Our Babysitter - Part 2


Walking into my bedroom, she closed the door partically, so she could hear the kids, and then placing her hand on my chest, she pushed me onto the bed. "I saw you getting hard in the living room, and I wanted to get an appitizer before supper, so you just stay there and let me do what I want". She unbuckled my pants, slid down the zipper and pulled my pants off of me. My cock was straining against my briefs, but she didn't touch it, she looked at it and licked her lips, then took my shoes and socks off while she continued to oggle my stiff dick. "If you touch me at all before i'm done, i'll stop and go home, so be a good boy and just enjoy this", she said. She used her tongue on my legs and worked her way up my legs until she got to my crotch. My cock was jumping up and down as she approached it. God I wanted to stuff her face with it and cum down her throat. She lowered her face onto my cock while it was still covered. Her teeth scraped it's length and when she got to the head, she shoved what she could into her mouth. Sucking my dick throught my briefs, she was killing me. Her hands came up and started slowly removing my briefs and she finally had to release my cock from her mouth and as she lowerd my briefs, my cock sprang out and smacked her right in the face. She was waiting for it, because as it sprang up she opened her mouth and caught the purple head in her lips and held it there. She didn't move for a second, which felt like years, then her tongue slid over the top and licked up the pre-cum and I heard her say "UHMMMMM, UHMMMMMM". Her mouth slowly engulfed my cock and soon her face was brushing my pubic hairs. She had all seven inches in her mouth and I could feel her throat muscles working the head of my cock.

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   Then she was moving up and down my rod and I was in heaven. She sucked my cock like she had been born just to do this. God she was good. It took all the control I had not to grab ahold of her head and keep shoving my dick into her face. A number of times I had reached out and went for a handfull of hair, but I remembered what she said and held back. No way was I going to let her stop this. She worked her lips up and down my shaft and pumped my cock with her hand. "I'm going to cum Kelly, can I cum in your mouth"?Her green eyes looked in my face and she continued to bob on my cock looking into my eyes. I felt the build up all the way down in my balls, as my cum made it's way through my dick and splattered into her mouth. She gulped it all down while she held me eye to eye. My cock shot more sperm into her mouth than I ever though I had in me. She drained my cock of it's juices and kept it there until it went flacid and only then did she let loose of it. I layed on the bed, trying to catch my breath, as she slid up along me and planted a long hard kiss on me. Our tongues danced with one anothers and I could taste my salty cum on her mouth. She rose up and said that we could talk after supper.

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   She walked out the door and closed it behind her. After my shower, I changed and joined them in the kitchen. Kelly was fixing the kids a dish and feeding them, so I just sat and watched. Her tits bounced with each step she took or each movement that she made. The nipples were poking her t-shirt and I swore they were going to break through the material. She noticed me staring and jiggled her breast for me. My cock stiffened again and I knew this was going to be rough night. After supper, I went into the living room, sat on the couch and began to watch TV, while she did the dishes and then gave the kids their bath and put them to bed. The kids must of been very active in the tub, as her t-shirt was soaked and plastered against her body. She sat on the edge of the coffee table in front of me and took the remote and shut off the television. That didn't bother me a bit, as my eyes had been glued to her tits since she walked back into the room. Dropping the remote onto the table, she reached down and brought her t-shirt over her head. "No sense in wearing this, is there?", she said. My hands were trembling as this teenage girl had me completly in her control, and the bad thing about that was, she knew it. "I told you last night, that I wouldn't let you force me into anything, and that I was a virgin and wanted to stay that way.

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   When I was walking home last night after watching you jack off, I realized what I started. Of course I knew you liked my breast from the first day. You stared at them long enough, that I thought your wife was going to tell me she'd find another sitter", she said. "Kelly, i'm not sorry about that. My wife is a prude and I was greatfully surprised when I saw you. She didn't say anything to me that night, so I guess she didn't catch my oggling your tits," I said. "Right now, i'm looking at your tits and you know I want to suck on them and pull those nipples into my mouth". She giggled and carressed her breast with her hands and told me that I could only look, no touching. She said, "Back to what I was saying about last night. I thought about what I did and what you did all the way home, and I had decieded that I was going to tell your wife that I couldn't sit anymore, but I could not come up with a reason that she'd believe. All night long, while I layed on my bed, I pictured your cock, your hand rubbing it's length and to be honest, I masterbated with those thoughts going through my head. I did cum, I never cum so hard in my life. It was then that I knew I had to come back here to you". "Right now my pussy is soaking my panties and I want to do something about it, so she grabbed my hand and walked me back to my bedroom. She told me to take off my clothes and lay on the bed.

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   As I did she went over to her bag and pulled out a silver dildo, not big, only about six inches in length, and about 2 inched in girth. I thought you wanted to stay a virgin. If you use that, you'll bust your hymen and be a woman. Oh!!, it's not for me, it's for you. I can't let you fuck me, but I will let you eat my pussy, as long as you keep your hands by your side and just use your lips. That's asking alot Kelly, i'm only human you know. I know, and she reached into my drawer and pulled out some socks and started to tie my hands to the headboard. This will keep your hands from my body. She tied me up and got into the 69 position and her mouth went straight to my cock. I dived into her pussy, It was so smooth because she had shaven all the pubic hairs and her mound seemed to poke out. I ran my tongue around her mound and then I split her lips and my tongue found her clit. She shoved her cunt into my face and her clit was sucked into my mouth. Working her clit and sliding my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy, I slurped up what juices I could and when I hit her clit with my teeth, she shuddered. "I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING, YES!!!, SUCK MY CUM DOWN YOUR THROAT"As she climaxed on my face, I inhaled the liquid love pouring from her pussy. I wasn't finished, I went back to her clit and worked it for all I was worth.

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   As she shoved her cunt into my face again and started to cum, so did I. My cock was just about ready to spew it's load, when she jammed that dildo up my assholeI had forgotten about that thing, but She was cumming on my face and as that dildo shot into my ass I too started to cum in her mouth. She was shoving that pussy into my face, and her face onto my cock and we lost all control. That dildo was working in and out of my ass and she must of flipped a switch as i came and it was vibrating. It was great, that silver bullet vibrating in my ass, her cum soaking my face and my cum soaking her mouth to the point where it was dribbling out of her mouth. Her knees could no longer hold her up and she fell onto me and my cock fell from her mouth. That dildo was still doing it's thing on my ass, but we just layed there. When I regained some strength, I looked at the alarm clock and noticed that it was 9PM. Kelly, it's late, you've got to get cleaned up to go home. She moaned something and reached behind me and pulled the dildo from my asshole. Kissing my limp cock, she slowly raised herself up and and I had to remind her to untie my wrist. As she stood by the side of the bed, I admired her beautiful body, completly exposed in front of me. I started to get another erection, which she noticed as she went to untie me, but stopped. "You like looking at me, don't you? I can tell you do", as she slid a finger along my lengthening cock. "I like the way you look at me, my pussy gets wet and I can just about cum just by you looking at me"I was looking, at those lovely tits, that beautiful bald pussy and the whole package.

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   She turned her back to me and bent over to pick something off the floor, and her ass was just inches away from my face. Her pussy lips were also visible like that and I wanted to shove my face in it again. Raising up she ran her hands over her butt cheeks, grinned at me and again reminded me that I could not touch her, as she untied my wrist. Once my hands were untied, I grabbed my cock and pumped it as she walked out of the room and into the bathroom with her clothes. I could hear the shower running and I again pictured her in my mind and continued to pump my cock. The shower stopped and she came into the room just in time to see me spread my cum all over my chest. She looked at me as I pumped and pumped and the cum was shooting all over me. You'd better clean up quickly, I'm calling home for a ride tonight, I don't think I could walk if I wanted to. By the time I cleaned up and dressed, her dad was knocking on the door. She answered and slid out the door, not giving him a chance to come in the trailer. I sat in the living room and I could smell her everywhere. She's in my head, and now her scent is filling my nostrils. I could only sit there and let it fill me. Shortly the phone rang and I grabbed it before it could ring a second time and wake the kids. "John, it's me Kelly, just wanted to tell you that tonight was beautiful and that I am going to bring a friend with me tomorrow, think about that tonight".

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  The phone went dead and I smiled as I set it back down. .

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