Pleasure in School Part 2


    Amy went on with her day at school, apparently her best one yet. Through out the day she kept picturing the previous events that had occured earlier. She loved the idea of curing her hormones in such a risky place, the thrill of the danger turned her on more as she tought about it.     5th period was almost up, as she packed up her things and headed for the door. She settled in her seat in her new classroom, and before class started she decided to make a stop at the bathroom. She walked slowly down the nearly empty hall, looking down at her feet, daydreaming again. She felt an arm brush her shoulder and looked up to see Adam. He smiled when she looked up.     He put his finger to his mouth and grabbed her hand. Her heart was racing, where was he takign her? The tardy bell rang right as they reached the stair well. He took her by both hand and entwined his fingers with hers, as she leaned against the wall. He embraced her in a kiss. To her it was better than their first encounter.     He brushed the hair from her face as he let his other hand drop to her breast. He gave her nipple a little pinch, letting a moan escape her already lusting lips. He put his hand to the hem of her shirt and let his fingers explore up to her tits.

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   He slid his fingers under her bra, he could feel her heart racing with every touch.     She grew more daring and involuntarily her hand moved to his pants. She undid the zipper and let his dick protrude through his fly. He undid her pants and slid them down to her ankles, exposing her well kept pubic region. He hoisted her up the wall. With her legs around his waist he found his way to her hole easily.     With out any regards to her he pushed in to the brink. She felt his balls against her ass. She was so wet for him. He began pounding her as though he hadn't had sex for months. His force knocked her to the walls, but she didn't even care at this point. Her breath came in intervals, with each one another moan escaped. He put his hand over her mouth to muffle her noises as best as he could.     She could feel his dick get harder inside her, the walls of her vagina hugged his cock so tightly. He took his hand away from her mouth and began to flcik her clit with every thrust.

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   This drove her crazy, she started to buck against his hips getting more of his dick in her each time.     His dick began to twitch just as she felt her self getting close to orgasm. His hands were sweaty on her legs. She felt them slip just as her orgasm erupted. Thsi sent him over the edge, and she felt his cum flow through her for the second time that day.     She felt incredible, she had never fucked so openly. She had just gotten to her clothes when, her teacher came down the stairs. . . . . . . To be continued.

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