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Claire was a very attractive young girl, a year younger than Cliff and me with us being 17. She had short blonde hair, a very petite frame and was in very good shape, as her legs and butt were so firm and toned that you could crack a walnut between them. The only thing about her that could be considered disappointing were her b cup breasts, but fortunately for me that’s how I prefer them. I continued to watch as she danced, she had already taken off her coat and was down to her knee high boat, tight red hot pants and a little loose top that I knew she didn’t wear a bra with. I slipped my hand around my meat and gently began to tug myself off to the scene that was unfolding before me. In no time at all she lost her little top, boots and hot pants leaving her in just a little pair of pink cotton panties. She started to walk towards her bed and then grasped the side of her panties and gave them a little tug down, this image set off a major pleasure point in my masturbation forcing my to sprawl out over the curtains revealing myself to any onlookers and just to my luck it happened to be at the moment that Claire was looking in my direction. I opened my eyes to the view of her standing at her window giving me an evil glare then all of a sudden see started to put her clothes back on and leave her room. I began to panic expecting to her to be over here in no time at all giving me an ear load of abuse for my spying. I also worried about how this event would reflect upon my reputation in the area as she was bound to tell all her friends about what had happened trying to give me as bad of a name as possible and without people would keep telling other people until everyone knew and I became an outcast, then it hit me, Cliff. I’m not sure how he would react to the news, I knew he probably favoured me to her but the fact that I was basically screwing him over behind his back wouldn’t put my in his good books, in fact he would probably kick my ass thinking he could never trust me again. The doorbell rang and I answered it in the dressing gown I quickly threw on and as I expected it was Claire. She was carrying a bag and she looked really angry yet smug which I am sure was just a result of the fact that she could detect my fear. “You’re a very dirty boy Tim you should be ashamed of yourself, but since I’ve seen yours and you’ve seen mine I think that there isn’t any need for any tension between us, although the problem is that I feel that you have been abusing me and now I want what I deserve in return, so get back upstairs in your room”, She said as she pushed me backwards towards the stairs. That was a comment from her that I hadn’t been expecting but nonetheless I wondered what she had in store for me. We arrived in my room and instantly Claire pushed me on the bed and told me to take of my robe, I looked at her shocked.

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   She began to open up her bag and I prayed that what she had for me in that bag was a good thing. “Are you going to strip off or what”?“Well to be honest I am tempted but what about Cliff”?“Well how about I put it this way, you do whatever I tell you to and I wont tell him about what you appeared to be doing at your window earlier” Said Claire knowing that she was going to get her way, although I can hardly complain as it was going to get me out of the mess I’d got myself into and possibly give a pleasure that I had been awaiting a long time. I quickly took off all my clothes and lay on the bed in my birthday suit in front of my best mate’s girlfriend, of course the fact that I was in this situation took it effect on me giving me a raging erection. Claire looked at my member and smiled. She took something out of her bag that appeared to be a pair of stockings. I quickly realised it was four pairs as she used them to tie me down to the bed, both arms in the opposite corners of the headboard and both legs next to each other in the middle attached by the bottom poles leaving my body in some sort of ‘Y’ shape. She undid her coat and too my surprise I discovered that she hadn’t put all her clothes on after all as under her coat she was in nothing more than a pair of black high heels. She looked even better than before; her pert tiny upturned breasts were very perky, her little nipples stood on end pointing straight at me, her long legs looked as perfect as ever in fact maybe even better as the heels clearly amplified their image and then my eyes fixated on the only area of her I had yet to see, her honey pot. It was as I had dreamed; smooth and completely hairless just the way I liked them, especially as it made her look untainted and pure. “Okay time to pleasure me Bitch”, she said as she strolled towards me, stroking my aching member as she passed. She stopped just beside my head and hopped up onto the bed. She positioned a leg on either side of my face giving me a great view of her hole; she appeared to be reasonably tight considering the fact that she was constantly at it with Cliff. She lowered her pussy towards my face giving the perfect chance to lick away at her. I let my tongue manoeuvre of the delicate contours of her cunt, I’m not one to brag but I am very good at eating away at a women’s pussy and it clearly showed as in no time at all my face was covered in her juices. I started to work her clit, rubbing it in-between my lips when everything went out of sink as she collapsed her whole weight onto my face.

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  She sat on top of my mouth grinding her pussy away on my as tried to control the situation. I couldn’t see a thing let alone properly pleasure her although it didn’t seem as if she was complaining as she continued to rub herself all over me. I continued in my quest in trying to please Claire with my tongue as she face fucked me wildly, I was slowly being suffocated as her wet vagina occasionally masked my only source of breath. Her bucking was all over the place as her body had ridden up my face soaking my forehead but giving my nose and mouth the chance to sink to her butt from time to time. Her humping off my face became more frantic until she suddenly stopped dead. Claire lay on me for a couple of seconds collecting herself together then hopped off me walking around to my stiff cock that was there in the centre of my body untouched. She gently ran her hand along the underside of my shaft sending a wave of pleasure through me. I lay there basking in the lingering tingly feeling of her touch when she began to move towards my eager cock preparing to mount it. “Oh I have some condoms in my side drawer”, I quickly pointed out. “Ah well that’s were this is going to become interesting because we are going interesting because you’re not going to be wearing a condom. How this is going to work is that I am going to fuck you until I cum and if you should happen to cum first then it will go inside me and I will get pregnant and Cliff will found out about everything you have done, so you’re aim is to cum last”. She stated with the biggest of grins on her face. I began to try and argue my way out of this predicament but to no prevail. Claire straddled my body and then lifted her groin away from my body positioning her dripping wet pussy over my member. Slowly she began to ease her extremely tight pussy down the length of my shaft.

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   Her vagina was miles too tight for my well-sized cock and the moisture that her soaked well gave to my sensitive member was more than I could handle, in knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold it out unless I could fixate my attention away from the incredible feeling she gave my cock. After a couple of seconds she finally eased in my whole 7 inches giving a high pressure feel along the whole length. Slowly she tried to pump my meat in and out of her but due to the size differences she wasn’t working me at a fast pace. Within four or five strokes she grasped my body tightly at the sides with her hands and began to pant, she was clearly not far away from an orgasm but neither was I but being a guy I didn’t fancy my chances, I could tell this was going to go down to the buzzer. Her pace started to increase as she frantically slid up and down my pole edging it ever closer to climax. Her body continued to hump me wildly with no lose in pace or rhythm, I was in ecstasy as I felt teased by the manner in which we were screwing. I had an uncontrollable urge to fondle every crescent of her delicate smooth figure but I couldn’t, it was like being forced into not scratching an itch, as the urge grows ever higher. The feeling of restraint in this situation aroused more so much that I could feel my cock swell evermore inside Claire, I knew that if I didn’t do something soon I was going to be a goner. I quickly tried to scamper my attention around the room in a desperate attempt to find something to take my mind away from my inevitable doom. Suddenly I felt something on my cock, she was beginning to contract heavily around it. I was terrified there was no way I would be able to take this, if she was any tighter she’d probably cut my manhood off. I thought to myself ‘Oh my god what now’ as she continued to force my dick further inside of her. Claire’s pants turned to screams and her nails began to claw into my chest as she began to reach her orgasm. I couldn’t hold back much longer I concentrated on the clock next to me trying to work out many seconds I’d been awake but it wasn’t working. Her frantic pounding on me reached it peaked as she came on me, I bit my lip and tried in all my effort to withhold my climax for just a tad longer despite how desperately my loins urged to release.

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  The final whimpers emerged from Claire’s mouth as her orgasm ceased. She slowly killed the rhythm of the manic sex we had just had just giving a few mild thrusts, my sensitive member couldn’t take it I was on the very urge, any movement and I would certainly shoot load. I felt like screaming I was tinkering on the blissful feeling of climax, my vision blurred I was in heaven. Suddenly Claire gently eased my throbbing sabre from within her depths, this was the push I needed to surpass my frustrating plateaux. I my body jolted as shot wave after wave of my hot semen as Claire removed my from her giving the image of the cork being shot out a bottle of champagne, with Claire being the cork, my member the bottle and well I think its pretty obvious what the frothy liquid was. I lay there with the feeling that id released a heavy weight from my shoulders. Claire smiled at me and climbed off the bed and got changed. She told me that she had fun and that she going to go. I looked at her surprised by her reaction and asked her to untie me. She untied one of my hands and told me to figure the rest out. With one last smile Claire shot out the door. A couple of days later I was sat around watching the TV when I heard my doorbell go. I clambered to my feet and strolled over to see who it was. I opened the door to discover Cliff was lurking on the other side, I almost passed out, as I had over looked the risk of him finding out about Claire and I. He ran into my sitting room in tears, I realised that he hadn’t come here to kill me.

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   “Man she is pregnant what am I going to do”?.

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