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Growing up I never seemed to get any looks from the guys my own age. Now with that said, maybe it will help to know what I looked like. I was about 5'9 , and 153 pounds. I had ice blue eyes and long honey-nut brown hair. I had a nice B cup. At 13 I was happy with that. The guys my own age might not have been looking, but I was ok with that. I always liked older men, anyway.
One day I was in my room, laying on my bed, and I over heard my older brother who was 16 talking to some one on the phone.
"This party is going to be sick!" He said and them I herd the slamming of a door. I couldn't help myself, I leaped off my bed and walked over to my brothers door that was just down the hall from my room.
I tapped lightly on the door, and waited, Then I slammed my hand on the door and yelled, "Fuck head open the damn door!"
The door flew open and my brother was standing there phone in hand, music playing behind him. "What do you want?"
I was just going to get to the point, I sighed. "I know about the party, now you can tell me were it is and when, or I can go tell mom and dad!"
"Your a Bitch, Kelsey" He said. "Matt's at 9:00" The door slammed in my face. A smile fell on my face, as I walked off in to my room to get ready.

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   I put on a Black tank-top and old jeans, under that a black bra and hot red thong. Matt's was about two blocks from my house so at 8:59 I started walking over.
When I got there the other party goers were just starting to drink. When I walked in I saw some kids from school, some my age but mostly older. I felt a little out of place, until I heard the kind voice of Scot Smith, He was 16, black hair, 5'10 with green eyes and a hot sexy body. "What are you doing here, Kelsey?" He yelled over the music.
"What?" I yelled back. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs and in to a room, that must have been Matt's room. Scot shut the door and looked at me.
"I asked, what are you doing here?"
"Well. . . it's just I wanted to come and check it out. . .

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  but I think I'm just going to go now. " I said walking to the door, but he grabbed my arm.
"No you should stay. "
I blushed, and walked over to the bed and sat down, "I don’t belong here. " I said looking any were but at Scot. He sat next to me.
"Why would you say that?"
"Just look at me, do I look like all the other girls down there?"
Scot ran his hand through my hair and said, "Your right, you look ten times better then them. "
I blushed so hot red, as red as my thong. Scot put a hand under my chin and moved my head so I was looking at him, Then his lips came crashing down on my lips. He moved his hand to my breasts. He pushed me away a bit, his hand still on my breasts.
"Have you ever had sex before?"
"No. " I said nodding my head.
"Do you want. .

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  . umm. . . . to. . . ummmm. " He looked so cute.
"Yes. "
"Ok" His hand slid up my tank-top and pulled it off. His hand then ran up my back then unhooked my bra, My breasts fell out, and his mouth started to suck on my right tit.
"OOOOOOH" I let out a small moan. I layed down on the bed.

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   Scot pulled off my jeans showing off the red thong. Then he pulled off his jeans and boxers, I was shocked to see his 10 in. Dick. He moved down to my pussy, He started to lick and suck my teenage juices.
"OOOOOH" He licked and sucked, until I was moaning so loud every one down stairs must have herd me.   He stood up and  said. "This might hurt a little but it will feel so good in the end. " I nodded my head as he slowly entered me.
It did hurt and a tear rolled down my face. He went in more and I could feel something ripping.  In a little bit he was all the way in me and I was almost crying. He started to pump in and out of me and it felt a little better. I was starteing to had an orgasm. "OOOOOOO"
He started to moan my name. "KELLLLLLLESSSSSSYYY" I could feel him cum in me.

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I had a very strong orgasm, I grabbed the covers and moaned.   "OH GOD" I moaned. (More in the next post)

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