Oh Sam Chapter 4


Oh Sam
Chapter 4
Oh Sam, what happened to you last night Matt whispered to Sam as she snuggled deeper into his body?  If I didn’t know better I would swear you had a twin that came in here today and did those wonderful things to me, Matt cooed in her little ear.   I know that isn’t the case, because there couldn’t be another body as sweet as yours is, but you were even more loving and open than you were just a few hours ago.  
Well, I guess I will have to start at the beginning Matt, Sam giggled.   I guess you noticed that I was a little more open about a couple of things huh? 
Well duh, Matt replied, don’t get me wrong I loved every minute of everything you did but I just don’t understand what could have happened that changed you so overnight.  
After dinner last night I took my bath and started touching my body like you did and thinking about all the neat things we did.   I couldn’t keep it up for long though because Mom and Dad had to bathe also so after I got out Dad went in.   When he came out I was sitting on the bed with him while Mom went in and we were watching a movie and it had a scene in it with a man and a woman getting into it and I noticed Daddy started getting larger in his crotch just like you did.   I tried to eye it as much as I could without him knowing what I was doing and it really turned me on.   It was really kinda funny though, because Daddy was squirming around trying to make it not noticeable but it was.   I kept thinking about your cock and wondering if his was as large as yours was.  
Well, did you get a chance to see if it was Sam, Matt asked.
No not then, Mom finished before I got a chance and when she saw him she made me go to bed.   But I know she was mad about it, because I heard them talking about it after they thought I was asleep.    Dad asked her to help him out with his problem and they argued back and forth about me being in the room, but Daddy finally won out after convincing Mom that I was totally out of it.   It was really cool Matt, lying in the bed on the dark side of the room I could see everything they were doing, it was really awesome.  
Sam continues describing the previous night’s events to Matt.

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    How they kissed, undressed each other, and did all the special things to each other.   She talked in detail how her Mom sucked her Dad’s cock in her mouth in one big gulp.  
Well, since you are now a woman of the world, how did the size of the two compare Matt asked.
I guess you were right about yours being average Matt, I couldn’t tell any difference in size from yours to his.   I couldn’t really tell about how big around it was, but it was just as long as yours is.   I still don’t understand how come she could suck the whole thing in and I couldn’t Sam complained.
Oh don’t worry darling Matt explained to Sam, it really takes practice to get that down, but don’t worry about it, it will come in time.   And besides, what you did to me is the most special thing I have ever felt, it couldn’t have been any better.  
Sam went on describing how her Dad then began doing oral sex on her Mom, and how she was almost rolling off the bed as continued eating her out.  
What were you doing while all this was going on Matt asked Sam?
Well uh, Sam stammered with a blush of red filling her cheeks, I was playing with myself like I have never done before.   Just watching them was making me so horny I couldn’t help myself.   I was squeezing my breasts like I never knew I could do, and playing with my pussy and little button at the same time.   It was really good Matt, I never knew I could feel so good before.  
She continued with her Mom being eaten out by her Dad and how she just went stiff as a board as she had her cum.   She told Matt how her Dad came out from between her Mom’s thighs and intentionally left out the part about her eating all her own juices from her Dad’s face as they kissed.

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    She said that she could see her Dad coming between her Mom’s thighs and push his cock deep into her pussy.   She told him how she could see her Dad thrusting his big cock in and out of her pussy and how excited they both were and the noise they were making.  
Well, what were you doing while this was going on Matt asked? 
Sam was again grinning, and told Matt that she had already pushed the crotch of her panties aside earlier and that she had remembered him using his fingers inside her yesterday and she started doing the same thing to herself.   She said it was a good thing that her parents were making such a loud noise because she couldn’t stop pounding her fingers in and out of her little pussy, it just felt so good.   She told him about the squishing sounds her Dad’s cock made as it went in and out and about hearing that same noise a few months earlier, and now knew just what was making it.   She laughed as she told him that her fingers was making a squishing sound too, but it was drowned out by the slapping sound of her Dad’s balls hitting her mother.  
Just the thought of these thoughts going through Sam’s mind started her body to awaken itself to her sexual desires as she idly started rubbing her pussy as she talked.   She told Matt about how all three of them came at the same time and how she had soaked not only her panties, but the bed sheets as well.   Matt, is there something wrong or different about me Sam questioned.  
What do you mean princess Matt replied? 
Well, I know I don’t really know much about sex, but it seems that I really make a lot of juice with my pussy.   You haven’t complained or nothing, but you have said it was really a lot, and I noticed this morning that my bed was a worse mess than Mom and Dad’s and there is only one of me and two of them.   And just look at me now Sam moaned as she drew Matt’s attention to her little pussy.   She pulled her fingers away from her little bald mound and her fingers were covered in juice and it was dripping down her crack to her ass.  
No no no, princess, there is nothing wrong, don’t even think about worrying about that.   Some women just make more juice than others that’s all, there is absolutely nothing to it, and besides, I can’t speak for all men but I think it is really special, and I love it.

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    As a matter of fact, just looking at it just makes me hungry, I want taste your special juice again.   Matt rearranged his arms around her and stood up with his little princess in his arms and started carrying her to his bedroom.   I think I’ll take this meal in bed though he whispered to his little angel as he took her in the bedroom.  
Oh Matt, Sam sighed as she lifted her head up to meet her lips with his.  
Matt stood beside the bed holding his little princess as they continued kissing each other passionately for what seemed an eternity before they broke their kiss and he gently lay her down on the bed and he moved beside her, and just lay there propped up on his arms looking at her little form laid before him on the bed.  
Ok Matt, go ahead and take this meal that you want, but when you are finished I want you to make love to me.   I want to feel your cock deep inside me; I want to feel your cock as you fill me up like I have never been filled before.   I know this seems almost unreal or silly, but I have never been joined to a man like this before, but I already know that is what I really need, what I have always needed, I just didn’t know it before.   Am I making any sense here Sam muttered? 
Oh Sam, you are making perfect sense to me.   I know exactly what you mean, when I first met you all I could think about is just fucking you, but now I understand what you mean, I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you and fill you my whole being, not just my cock.
Tears started rolling from Sam’s beautiful green eyes as she listened to Matt, I still don’t know everything about sex Matt, but somehow I just know that this is right and that I love you.  
I love you too princess Matt whispered as he again took his mouth and placed it on Sam’s and started kissing her again.   As their kiss lingered Matt took his right hand and placed it on Sam’s right breast and started to gently caress it from the base to the nipple.   When he reached the nipple it gently took it between his thumb and index finger and tenderly started to apply gently pressure to it while rolling it between them.  
Oh God Matt, Sam said as their lips momentarily parted and she felt a tingle in her body from her head to her toes.

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    After caressing her right breast he moved his hand to her left one and placed his mouth on her right one.   As he gently tweaked her left nipple and sucked on her right one he could feel the nipple grow and he placed it between his tongue and his upper teeth and gently rolled it back and forth.   This brought another large gasp of air into Sam’s lungs as she cooed her pleasure in Matt’s ear.    
Matt, this feels even better than yesterday, and I never thought anything would ever feel as good as that first time.
Oh Princess Matt said as he raised his mouth from her breast again, you have no real idea just how good everything is going to feel just lay back and open your mind and body to me and I will do everything I can to show you just how beautiful it can be.   Just remember, at any time you are uncomfortable with anything we do let me know and I will stop.  
Oh no Matt, I don’t want you to ever stop, please don’t ever stop.   Oh oh, Sam grunted as Matt took his right hand down to her little pussy lips.  
As Matt’s hand neared Sam’s pussy he could feel her heat boiling up from it long before he ever came in contact with it, gosh I have never felt a pussy as hot as hers he thought.   He placed his middle finger in the folds of her love lips and felt them part for him as he pushed down to her little heaven hole.   Once there he applied gently pressure to the finger tip and it gently entered her little hole, at the same time he took the thumb and drew it to her little clit.   Little clit, Matt didn’t know how this could have happened, but her little clit was even larger than yesterday and he didn’t understand it, but he certainly wasn’t complaining either.   The moment it made contact he could feel Sam’s body jerk beneath him and push up taking more of his middle finger up into her love tunnel.   Her juices were flowing like a stream as they poured out of her pussy.  
Oh gosh, what a feeling Sam thought as her body responded to Matt’s touches.

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    When he touched her little button she raised her hips to push it up into her pussy, she didn’t really know why, but she knew it had to go further.   I can’t believe how good this feels, how could I have missed out on this for so long now she thought.  
Feeling her juices flowing freely now, Matt moved down to the end of the bed and brought himself between her precious little legs and stopped his mouth just short of her pussy.   He could still feel the heat from her sex rising up to meet his mouth.   He gently blew a warm stream of air across her mounds and she audibly responded with a low groan and brought her hips up to place her pussy against her lips.   He suddenly put his tongue between her folds and against the entrance of her pussy.   Sam gasped and dropped her hips back to the bed and immediately brought them up again trying to get as much of his tongue in her as she could.  
Uuuggggh gosh that feeeellls sooooo gooooood she panted as Matt started using his tongue on her pussy, gathering all the nectar he could before taking it to her clit and sucking it into his mouth.  
Matt looked up and could see Sam’s mouth gaped wide open and guttural sounds that only she could understand coming from her.   He saw both of her hands mauling her breasts and pinching her nipples until they almost looked red.   Then he felt her legs cross behind his head and lock together pushing his mouth against her pussy as hard as she could.   He could see nothing now, but he could feel her leg muscles pull and pull against his head trying to shove him further and further into her crotch.   He continued with his tongue and could feel her starting to bounce her hips up and down against his face and then could feel her hands leave her breasts and to the back of his head and push down as she started yelling don’t stop, don’t stop, oh please don’t stop.   I’m cuuummmmmmiinngg she screamed as he was suddenly very glad of the extra insulation put in the condos for soundproofing as her scream continued.   He could feel her whole body twitching, bucking, and shaking as Sam continued in the throws of her orgasm.

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    He continued lapping at the flood of juice that was now pouring out of her and was aware that it was getting harder and harder to breathe.  
Finally Sam’s orgasm started to fade and she relaxed her death grip on his head and he could now breathe again as he was still amazed at the amount of girl cum she could put out.   Definitely he had never experienced anyone that could cum as much as Sam.   It was the most pleasant taste in girl cum that he had ever had, and he decided that he wanted as much of this delight as he could get.  
Sam struggled, but could finally speak.   Oh Matt please stop, that’s enough.   Please come up here and kiss me now.  
Matt crawled from between her precious legs and said give me a minute please Sam, I need to clean up.  
No no please, just come here now just the way you are Sam breathed heavily.  
Matt came up her side and Sam gently took his head and cradled it in her hands and placed his mouth on hers and gently started kissing him.   She kept kissing and kissing and then started using her tongue and lapping all the juice from his face between more and more kisses.   Matt had never experienced this before and couldn’t believe his Princess was doing it.   It felt strange, it felt good, it felt right somehow, God how much he loved this little girl.  
After a couple of minutes of cleaning his face like a cat Sam stopped and looked Matt in the eye.   He started to say something and she cut him off.

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    Not now Matt she said, with tears coming to her eyes again and she said I’ll explain that later, right now I just want you to make love to me Matt, please fill me up.
Now with tears in his own eyes Matt just nodded to Sam and placed his body between her legs and lay her head back on the pillows and gently started kissing his little Princess.   He moved his hips up until he could feel his cock rubbing against her very wet pussy and pushed slightly.   He felt her lips separate and his cock search out the tight little muscle ring of her opening and he again gently pushed until he could feel it starting to open, but gosh it was tight.   He felt Sam push her hips up and the little opening gave way slightly until it was now around the head of his cock.   Four tear filled eyes met for a moment and without a word being spoken Sam nodded her head yes and Matt continued pushing his meat carefully into her little pussy another inch.  
Sam couldn’t believe how good it was feeling when Matt started pushing it in her.   She pushed her hips up to make sure it didn’t slip away because she was determined this was going to happen come hell or high water.   She could feel the tears flowing from her eyes and she saw Matt crying also, she hoped his was tears of joy just like hers.   When she nodded her approval to him she felt Matt continue pushing a little more of his beautiful cock into her.   She couldn’t believe how good it felt, she felt full, so full, but hardly any pain.   Oh gosh Matt, this feels so goooooodd, more please.  
Are you sure it isn’t hurting you darling Matt replied.  
Oh gosh no Matt, it feels tight and full, but it doesn’t hurt at all.   Matt continued pushing more and more of himself into her tiny little cavern.

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    When he got where her hymen was yesterday it did start to hurt a little, but not much.   Determined that she would not let him know it was hurting at all, Sam pushed up again hard, she now had just over half of it in her.   Tears were already flowing from her eyes so Matt would never know the difference in joy or pain tears Sam thought to herself, besides it really isn’t that much pain, overall I would rate the feeling as a 10 anyway even with the pain Sam said to herself.  
Matt couldn’t believe the tightness of the tunnel he had himself in.   It was so tight he didn’t know if he could get it in any further until Sam pushed up hard against him and pushed just over half of his cock in her.   With his mind reeling with the most pleasant feeling he has ever had he couldn’t believe how much Sam wanted his cock.   Looking at the tears of joy spilling from her eyes he didn’t know that some of them were from pain also.   The sheath of her little pussy felt like velvet lined gloves, only tighter than any gloves he had ever felt before.   Her muscles were strangling his cock and he was wishing she could relax the death grip she had on him.   Still he was worried about hurting his little Sam.   Sam, are you sure you want to go further Matt asked?
Isn’t this what you wanted the first time you laid eyes on me Sam panted back at Matt?
Well yes, but now I just want to love you, not hurt you Princess.  
Well I guess the tables are now turned Matt, because this is now what I WANT Buster, so it is too late for that, GIVE IT TO ME NOW Sam panted, please Matt give it all to me now.  
Ok love; try to relax the muscles in your pussy.   Matt started easing his cock back from her pussy and Sam almost screamed, no please don’t stop.   Matt lovingly smiled at her, and said don’t worry, I am just going to loosen you up a little, I won’t take it out.


    He eased his cock back about 3 inches and gently pushed it back in 3 inches.   He kept repeating this movement over and over for a couple of minutes and it worked, he could finally feel her muscles relaxing their grip.   Now every time he went in he went just a little deeper with every thrust.   Finally he pushed and he could feel his balls brush up against her beautiful little ass.  
Oh my God, it’s in; it’s finally all the way in Sam shouted to Matt.   Yes love, it is finally home where it belongs.   Matt paused for a moment with his cock fully imbedded in her little pussy allowing her time to experience the fullness and to stretch a little more.  
Oh God I knew I could do this Sam panted to Matt as her tears of joy and pain stopped and a grin swept across her face so wide that you could land a plane on.   Matt I feel so full, I think it is all the way up in my stomach, maybe even my throat she giggled.   Sam started experimenting with the muscles in her pussy watching Matt’s face as she squeezed it and let it loose again.
Oh Sam Matt groaned your little pussy feels sooooo gooooood as he started to slowly start pumping her love hole.   Slow long strokes he started with.   He would pull almost all the way out of her and slowly push all the way back to the depths of her pussy and feel every bit of her walls along the way.   This was the best fuck he had ever experienced in his life and it was coming from the loving submission of a 13 year old girl who loved him like no other woman had ever loved him before.   
Sam just lay there when she finally felt Matt bottom out in her pussy and could not believe how good it finally felt to know that she had a man making love to her.

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    I mean I never knew that there was anything in the world that could feel so good, and not just physically, although the feeling part was great.   It was like her whole being was being transformed from a little girl to a woman capable of giving and receiving pleasure like a little girl could never know.   As Matt started his long slow strokes in and out of her she could feel everything and it felt awesome.   Little places in her body started tingling like she had never felt before and she knew this was going to be the best cum she had ever had.   Remembering her lessons from last nights observations she started to start a rhythm with her hips to meet Matt’s down strokes.  
Looking down on his little Princess Matt watched her eyes and face as it radiated a look he had never before seen in anyone he had had sex with before.   It was like her eyes were sparkling like a roman candle on the 4th of July every time he would thrust back in her pussy.   Her face was glowing with a light of its own, and her little lips were slightly puckered and although he could not hear it, it was like she was saying Oh, Oh, every trip down her tunnel of love.   He thrust down hard and deep and stopped for a moment and gently placed his lips on hers and started a gentle tender kiss.   In just a moment their tongues were in a battle of their own as he felt Sam continuing to flexing her muscles against his cock.  
Sam broke the kiss and thrust her hips hard against his to urge him to continue the task at hand.   When Matt looked in her eyes again he saw the same glazed look of raw passion he had seen earlier when he was about to unload his load in her mouth when she was surprising him with the blow job.   Sam started to say something but Matt shushed her and said I know, here it comes as he pulled all the way back and rammed his cock home.  
Sam was about to tell Matt more and harder when he shushed her and pulled out and came back hard.   Oh God it was so good when he bottomed out on his thrust, it felt like it jarred her teeth.


    With her mouth open wide all Sam could say was Ahhhh as she felt him continue his hard and deep thrusts.   Instinctively she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Matt’s waist to help her meet his quickening thrusts.   Suddenly Sam could hear all the squishing noise of his cock plunging in and out along with that slapping sound as she felt his balls slapping her little tush every time he bottomed out.   The feeling in her little pussy was spreading across her now and she felt like her whole body was one giant tingle.   She was on fire, she could feel the heat from where they were joined spreading from head to toe and all she could say was more, more, harder, harder, please harder.  
Matt didn’t know how long he could last with her little tight hole sucking everything it could from his cock.   He looked at his little Princess enjoying herself like no other person he had seen before. and slamming her hips up meet his every thrust.     She kept calling for more and more, and harder and harder and he was determined to give her everything she needed.   Matt knew he had to please her and he was going to do everything he could to exactly that, but he could feel the churning sensation in his balls telling him that they were almost ready to release their load soon.   The look of sheer joy on his lovers face brought tears back to his eyes when he noticed Sam’s eyes were starting to climb back and up almost out of sight.  
Sam couldn’t stand the intense pleasure his cock was giving her, it was better than anything she had ever heard or dreamed about.   She could feel a flood of their combined juices running down her crack and across her ass and Matt’s balls slapping the stream as it made its way down to the sheets.   The heat, the passion, the lust, the feelings suddenly intensified to the point that Sam knew this was going to be the best orgasm of her short life.   She pulled her hands up across Matt’s back and used them and her legs to slam her little body into his as hard as she could.

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    This went on for a few seconds and then it happened, little Sam started screaming and cumming.   Sam dropped her hands down to the sheets and grasped them just like her mother had done and then had to drop her legs also because it was like she had no strength left in her body, it felt so good, and then she temporally blacked out.  
When Sam’s eyes rolled back she wrapped her arms around him and started humping him like she had never done before.   He could feel a flood of girl com somehow making its way around his shaft and soaking both of them and then the death grip of her little pussy suddenly clamped down on him.   Matt plunged back to her depths and held it there while her orgasm peaked and she started screaming something he could not understand.   He felt her arms and legs drop and he just held his position for her to feel all the pleasure she could as he gazed at her closed eyes.   After a few moments he could see her eye lids flicker and a faint smile come to her lips.  
Did you cum Matt?  No princess Matt replied.   Well then don’t stop now Matt, do it please.   Sam could feel his cock pulsing inside her pussy and knew he was close as he pulled back and started thrusting in her again.   It only took a few thrusts before she could feel it growing even larger inside her and Matt gasping and said I’m cumming.   He thrust deeply inside her and she could feel the spasm of his meat and his cum shooting deeply inside her, gosh that feels good Sam thought.  
Matt could not remember the last time he had cum so much; it kept shooting and shooting into his little lover.   After his eyes had uncrossed from his intense orgasm Matt looked down at Sam and saw her sweet tender loving smile and tears again in her eyes.   I love you princess Matt whispered.

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    I love you too Matt, Sam whispered back, I love you so much.   Matt felt his erection softening and he gently pulled it back with a wet slurping sound as it exited her pussy.   He sat back on his knees as he looked at her little pussy still gaped open and a flood of combined juices pouring out of her as it started to close back.  
Oh gosh Sam moaned as she felt the flood of juices running across her ass, let me see, as she pulled herself up and back on the bed to inspect what she had just felt.   She felt so embarrassed by what she saw; there was a wet spot as big as a dinner plate and a large puddle in the center of it that had just rushed out.   She turned slightly red and started to apologize to Matt for the mess when he stopped her.  
I told you before Sam, there is nothing wrong with you, this mess is mine too.   As a matter of fact, I love it.   It will be our symbol of love for each other.   Come here lover Matt said as he moved across to the other side of the bed and pulled Sam into his arms.   Sam willingly moved over to Matt and lay alongside him and placed her head on his chest as they embraced.   Both closed their eyes their exhaustion from the lovemaking session and went to sleep.  
End of Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 will be a couple of months from now, all play and no work will not support me.

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