Prom night


Mike had had his eye on her all night.   She was across the gym from him, chatting with two friends and sipping some drink in a red plastic cup.   Every few minutes, a cocky first-timer would waltz up to her, acting all swave, and ask for a dance.   The look she gave was always a pure and simple "no. "
She was about 5'6", wearing a long black dress that was cut so her leg was visible almost up to her quadriceps, with long black hair that came down past her shoulders, pale skin, deep blue eyes, and breasts that Mike guessed had to be at least a 34C.   Boy, what would Mike have given to see those!
But she wasn't interested in him.   Actually, she wasn't into any guy, really.   They were sort of casual friends - they'd pass in the hall, say hi, sometimes even strike up a conversation - but nothing more.
He guessed he should have just known to just forget about having a romantic thing with her.   Just let it go, he kept telling himself, it's hopeless.   But he couldn't do it.   A part of him kept pulling images of Liz back into his head.   No matter what he did, there was no way to shake it.
The DJ, situated with his records and speakers at one far corner of the gym, started a slow, makeout song.   Something clicked into place in Mike's head.

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    Ask her now, the voice murmured.   Ask her to dance.   He knew he shouldn't.   He knew she'd say no.
Do it, the voice urged.   You'll never get a better shot.   Mike sighed as he weighed his chances.   It was a risk, but it was the only way.   If she said no, he had a clear-cut reason to forget about romanticizing with her.   If nothing, that would solve his problem.   He drained the rest of his punch and slowly walked toward her through the crowd.   Every few feet, couples danced, slowly revolving in each other's arms.   Mike crossed his fingers in his pockets, hoping he and Liz might be next.   His legs felt like lead as he made his way over.   Finally he reached her.

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    She looked up at him.
"Wanna dance?" Mike asked, as calmly as he could.   The two other girls started giggling, but Liz smiled.
"Sure," she said.   Mike took one of her hands, still in a daze, and they walked into the middle of the gym.
"You've got a lot of nerve," she said when her friends had disappeared into the crowd.
"Is that why you're dancing with me?" Mike asked.
"No.   It's because I want to, that's all. "  She slipped her arms around his shoulders.   Mike grinned to himself and placed his around hers.   They slowly revolved, held tightly together, savoring the moment.   Mike couldn't remember feeling happier.   Liz let out a contented sigh.
"This is wonderful," she whispered.

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    Mike smiled.   Liz pulled her head off of his shoulder and kissed him on the mouth.   Mike might have struggled out of surprise, but before he could order himself to do that, he placed his hand behind her head and kissed her back, their tongues swirling in their own dance.   They kissed for what felt like hours before she pushed back.
"You never kissed anyone else before," Mike said.
"Well," Liz replied, "so what?"
The romantic song slowly drew to a close and another, faster song came on.   As the crowd around them started to move faster, Liz pulled herself out of his embrace.   But before Mike had a chance to feel sad, she grabbed his hand and led him to the door.
"Come on," she whispered urgently.
"But. . . where are we going?"
"Room 109.   It's always open. "
"But why-?"
"You'll see.

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  "  She led him down a staircase and into the first-floor hallway.   She stopped by a door labeled "109," opened the door, and pushed him in.   She followed, closing the door.
"What is going on here?" Mike asked.   Liz kissed him again.
This time, something was different.   Liz was kissing him different.   She pushed back from him and smiled.
"I want you," she said.   "In me.   Now. "
"What?" Mike asked, though a sort of insane fear had come into him here.   "What do you mean?"  Liz shook her head.
"Fine. "  She held up two fingers.

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    "Fuck-" (she lowered one) "me" (she lowered the other).
She didn't have to ask twice.   Mike grabbed her and they both fell to the floor, Mike on top of Liz.   She kissed him again and they made out on the floor.   Liz was fumbling with the buttons on Mike's shirt until she finally pulled it off; Mike was struggling trying to get her dress off.
"Oh, it's easy," she said.   She sat up, reached behind her, unzipped her dress, and squrimed out of it.
Mike was stunned.   She wasn't wearing a bra underneath.   Her breasts hung limp.   Mike was right; they looked like 34Cs to him.   All she was wearing were cotton panties, with words on the front:
Lucky You
Now that Mike looked closer, he could see that part of the panties seemed to be wet.
"Come on," she urged.   "Don't you want me?"
"I-I," Mike stuttered, trying, for some reason he could not explain, to put off the sex.   "I.

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  . . don't have a condom!"
"Good," she replied.   "I want to feel the warmth of your dick.   I want to feel your hot cum gushing in me.   Besides, I know you don't still have cooties. "  Mike could feel his cock hardening.   Apparently, in the semidarkness, Liz could see it.   She unbuttoned his pants and slid them down.   Mike hadn't bothered to wear underwear either, so his cock was erect in midair.
"Nice one," she said, kneeling and stretching out a hand and rubbing it.   Mike moaned; it felt really good.   "Eight inches, right?"  She pulled him closer to her and, as soon as he got close enough, she put his cock in her mouth and began sucking.
Mike almost came right then and there.   She twisted her tongue around his cock each time she bobbed up and down, adding intense waves of pleasure to the already euphoric sensation.

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    Through the dark, he could just see his cock, glistening with her saliva, just before it slid back into her mouth again, each time accompanied with another wave of pleasure.   He could almost envision his cum shooting up his rock-hard cock.   He knew that, in a couple minutes, he wouldn't be able to stop himself.   He gripped her hair and held her back.
"You're right," he said.   "I want to feel your pussy too. "  She sat down, lifted her legs, and removed her panties, revealing her moist pussy.   She tossed the panties in the air; they landed on Mike's face.   Mike took a moment to breathe in the sweet aroma from the crotch.   Not being able to fully see where he was going, but not willing to take the panties off, either, he bent over her body on the floor, sensing her body heat.   He tried to push into her, but missed.   She grabbed his cock and, without delay, shoved it right into her pussy. She let out a slight moan of pain; she was clearly a virgin.   No wonder: he'd fucked five girls before her, none of them virgins, and none of their pussies had been this tight and this wonderful.   She grabbed his ass and forced him forward.

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It felt like a sauna for his cock.   It was extremely hot in there, not to mention wet; he knew her pussy fluids were already dripping onto the ground.   He pushed into her, first softly, not wanting to hurt her more, then harder, when her moans of pain turned into moans of pleasure.   She began talking to him now, saying things like "harder" and "faster," then things like "I like it like that" and "oh yeah, right there!"  His cock was glistening again, this time with her juices, which were now beginning to flow like a river, lubricating his cock and adding to the pleasure.   He placed his hands on her breasts and fondled them as he thrusted, causing her to moan even louder.
Mike felt like his cock was going to explode.   He was having trouble controlling his pleasure; he was even beginning to grunt with each thrust, which, coupled with her moans, sounded out an erotic melody come to life.   Still he tried to hold back, waiting for her to cum first.   He found that, the softer he went, the slower the cum came, so that was how he did it, slowly.   She put her hands around his neck as he humped back and forth.   He could tell she was nearing her orgasm.
"Oh, yeah baby," she moaned.   "Fuck me harder!  Fuck me--AAH!  Oh yeah, uh, yeah, like that, uh, like that, uh, uh, UH, UH, OH MY GOD. . .

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  AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"  Her pussy tightened and Mike felt juices splash over his cock; she'd cum.   Mike sped up now, giving her the fucking she asked for.   He felt his balls now, slapping against his ass when he drew back, and hers when he shot forward.   His cock was moving in and out so fast, it was blurred.   His cum was beginning to leak out, and he could feel his orgasm fast approaching.   Liz was grunting now as he reached the point of no return.   There was no stopping it now, so he braced.
"LIZ, I'M CUMMING!" he shouted.   "I'M GONNA CUM!  LIZ, I'M GONNA, I'M GONNA. . . AARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!"  Cum erupted from the tip of his cock, flowing through her pussy like Niagara Falls.   She was screaming; he was too, feeling the warmth spreading between them.   Slowly, each last drop of his cum was milked from him, until their screams faded and he lowered himself gently onto her.   She held him tightly to her as they struggled to regain their breath.

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"Wow," he said after a while. "I know," she replied breathlessly.   "That was something else. ""Yeah. "  There was silence for a while. "Mike?""Yeah?""I love you. "  She reached up and kissed him.   Of course, he was still wearing her panties.   She didn't care.   They kissed through the crotch of her wet panties, the juices flowing from one tongue to the other.   Mike could feel his formerly limp cock rising again inside her pussy.   She obviously felt it too, because she rose her head to his ear and asked, "Ready for round two?"
Round two coming soon!