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"Your wife took out some hamburgers for your supper and the kids, so I thought I'd fix it for you, so the girls wouldn't have to have a late supper", she said. Trying hard not to stare at this girl, I told her that being as she had supper under control, I was going to shower and change before supper. Checking on the girls playing in their room, I hugged them and asked how their day was, then went to my room to get undressed, and then took a shower. After supper, Kelly said she'd bathe the girls and get them ready for bed, before she left. While she was doing that, I sat in the living room and turned on the TV. I could not keep Kelly out of my mind, closing my eyes, I tried to picture her sitting next to me, and talking to me as if we've know each other for years, and had been lovers. This caused me to get an erection and I enjoyed the thought of Kelly rubbing my cock and asking if she could suck it for me. I almost ejaculated thinking about it, but she brought the girls into the room and let them play for a while. I asked if her parents expected her home and she told me that she informed them that she was uncertain as to when she would be getting home. She then got on the floor with the girls and played around with them. I could not get my eyes off of her. When her back was to me, I was staring at her ass, and when she was facing my way her breast were my target. With two small kids, grabbing at whatever they could, my two year old got ahold of her top and as she did, she fell and this caused Kelly's left breast to pop out of her halter. My mouth must of hung open, cause she was just sitting there with her tit hanging out and she made no movement to place it back in her halter. Slowly she moved her hand to her tit and replaced it back in her halter, then she told the girls to kiss me good night, and she put them to bed. My cock was throbbing like crazy and I was hoping this girl was going home, so I could go to my room and jack off.

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   She came back into the room and sat next to me and said that she could stay and do the dishes if I wanted her to, but I told her that it was alright and I'd do them later. She called her parents and they picked her up and I was left in my living room alone with a raging hardon, so I quickly went to my room and undressed myself and layed on the bed and took hold of my cock and with thoughts of Kelly's tit poping out and hanging there with what appeared to be a very hard nipple, I jacked my dick until I splatter my stomach and chest with cum. The next night, I got home early, and Kelly was playing with the girls in their room. She jumped up when she heard me come in and started to apoligize for not having started supper, when I told her I was early and that she was not required to cook for me, but just make sure the kids were safe. She smiled and told me that she enjoyed doing things for me, and she liked to cook anyway. I smiled back and told her it was okay with me, but I wanted to change and shower before supper. She went into the kitchen and I headed towards my room. I noticed a gym bag on the bed and thought my wife had left it there, then undressed and walked out into the hall to the bathroom, with a towel around my waist. Kelly had gone back to the kids room to check on them, and returning to the kitchen at the same time I was in the hall reaching for the bathroom door. She looked at me and smiled, and I started to make a tent in the front of the towel, she looked down at my rising cock and stared, again a big smile came across her face, then she said, better make it a cold shower, as she went towards the kitchen. In the bathroom, I removed the towel, sat on the commode and jacked my cock until I came all over myself. After my shower, it was supper and she said she was going to bathe the kids for bed. Before I bathe them, I want to change so I don't get my clothes all wet like I did last night. I said ok, and she went into my room and closed the door. Several minutes later, she came back out wearing a small bikini which barely covered anything and I looked at her and my breath was stolen from my body.

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   Kelly was so beautiful, her nipples were poking the cloth like a prisoner wanting to make an escape. The bottom of the suit was cut in a fashion that if the piece was any smaller, she would be wearing nothing. Standing about five feet from me, she asked if the suit looked good, and I was so mesmerized by that body, I stuttered something stupid, and she picked up the girls and took them into the bathroom. After their bath, she put them in bed and closed the door, then came back into the living room, drying off what little water was on her from the kids. Still in the bikini, she sat next to me on the couch and asked if it bothered me, to see her dressed in the bikini. Kelly, you are a very beautiful young girl, and I think you have a very beautiful body, and yes, it was bothering me. I noticed earlier, that you were excited and to be honest with you, I hoped I did have some effect on you. With that, she stood up in front of me and then straddled one of my legs and sat down, wrapping her arms around my neck. She leaned in and kissed my lips and I brought my arms around that young tender body and pulled her closer to me. Her chest pressed into mine and I could feel her hot pussy on my leg. She continued to kiss me and I suddenly got a guilty concious and pushed her back and asked if she knew what she was doing and where it could end up. John, she said, I just want to look good for you and to know that I please you, but I am a virgin and want to remain that way. I slowly started to stand both her and I up, and told her that it would be extremely hard on me if she was to continue walking around dressed like she was. I also made sure that she knew that I really enjoyed looking at her body. I did ask her if she would do one thing for me, and I promised her that I would not be touching her, and she could make me really happy.

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   When I told her, she could make me happy, she asked what it was I wanted to do. I asked if she had any objections to removing her bikini top, as long as I was far enough away from her, and all I was going to do was jack off while I looked at her. She looked somewhat nervous, but said that as long as I didn't force her into anything she would do as I asked. I told her to walk halfway down the hall (about 10 feet), turn around and slowly play with her tits and remove her top. I stayed at the end of the hall and watched as her hands went to her breast and cupped them and rubbed the nipples through the cloth, then she reached behind her and unclasped the top and with one hand held the top to her chest and exposed one breast at a time. Watching this girl play with her titties, and my cock getting harder and harder, I started to lower my pants and underwear and my cock was jutting out like a seven inch spear. I continued to watch her play with her tits and commenced to jack my cock right in front of her. OH John, I never saw a mans thing before, it's beautiful, so I continued to go up and down on my dick and within minutes, my cum was flying through the air onto the carpet. She Oh'ed as my cock shot my cum, and my legs started to go out from under me. I told her that was great and she could change if she wanted to. She turned to go in the bedroom and I went into the bathroom to clean up. When I came out she was in the living room, and told me that she was going to walk home, and think about what she and I did, and if she was going to return to babysit the kids. I sat there in the room trying to figure out what to tell the wife, if Kelly didn't return. I'm sure she'd have a thousand questions as to why, but then thats another story. .

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