On the Way Home


 Here is an edited version of this story's previous post. It was meant to be a serious of two or three one-shots, but here it is in it's entirity, due mostly to comments. I hope you like it.
Agian, this is completly Here I was on my way home. I usually stay after school for swim practice, which today was unexpectedly cancelled, so here I was heading home. I don’t have a key to the house, but that’s not a problem. See, my mom and dad work long hours to keep us living comfortable, which leaves me and my younger brother at home alone for long periods of time. My 13 year old brother Noah is the one with the key, his school gets out earlier, plus he doesn’t do any activities after I walked up to the door, jiggled the handle. Locked? I knocked loudly but nothing. Maybe, for some odd reason he wasn’t home yet. Not to worry, the back door was usually unlocked just for this type of Starting around the side of the house, I heard a sound. Looking in the window I saw it. I had always wondered what my brother did between the time he got out of school and the time I got home, and there it was, clear as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! There was my younger brother sliding up and down on his best friend’s cock. His best friend, Phil, was lying on my brothers bed, head towards the window, as my brother, Jim, quite overtly, was rear mounted on Phil’s member. Worse yet, he was saying things like “I love feeling your hard cock inside me” and “Oh god, fuck my ass. ” I knew I should rap on the window and stop this but I couldn’t take my eyes off of this boy’s hard schlong sliding in and out of my brother’s ass.

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   I even found my hand rubbing my growing bulge, as I thought “What is wrong with me?” and “Am I gay, like my brother so obviously Then I heard the next noise. This one wasn’t coming from inside the room, but from around the corner. I slowly followed the noise and got my second shock of the day. There our next door neighbor, Cheryl. Cheryl had lived next door for as long as I could remember. We had been friends early on, but had grown apart over the years, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing. She was the subject of many a wanking session, her smallish tits, tight ass, and even tighter body made me drool just thinking about it. There was Cheryl leaned up against the fence between her yard and mine with her skirt around her ankles. She was definitely watching the action through the side window, but now she had other things in mind. I watched frozen as her two fingers plunged in and out of her bare, shaven pussy. With each stroke she moaned a bit more, eyes closed in ecstasy. Her thrusts growing faster and faster, she finally said something that caught me completely off guard (like any of this was expected). “Oh god yes, Adam, fuck my brains She was fantasizing about me! For years I had been fantasizing about her and here she was fingering herself and fantasizing of me. Now or never, I walked up to her and replaced her hand with mine and started banging her slowly, relishing my first feel of a girl’s insides. This went on for what felt like forever, but I know that it was just a little while before she realized she wasn’t in control anymore and opened her “Oh god, Adam, I didn’t Then she looks down at my very noticeable bulge, and said the “Adam, fuck She didn’t have to say it twice.

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   I dropped my shorts and boxers quite quickly. She gasped as she reached down to take hold of my 8 inch member, placing it in line with her perfect snatch. I fumbled around a bit, pressing my head against her bud, but soon she took control, wrapping her legs around my body. With surprise, I put my hands out to support her miniscule frame, as she lowered herself slowly onto my completely hard The warmth was unbearable, tightness ungiving, it was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. After going down a little ways, she rose up again, stopped for a second, then plunged down. With a gasp, she bit her “Are you She just nodded with a slight m’hm, so I started to assist her, as the un-imaginable feeling flowed through my body. It took all of my self-control to not cum right there and then. As she slid up and down my rod, she just seemed to get tighter, ending in her going completely limp. I had no clue what was going on, just this was the best thing I had ever felt in my life, so I laid her on her back and kept sliding in and out of her as slowly and methodically as I could. My mouth found her perfect, bare tits and I intently nibbled and sucked while going at She was going nuts, and I was afraid that someone would hear her, so I took her lips in mine. The funny thing was that this was my first kiss. This went on for what felt like ages, then she worked her lips from mine to take a breath, and “I’m on the pill; I want to feel your juices flow through Hearing this drove me nuts. I just started moving faster and faster to the point you could almost hear my balls slamming her ass. We both came in one last hoorah, falling in a passionate Lying there in a daze, my dick still firmly planted inside my next door neighbor Cheryl, it hit me. We’re lying outside my house on the ground! What if someone saw us in our passion? I snapped back to reality and brought this to my lover’s “Let them see us, I don’t care” she said “What if my brother saw us? I could be in some big “I hope his gay ass saw us.

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   Not like he’ll tell, saying that we know what he does with those after school hours. Who do you think your parents would be madder This question caught me off guard. Who would they be madder at? “In fact, let’s flaunt it. Let’s go to your room and make sure he sees what real men and women This could get me in major trouble, but the other head was thinking again, and had taken control without me noticing. I got up, pulling my pants back on, as Cheryl collected her clothes. I watched as she pulled her skirt back up to her hips and her shirt on over her bare titties. My plan was to silently move around the house to the back door, move through the house to the front door, and from there catch my brother Noah in the act with his best friend/lover. It was an easy enough plan to pull off, and soon we were standing in the doorway of Noah’s room, looking at the two love Having both obviously cum, Phil was spooning Noah with his cock still up my brother’s ass. I gave a little grunt and a salutation, before turning towards my room. Of course before I left, I had to get my brother’s reaction. He jumped out of his skin grabbing for a blanket, and sputtering, trying to make up some sort of excuse. I didn’t want to hear his stupid excuses, I just wanted for him to catch us in the act, so we hurried off to my Once inside the door it was a carnal mad house. Cheryl threw off her scant clothing as I dropped my pants and threw off my shirt. She sat on the edge of the bed, legs splayed inviting me to ravage her again, and with me easily being hard again, I was more than willing to I had just slid in when my brother came in. He saw us going at it and stopped in his tracks.

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   I looked over at his wide eyed stare, and then got my first glimpse of his cock he was now slowly stroking. It was astounding. I’m pretty proud of my eight inches, but he had to have at least 11, and a thickness that his hand couldn’t close upon. I watched as Phil came up around him, pulling him into a long and passionate kiss. Phil, breaking away, dropped to his knees, licked up and down my brother’s huge shaft. That was when my attention was pulled back to my own “Adam! Fuck me harder! Rock my world! God, it is better when people are Cheryl was going crazy, so I decided to oblige her. Taking my cock out of her aching pussy, I assisted her in flipping her into doggie position, and continued pleasing her from behind. I didn’t know that Phil and Noah had stopped what they were doing until Phil moved in front of Cheryl and put his member in her face. Not surprisingly she took him into her mouth, guiding with one hand, and propping herself up with the Looking around for my brother, he was nowhere to be seen, and then I felt it; pressure on my asshole, then a sharp pain that resonated throughout my body. Only one thing could’ve happened, but I was so caught up in my fucking, I didn’t stop. The pain relented, and now I could feel it. Every time pulled out of Cheryl’s godly pussy, I was pulling myself onto my brother’s huge rod. This was an insane feeling, once my ass got used to being full to overflowing with meat, it felt as if my dick was getting fucked by both I knew I couldn’t take much more of this, and I was right. We soon all came, me in Cheryl’s pussy, Phil in her mouth, and Noah up my ass. I could feel his seed filling my ass.

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   It wasn’t the best feeling, but it sure was From then on we were all closer. Whenever Noah needed to eat some cock, he’d sneak into my room at night. Every once in awhile, I had the urge to get fucked up the ass, he’d oblige. Later, Noah and Phil entered into a Union, and I married Cheryl. Many adventures came, but I’ll leave those for another story.

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