Oh April part 2


Oh April part 2
            Earlier that night April, the hottest girl I knew, jacked me off under the blanket, while my best friend Jake, who was going out with her, sat just on the other side of us.   When the movie ended, April took the remote and shut it off.   Jake leaned over and gave her a deep kiss.   “Good movie, huh?”  Jake asked April.
            “Oh yeah,” she smiled, “It had the best climax. ”  I knew her pun.   She yawned and hugged Jake, “Hunny I’m getting tired. ”
            “I’ll be back,” I say, “Got go to the bathroom. ”  I went in to wash up, and when I came back in they already had the futon laid out, and they were under the blanket.   April had her pants and shirt on the ground, same with Jake.  
            “Hey you can get yourself some blankets to sleep on, I have more in my parents room,” Jake said with his eyes closed.   So when I came back the lights were off and the two were already asleep.   I threw the blankets down and lied down, keeping one out to slide over me.   I took off my shirt and pants, leaving me in my boxers.  
            For about an hour I kept awake, thinking about April and how she would feel fucking me.   I finally did fall asleep.

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    I awoke later that night to great comforts.   The blanket felt so warm and soft, I ran my hands down it, realizing that it wasn’t a blanket.   I snapped back into my wide awake self, “April?”
            “Quiet,” she said softly.   I felt her some more, she was already naked.   My one hand kept on her breasts, while my other roamed her body.   I felt her hand grope my cock.   I was naked; she must’ve removed my boxers while I was asleep.   This moment literally felt like waking up to a dream.
            She rolled over onto of me. “What do you want,” she asked into my ear.
            I nibbled on her ear, “To fuck you. ”
            “Then you’re in for a treat. ”  She went down under the blanket.   Her tongue started at my neck, working its way straight down to my cock.   She softly licked it, around the shaft, the balls, and then my head.

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    Her lips parted and took the tip, slowly circling it with her tongue.   A little farther she went, taking my whole head in.   She went a little further, getting at least half of it in.   She went a little bit further, swallowing my entire member.   She held it there, allowing my cock to scrape against the back of her throat.   As she came up for air, her teeth ever so gently rubbed against my cock.   She went back down, came back up, each time getting faster until she was fucking me with her mouth.   I knew I would cum if she didn’t stop, so I pulled her off gently and guided her body back up.      Her nipples slid across my chest as her head popped out from underneath.   I met her for a kiss, one hand behind her head running through her hair, the other down between her legs.   She quivered as I touched her spot.   “Fuck me,” she whispered, “Fuck me with that beautiful dick of yours. ”
            “Can you control yourself?” I asked.   “We don’t want to wake Jake up. ”
            “Yes, just fuck me, have me, he won’t wake up.

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            I started feeling a little guilty because she was Jakes girl, but once she wrapped her hand around my shaft and glided in I forgot what I was thinking about.   She started slowly, pushing back and forth, her elbows resting around my chest, gripping me tightly.   My hands reached for her ass and she soon followed my rhythm.   I pulled her ass forward, she moved forward, down and she moved down.   She was my puppet, only instead of my hand it was my cock in her.  
            She sat up and as she did so I moved my hands to her breasts.   April rose up, till the tip of my head remained in her, she then fell back onto it.   Up and down, engulfing my cock over and over again.   My hands caressed her breasts, playing with her hard nipples, sliding down to her thighs and back up over her ass, around to her stomach, and back up to her chest.   She started to breath heavier and shake again as she did earlier.   Her soft moans threatening to wake Jake.   She arched her back as my one hand came to her clit.   She stopped pumping and squeezed tightly, her hands around my shoulders, legs squeezing my legs.   April tilted her head up and moaned into the dark room.   When she quieted down she realized the noise she was making.

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    We both froze and listened.   We were relieved when we heard Jake slightly snoring.
            “Oh that was great,” she gave me a deep kiss.
            My cock remained hard inside her, “for you, but I’m not done yet. ”  And I rolled over, putting her onto her back.   Her legs went high and wrapped around my back, her hands rested on my shoulders.   I started pumping forward.   I didn’t work my way from slow to fast, I started off with all my energy.   I thrusted into her over and over again; surprising myself with how long I was lasting.   Her hands ran down my arms, unknowing where or what to do with them.   I kept up my fast pace, pushing us off the bedding, onto the carpeting.   I pushed and thrust myself into her over and over.   Her hands came to the dresser and she griped the legs.   April took a deep breath, and moaned into the air, “Oh fuuucccckkk meeee. ”  She pushed upward and tightened once again for her third orgasm tonight.

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    The sounds of her gasps and moaning were enough to engage my climax.   As she pushed up I pushed forward.   I started oozing inside of her, my liquids spilling out, running down her legs.
            She collapsed on me.   Our sweaty bodies exhausted from the workout.   “You’d better get back by Jake before he wakes up. ”
            “Just let me rest a little bit longer,” her head rested on my chest.  
            What a night I thought.   She jacked me off, blew me, and then fucked me.   I took a deep yawn, what a night.   Oh April.