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Topic: Well lately I have been talking to this guy online on mic. for a few month and OMG his great at telling me what to do to myself and how to do it well and calling such dirty names and I just love it so much. Once I bought an 8in dildos that sticks to any flat surface and it perfect for the bathroom wall. He told me what to do with it and he knows what he’s doing to me, I was he’s lil slut toy online. One day he wanted me to get this outfit, which was a black tight string dress with red linings around it that just cover my ass and a boy short, along with a 5in vibrator. Overall it was too much for me to buy on my own. So he told me that he would pay for it as long as I wear it and take pic. s with it, so I let him. The day I got the dress and toy I told him about it and he wanted me to wait for a day he’s free so he can get online and tell me what to do. So I did like a lil slave I was to him. So one night I saw him get on and he told me it was time for me to wear it and to get the new vibrator and dildos, so I did like he told me so. As soon as I got dress and brought the toys he told me“mmmmm, I can’t wait to use those toys on u in that slutly outfit and this time u don’t have to take any pic. s”“y”“don’t ask any question u bitch!”“yes sir”“good slut, now go by ur window in ur room and start dancing”so I went by my window and start to dance around“I want you to be as slutly as u can while u dancing, u hear my lil whore?!?”as soon as he said that I was wondering how would he know that I was just dancing around and not the way he likes it, but since I love him so, I just did it for the hell of it. After a few min of dancing my ass off I heard the doorbell. And told him that there’s someone so I had to wear something else to cover myself, but he said no and to answer the door like that. I was sacred that it would be my neighbor or friend, but as I open the door I see a guy with a laptop standing there looking at me up and down as if he knew me.

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   He was built and strong with black hair slick back, dark brown eyes about 6 feet tall and he was just wearing a normal white t-shirt and jeans. “hi my lil slut, MMMMMMMMmmmmm don’t u look so fucking sexy as hell”“WHAT?!?” thinking to myself can this really be him the man that has been telling me what to do over the mic online with a shock on my face as I blush a lil. SLAP, me to the floor “bitch don’t talk to me” as he slam the door behind him. “OWW what the fuck!!!”“bitch u better do as I say” as he pull out a knife and walked up to my body and grab my neck as the knife was running down my face. Then he kisses me. “mmm u lil tease u know u like this” as I try to fight back while he was kissing me. But he over power me and move his hand over my mouth after he got off and pull my hair with the other hand up to my feet. I was screaming out of pain, trying to push him away, but I could barely move him. Then he pulls me in to him with my back facing towards him. “now u better listen good my lil slut toy, u know, ur so FUCKING stupid to give me ur address to me to give u these things?” since he said that I realize how really stupid I was to do that, to give my address to a man online to bring me a dress and a toy. “u really are a good lil whore aren’t u, since ur wearing what I bought u and I saw ur lil hot ass in the widow dancing like ur in a strip club. ” My face was shoot with embarrassment, I try to scream out loud but he’s hand cover my mouth well, and I can’t do anything about it. *SLAP* “hey bitch u listen closely, I’m hear to rip all ur holes and make u whish u never gave me ur address and u will obey everything I tell u, if not I will slice ur throat and cut up ur sweet lil pussy and ass, U HEAR” I nodded with fear of him and about to cry as he let go of me. “good bitch now walk to ur bedroom slowly”as I walked towards my bedroom, he check out my ass as I know he can see a small part of my ass and a bit of my boy shorts. By the time I got to the room he closed the door behind us and made me close the window after that.

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   “nice room slut, now how about u takes off my clothes?” so I start off my taking off his t-shirt and I saw that he was very built with 6 pack abs and some big arms and that kinda turn me on, than I move down to he’s jeans and unzip it and pulled it down while taking off he’s shoes and shocks. Went I was about to take off the boxers I notice that he was freaking hug and I don’t think he was that hard either. As soon as I took it off he was about 7in already. As I was looking at his body it got me a lil wet and turned on, but knowing the fact I still hated him for it. next thing I know he grab me the hair and pull me to his dick and force it in my mouth. I try to push away as I gag on it trying to get a few breath of air. “mmmmmmm u know u like this bitch, tell me u love this shit”as his dick was down my throat I just mambo out words. “not bad slut not bad, keep sucking on it”he grabs my whole body and pin me to my bed lying down on my back. Pulling my hair so my head would be on the edge of the bed and he force he’s dick down my throat again but faster and start fucking it. I was chocking to death every time he fully goes down my throat. I feel like I was going to fait, b/c of lack of air and when I was about to he got out and I was crying for air as I got some while chocking. “now isn’t this fun my lil lil bitch now lets use those toys of urs”he got them off the table and laid them near him on the bed. And he forcefully took off the dress and rip apart my boy short with the knife. “mmm mmm mmmmm look at that lil slut shaved pussy”he then just lift me up and pin me down the other way around now my legs are up in the air laying on my back, knowing that he could fuck me at any moment he pleaseHe than grab the vibrator and slowly put in my pussy and he notice that it was wet. “hmmm I see that ur wet from sucking my cock didn’t u?, that’s my lil slut”“plz don’t do this to me, plz” as I started to cry.

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  “well ur the dum fuck that gave me the address and y should I stop for u?”“becas-“ SLAP “don’t talk back at me like that”fully pushing the whole vibrator into me as I start to gabs for air, wait a second I thought to myself, he’s raping me and my body is enjoying this, this can’t be, but my body has a mind of it’s own as soon as he fucks me. Next thing I know he took it out and put in the 8in dildos in me and I gab for more air and over a few movements I let out a lil moan to it. “awww my lil slut is enjoying this isn’t she”“no plzzzz stop” as I keep gassing for air “don’t lie, u know u are, SAY IT”“yyy-yes-sir”“mmmmmmm good lil bitch”as he keeps on fucking me with the dildo I start to moan more and more, until I felt like I was going to cum for it. I try to hold it in but when I did that my face turn red until I couldn’t hold it in and I scream out of pleasure. I can’t belief that I just cum by someone who just rape me with my own toys. “mmmmmmm u just me hard again, I knew u had it in u”he than just that cum to push through my anal “no no no plz not there plz”but I start to moan as it slowly goes in my ass as if my body loves itby the time it fully went in I notice I was dropping wet from it. “time for me to fuck the shit out of u don’t u think?”“YES!!!” WHAT ON EARTH DID I SAY THAT FOR?!?“oh my, I knew u’ll love it my slut, u can’t hid ur true nature to me ur born to be fuck and be use as a lil fuck toy aren’t u?”since he put it that way like the way he always talked online it really turn me on and got even more wet and start to enjoy it and moan a lot more. But keep saying “no plz stop this plz don’t do this” and every time keep on fucking me I start to flick my body to it as it was about to cum again. He than slowly takes the dildo out of my ass but still fucking my pussy as he was doing it, my whole body went crazy and I had the orgasm of my life. I started to scream and moan and my body keeps on flicking. He stops and take out his dick and flip me on my knees and force me to arch my back and he pulls my hair and he sticks the vibrator in my pussy and turn it on and he put it all the way inside of me until u can’t even see it. I was dying from it, I had no rest since I cum and than out of nowhere he fully forces the other dildo in me. “yeah bitch ur so nasty that this will give u the best shit u’ll ever have”“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” (13in in my pussy)I feel like I was going to cum again, which I did so fast too, but this orgasms stay for a while and I started to moan for a while. “time to go to the next level my lil whore”he starts to fuck my ass while the two dildos was in me turned on. My body start to feel this great wave hit my whole body every second.

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   With in a few min of him fucking me and having the toys in me I start to cum again and again and again countless of time and I started to feel extremely high off of it and I lost control of my whole body as I feel the thrust of his dick going in me and his balls slapping against my pussy as the vibrator and the dildo are on, both giving me the non stop organism. This feeling lasted so long I thought it was never going to stop. “awwwwwwww bitch I’m going to cum so hard” he took out his dick from my ass and flip my body over pull me down to the floor still having the vibrator and the dildo in me. Sat on my stomach and his dick was long enough to reach my mouth and he started to jerk off and then he cum in my mouth as I did too from the toys still in me. “bitch u better sallow my fucking cum, or else”I was about to throw up from it b/c of the taste it, but I force myself to sallow it, even after that I feel like gagging on it. than he pull me back up and threw me on the bed and slowly took out the toys that was in me. He than sat down on my bed. “now listen up, I still want u to be online and listen to what ever I say to do OK BITCH cuz if u don’t I KNOW WHERE U LIVE”“yes sir”.