Pool Party Seduction Ch 2


Topic: Chapter 2 Pool Party Seduction Chapter 2
Refresher: Gloria’s father Rick, just fucked Trish, one of his daughters 14 year old friend. He had succumbed to the whiles of this sexy teen. Now the rest of the girls wanted him.
Rick stood between Trish’s legs. His limp cock glistened with their mixed juices. It began to sink in that he had just fucked a 14 year old. He could not resist her as she sucked his cock better than his wife. She offered herself to him and he gave in to her pleas to fuck her, and with no protection. It was the first virginity he had taken since he did his wife many years ago. Gloria was born 9 months later. Now 14. Gloria wants me to fuck her. To impregnate her and her friends.
Mister Rick, Mister Rick.
Rick was brought back to reality by someone calling his name. He looked down.

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   Jane was kneeling in front of him. Can I be next, Mister Rick.
You want to have sex with me.
Yeah, I saw you fuck Trish and now its my turn.
I suppose the rest of you have picked the order.
Yeah, I want you to give me a baby too. It’s been two weeks since my period and I should be ovulating.
You want a baby at 13.
I’ll be 14 next month. My mom was 14 when she had me.
Well, okay but you must do every thing I tell you to do. You can start by sucking my cock clean.
Show me what to do I have never done it before.
Just swallow my cock. Then bob up and down on it.

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   Lick it and suck it. It was a little hard to concentrate. I was like being on stage performing. In fact I was. Gloria was filming it all.
My cock was finally coming to life as Jane learned how to give a blow job. I grabbed her head and helped fuck her face. My cock grew in her mouth until she could not hold it all. Jane, I’m about to shoot my cum. I want you to swallow as much as you can. She was about to pull off and answer me when the first squirt filled her mouth. For a first timer, she was great. She only spilled a little. It ran down her chin and onto her nipples.
Did I do it right, Mister Rick.

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Yeah, oh yes you did. Did you like it?
Yeah it was cool, but my mouth is sore from stretching so wide.
Have you ever played with your friends?
No, but I did watch two of the girls in the locker room kiss each other.
I pulled her to a standing position and placed her between Trish’s legs. I want you to lick and nibble on her pussy. Jane hesitated a moment not sure she wanted to eat her friends pussy. Jane do you want to have sex with me? She looked up at me with her questioning eyes. I want you to learn all about sex even with your friends. Slowly she placed her tongue on Trish’s pussy. That’s it now lick her. Tentatively she moved her tongue up and down Trish’s slit. I held her head in place as I convince her she want doing good. Now see the little nub inside, that’s her clit. Suck it hard. Trish moaned in response while holding Jane in place.

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   I turned my attention to Jane’s pussy. I spread her legs then climbed under her. I rubbed her pussy. It made her squirm. A finger slipped inside her. Jane moaned as it explored the depths of her pussy. I felt her hymen. She was also a virgin. Removing my finger, I sucked her virgin pussy into my mouth. Her pussy was so sweet. Soon her legs began to quiver. I licked her clit as her whole body began to shake. Now was the time. I quickly got up and stood behind her round ass. A cute little ass it was.

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   My hard cock slid easily into her wet pussy. As Jane shook from her first orgasm, I rammed my cock all the way into her taking her virginity. She gave a muffled cry.
I waited a moment then slowly began to fuck her.
Yes, yes, fuck me Mister Rick.
I reached under her and played with her nipples. They were stiff with pleasure. I pinched both of them and Jane screamed. I came with a roar filling her once virgin womb with baby seed. My cock began to shrink and finally fell out with a plop.
Bravo, the other girls hollered their approval.
I was exhausted. Please girls no more right now. I need to rest. Lets have lunch and then maybe I will do some one else.

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I went to the refrigerator and began to take out the bread, lunchmeat and milk.
Gloria came over and took out the chocolate syrup. We won’t be needing any of that.
I was about to say, “What do you want?”, when it hit me.
Next: Chocolate Syrup for Lunch and maybe another friend.

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