Parking Lot Sex


As John made his way toward 6 th period, he found Natasha and gave her a kiss. They had the same 6 th period so they walked together. They walked fast and always arrived at the building a few minutes before the bell rang. This gave them time to make out. As John pulled his love closer to him, he began whispering in her ear while she kissed his neck. He said “are we all set for later?” She whispered back and said “Yes”.
After class, the two began to walk toward their lockers. John had his hand on Natasha ass and was rubbing it a little. Natasha had her arm around John and was leaning her head on his shoulder.
The couple walked into the hall where their lockers were. John then spun Natasha around and put his hand around her waist. The two looked eyes and began to kiss. John gave his lover a nice, passionate kiss on the lips and let his tongue slid into her mouth. Natasha responded and wrapped her arms around John. She then pulled him closer.
The two finished their little make-out session and began to get on with their business.

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   The kissing had made Natasha really horny and she asked John if he had the package. John said yes and opened his locker and pulled out a box of condoms. Natasha grinned and the two went out into the parking lot. By now even one had left, and the parking lot was dark.  
As they reached John’s truck, the two began to go into foreplay. Natasha and John embraced each other in a long, passionate kiss. Natasha rubbed herself against Johnny cock. This made her nipples erect. Her hands wondered down to his ass and she gripped it. John’s right hand worked its way toward the fine ass of his girlfriend. Through her jeans, he could feel she was wearing a thong. The two continued this for about 10 minutes.
Natasha began moaning in-between the kisses from John. She was saying “Oh Yeah Johnny, Oh yeah, mmmmmm” By now Natasha’s pussy was extremely wet. She was ready to get on with it.

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   “Come on Johnny Baby, lets do this right here, right now.
John responded, “Mmm, you sure you don’t wana go back to the house?”
Natasha was like, “No I’m going to explode if we wait that long. Just finger me here and we can get to the good stuff back at the room. ”
The door opened and the two moved inside John’s Chevy avalanche. John’s backseat was wide and the two had plenty of room to do it. John lifted Natasha into the truck and continued to kiss her. He moved down to her neck. Natasha head dropped back and she let out a little moan.
John pushed her more into the truck so he could get in, then he shut the door behind him. He rubbed Natasha’s erect tits and this drove her crazy. He could feel the wetness of her pussy through her pants. As Johnny kissed Natasha’s neck, his left hand rubbed her left tit and his right hand was on her pussy.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOO YEAHH!!!!! FASTER FASTER. GO INSIDE PLZZZZ!!!! MMMMMMMMMM Natasha screamed as her boyfriend rubbed faster. John then undid Natasha’s buttons on her jeans and slowly removed them.

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   This revealed her pink thong and her showed her sexy legs which were now wet with pussy juices.
John licked her inner thighs to savory the taste. Natasha wrapped her legs around Johns head and used her right hand to pull his head closer to her wet pussy. She used her left to rub her erect nipples which were quite hard and showed very nicely through the fabric of her white tank top.
John began attacking his woman’s pussy. He licked the outside of her clit with his tongue. Natasha’s head went back and forth, up and down. She was feeling great. Her breathing had increased dramatically. She was panting really hard and moaning extremely loud.
John knew she was reaching orgasm and that now was the time to finish her off. Her plunged his tongue deep inside Natasha’s pussy. He began to lick and suck her off.

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Natasha screwed as she threw her head back and her pussy forward into John’s face and exploded into a violent orgasm.
Johnny knew he would have to clean up the seat afterward but it didn’t matter. He had pleased his woman who now laid their unconscious due to the fierce orgasm she had just had. John stroked her head and gave her a kiss. He then put her jeans back on. He put her over his shoulder and gently placed her in the front seat. They then drove off to his house where they would finish the night.