Pool Party Seduction Ch 4


Chapter 4
Update: Gloria’s father had succumbed to one of Gloria’s friends, Trish. Then he fucked, Jane, Amber, Megan, Alicia, and Heather in that order. The day started with 7 virgins playing in the pool. . Now Gloria was the only virgin left. That was about to change.
Dad are you really going to make love to me. ?
Yes, sweetheart. He led her to his bedroom and had her lay on his bed while he got ready.
All the girls had changed into their sleep ware. Gloria had a nightgown that came to her knees. It had a cute teddy bear on it and it was embroidered with the saying “Daddy’s Little Girl” She laid down on the bed awaiting her father. The rest of her friends stood around watching. Megan had the camera in hand and was waiting anxiously to film Gloria becoming a women.
Gloria father removed his shorts and t-shirt then climbed in bed with Gloria. He kissed her on the lips and let his tongue slip inside her moist and succulent mouth.

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   He rubbed her chest and could feel his daughters nipples become hard. She moaned with pleasure. Next his free hand pulled her night shirt up past her waist. She wore no panties. A finger entered her pussy. Gloria gasped. The finger probed deeply. Stopped when it came in contact with her hymen. He did not want to break it, at least not just yet. He rubbed her clit several times until his daughter let loose with her first orgasm.
Oh, Daddy. Don’t Stop. Ahhhhhhh, Oh my God. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me.

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Okay, Baby. He climbed between her spread legs. With his throbbing cock in hand, he placed the head at her pussy entrance and pushed it inside her.
All the way. Daddy push it all the way into me.
And he did just that. He moved in and out a few times then with one hard push he took Gloria’s virginity. She was now his little women.
Gloria let out a scream when her hymen was penetrated. A tear ran down her cheek.
Baby, are you okay. The pain will go away soon. He lay there not moving. He caressed her hair and kissed her on her neck, ear, and forehead. Gloria meanwhile held him tight.

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Her Daddy was right, the pain was going away. Daddy?
Yes, Baby.
The pain is almost gone. Try fucking me now.
He did. His daughter began to enjoy her first fuck.
Baby, I’m about to cum inside you. Is this what you want.
Yes. Fill me with your sperm. Give me your baby. She felt it. Her womb was filled with sperm.
Daddy, can I be your women and sleep with you. I have wanted this for so long.

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Yes, baby. We can do this as often as you want.
Gloria was happy, Her dad was happy, her friends were also happy. Sleep came easy for all.
Sunday, came and Gloria was fucked again. More sperm was left in her pussy. The girls had all left. They were all full of sperm as they had wanted. Each pledged secrecy about this weekend.
Next: One month later. The results. Also some interesting side events.

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