while Danny unbutton her top and took it off, Abi doing the same to his.

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   He was mesmerized by Abi’s figure, how her stomach was so tones and how her perfect C cup breasts were nice and firm. As he slid down her body he admired how toned her legs were. He kissed her all over starting at the ankles and worked his way up past her clean shaven pussy under a totally sexy white laced thong with went well with her bronze legs and stomach. After he had finished gawking at her lovely lower body he carried on working his way up to her chest and her breasts held in a matching lace bra that worked wonders with her hair. She had recently dyed it faint mahogany after deciding she needed a change and Danny loved it the moment he saw her. Abi unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. Danny took one breast in his right and started to fondle and suck it as his left hand entwined with hers. Abis’ other hand was on his back pulling him closer as she moaned. She was now soaking from the effect Danny was having on her sucking her nipple. She slid off her thong from under him whilst he took off his jeans and boxers. They were both now completely naked and hot. Abi rolled Danny over and now it was his turned to be pleasured. She slowly travelled down his body kissing him as she went until she got to his dick. She slowly flicked her tongue against his head as her hands fondled with his balls. Then to his surprised she took the whole of him in her mouth at once and it felt all so good,
 “Unh unh oh baby that feels sooo good.

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   Please don’t stop. ” Danny moaned as he watched the love of his life pleasure him so well. He felt so lucky to have her as his. After only 2 minutes of her sucking on his dick he came into her mouth and she swallowed it all up leaving nothing left to spare.
 Abi licked her lips and made her way back up his body to join him in a passionate kiss that lasted 5 minutes. When they broke the kiss Danny rolled her over as she spread her legs wide for him to enter her.
 “I want you baby, I want you right now, I’ve been waiting for you for so long and I can’t stand it any more. ”
 “Just one more thing honey and then you can have all of Me. ” he replied, regaining his breath. He gave Abi a cheeky grin and then disappeared again.
 Next thing she knew Danny was licking her out. She had never felt anything so good in her whole life. She lost her breath very quickly and was breathing heavily as he ran his lovely tongue up and down her clit.
 “Oh baby that feels amazing unh unh I’m gonna cum!” she screamed as her whole body shook with delight.
 She couldn’t take it any more all she knew was that she had to have him and she had to have him now! She sat up and pulled him towards her.

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   They looked deeply into each others eyes and leaned in to kiss each other again. Abi knew this was going to hurt but to make it easier they carried on kissing each other as Danny slowly and carefully entered her. She felt her hymen break but the kiss muffled her screams. The pain quickly wore off and she was getting into the rhythm of it. Danny was now thrusting harder and harder into her and she jut upwards to ensure he was inside her as far as her could go.   They both came at least another three times each and by the end on the night they were both worn out. They fell asleep in each others arms, Danny still inside Abi. The next morning Abi woke up to Danny besides her holding a tray with breakfast on it.
 “Morning sexy,” whispered Danny, “So what did you think of last night then?”
 “It was great baby” I love you so much.