One Last Night with Teenage Girls


Topic: Kissa, Allaya and JewelHer Last Night with Underage GirlsIt’s June 9, 2009. In eighteen hours, Kissa Okello will turn 18 and become a woman. Which gives her seventeen hours and fifty-nine minutes to screw the two teenage girls she acquired for the evening. Kissa is a powerful and beautiful black woman. 5’11”, full body with CC breasts, long braids and lips like chocolate bars. Born in Vancouver, Canada to a Ugandan father and African-American mother, Kissa spent parts of her childhood in Sweden, Uruguay and Uganda.   She first orgasmed under the tongue of a 14-year-old Sri Lankan girl at Latin Camp in Montreal. Over the past two years, Kissa has grown from a titillating v-card to a sage of sexual pleasure, ravishing her first girlfriend Tanza, her second girlfriend Robyn, and both together during one incredible (lickable) night of Tanza’s university break. But this will be Kissa’s last night with supple teenage girls. She’s ready to be (and to love) a woman. Kissa pushed back from her vanity table and watched the two young girls singing a Queen Latifah song on the bed. 16-year-old Allaya was a powerhouse athlete. Six feet tall and 140 pounds dripping wet, Allaya’s body drove men wild with slender black curves. But Allaya cared only for women. What she lacked in breasts she made up for with a voracious sexual appetite. Kissa and Allaya had conspired to bring 15-year-old Jewel to the evening’s harem.

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   Jewel was 5’5”, cute, rounder with generous breasts like Kissa’s. Her father was French-Canadian and her mother came from Kissa’s Ugandan community, so Jewel’s skin glowed silky carmel. Thrilled to be hanging out with their prep school’s elite, the baby-faced freshman had no inkling of their plans and had never even kissed a boy. She bubbled with laughter as Allaya hit the song’s high notes and shyly blushed when the older girl’s breasts brushed against her. Ever since they heard Jewel shout in French class, Allaya and Kissa had imagined the lustful shrieks they would drive her to in bed. “LADIES!!!!!” Kissa stood tall and faced the expectant girls. They raised their wine glasses. “At midnight I will leave this world and join our sisters in the fortunes of womanhood. ” She grinned, “So til then we’re gonna be as girly as possible!”  “Amen!” Allaya drained her glass, arose, and planted her lips on Kissa. As Kissa’s full lips met Allaya’s soft, smooth mouth, a shock hit Kissa top to bottom. She had always made love to smaller girls, forcing her to take at least a somewhat dominant role. Allaya towered over Kissa in high heels and made her feel like a submissive virgin again. Speaking of virgins. They pulled away before Jewel could register more than surprise. For the next hour, they blasted Usher and Cassandra Steen and Beyonce in Kissa’s hot tub.

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    “It’s old-school, but I love makin’ love to some Whitney Houston. She does her thang, and I wiggle mine. ” Allaya burst into “Love is a contact sport,” hugging Jewel and laughing. “Old-school!? Fool, Eartha Kitt be old school. Fire fire mmmmm. ” Kissa picked up her mp3 player. “What do you like, baby?” Jewel’s shy smile showed confidence for the first time. “Aretha Franklin. ” “I could rock steady to that!” Allaya eased herself onto the hot tub jets as Kissa flipped to “Rock Steady. ” They saw Jewel hesitate, then ease herself onto the jet and let the water rumble between her legs. “Now she was a beautiful woman, like you baby. ” Allaya’s long nails traced Jewel’s arm. “I’m too fat,” said Jewel, but both girls laughed. “I’d kill for lips like those on these skinny bones,” said Allaya, “and don’t be dissin’ those melons. ” Kissa unbuttoned her bikini top.

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   “We have to love ALL that God gave us – and love it right!” “The boys say I’m fat,” Jewel tried again, unable to tear her eyes from Kissa’s massive chest. Kissa scooped her up. “Don’t seem heavy to me. ” Her eyes met Allaya’s. They had her. Kissa continued to cradle the girl, with one arm under her shoulders and another under her thighs. As she and Allaya spoke rapid fire over the girl’s head (cursing men and their standards of sleaze), Kissa let her thumb slip between Jewel’s legs. The girl gasped, but couldn’t get a word in. “Homies think they soooo fly all they need to see is a girl’s behind,” Kissa quipped. Her thumb jounced Jewel’s clit. “Kissa?” “Miss Allaya?” “We gonna make this girl feel beautiful?” “I say we will. ” “Rock steady. ” “Feel me. ”They flipped back to the song and set Jewel on the edge of the pool. Kissa’s nipples hardened to steel as she felt the girl shiver fearfully in her arms.

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   “Y’all…um…” “Don’t worry baby. You’re never gonna feel a man’s words again. ” Kissa sat behind Jewel and wrapped her arms around the girl’s ample breasts. Allaya’s clothes fell off as she posed on all fours before the virgin. They pressed more wine to her lips. “Don’t think, baby girl, just feel. ” Allaya’s face disappeared from view. Kissa drew her fingers across Jewel’s exposed nipples. Suddenly Jewel gasped. Bucked. Rose off the pavement. “Ohhhhhh!” Allaya’s firm tongue had pushed aside the bikini and entered Jewel in a long, slow thrust. Allaya continued to dip into the tight pussy, ramming Jewel again and again. Just as the girl was about to push her away, she flattened her tongue and dragged it across Jewel’s throbbing clit. “Mon dieu!!!!!” shrieked Jewel.

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   “Rock steady!” yelled Aretha’s track. Kissa squeezed those breasts for dear life and hooked her ankles around Jewel’s legs, slowly drawing them apart. In the water’s reflection, she could see Jewel’s eyes glaze over. The freshman panted and moaned “C’est incroyable” as the tip of Allaya’s tongue flicked back and forth, back and forth across her clit. Kissa let her hands creep down from C-cups. When Allaya felt the familiar fingers, she sat up and started sucking Jewel’s nipples while all four of their hands drove in and out of Jewel’s pussy. Ragged breaths made hot pools on their skin. When tears formed in Jewel’s eyes, Allaya licked all the way down her stomach. Slowly. Kissa’s fingers followed, tracing down the girl’s spine. Allaya skipped over the red lips and started at the bottom of Jewel’s pussy, tracing big circles all the way up. As she whipped round the girl’s hole, her tongue flicked over the clit like a gong chiming midnight. Orgasms shocked all three girls at once. Kissa’s pinched all of their nipples with her left hand (her right arm had snaked down again to probe the girl’s ass), and Allaya pushed Jewel into a full spread-eagle. Her tongue hit the clit rapid fire from side to side.

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   Side to side. One good suck squeezed squeezed SQUEEZED Jewel’s nerve endings to the brink. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed. Allaya stood up and cackled at them both. “Your turn, birthday woman. ”.