when i was 8 years old her family moved in next door.   she was a year younger than me.   her name was sarah.   we hung out all of the time but we never really had any sexual experiences because we were to young to understand it.   she had an inground pool in her back yard so through out the summer and the some of the fall and spring i was always at her house. from a young age she was already wearing bikinis not that she had developed tits yet, but she was never shy.
as we grew up together we started to hang out more often but we never dated.   we were more of best friends. she was always beautiful our first sexual experience was when i was 12 and she was 11. she was going through puberty and her tits were growing, they had to be a full B cup by now. her ass was really nice in proportion to her tits as well.   we were swimming at her house at around 8'oclock one night and her long blonde hair was flowing in the water.
we got to talking and she asked, have u ever seen tits before. "  i responded by saying, "yes" thinking that she meant, seeing tits from watchin porn.   she then asked me, "have u ever seen tits before in person. "  i said, "no" because i hadn't and this was the last girl that i would lie to.

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    she asked, "do you want to see mine. " i was dumbstruck and had no clue what to say but after 10 seconds i blurted out an eager, "yes. "
she then proceeded to untie her bikini top in front of me.   this had given me an instant hardon and there was no way to conceal it.   as she approached me in the water i began to get nervous trying to get rid of my semi hard cock. she cornered me against the wall and i had no were to go. i then proceeded to run my hand through her hair and stare at her gorgeous tits right in my grasp.
i asked her, "have you ever seen a cock before" and she said, "no. " then she asked, "Can i see yours. "  i said, "sure why not" since she had shown me hers it was only fair. she went beneath the water and ripped of my shorts. when she came up she was extremely excited.   still partially unaware of what was happening i started to kiss her.   it was not passoinate but we eagerly let our tounges explore eachothers mouths.
after we broke our kiss i began to fondle her tits and play with her erect nipples.

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   she was slightly moaning as i let a cool breath out on her nipples. she was what seemed like in heaven. she slowly started to stroke my cock up and down and then asked me, "can i give you a blowjob. "  i said, "yeah, but not here. i want u somewhere more secluded. "
she grabbed her bikini top and i grabbed my shorts and we put them back on.   while doing so i was thinking were can we go that would not be suspicious. i thought to myself about what some of the older guys that i knew said were they had their first blowjob.   "the movies".   i said, "why don't we go see a movie" and she said, "okay that sounds fun" and she gave me a wink.   we went into her house and asked her parents, "can u give us a ride to the movies. " The responded by saying, "why do u guys want to go to the movies. " i quickly responded, "we are meeting a couple of my friends there," and, "we need a ride. " they said, "okay but u should get changed"
so i went home she went up to her room and we both got changed.   i couldn't help but think about her hot body and got a hardon again.

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    when we were both changed we went out to the front of her house and got into her parents car.
she was wearing a tight white t-shirt that barely covered her tits and it looked as if it was gonna rip at the seams. she was wearing a black miniskirt that went a third of the way down her thighs. i also noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra, but she didn't need one because her firm tits held there place fine.
when we got to the movies we really didn't care which movie that we were gonna see and we ended up in some chickflick not a big deal. didn't really watch it at all. when we got into the theatre there was only a couple of other people there.   we went into the back corner at the top to be away from everyone.
i was so excited that i was finally gonna get my first blowjob.   she took off her shirt revealling her perfect tits. and then she started to unzip my pants. she pulled out my cock and started to massage it till it was full length 6 inches (i was 12). she then licked the head of my cock and then took the rest of it in her mouth. as she was moving her head up and down on my shaft she was massaging my balls.   i then grabbed the back of her head, like i had seen in pornos, and started to push her head further on my cock and she started to gag.

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about 3 minutes into my great experience i blew my load down her throat. she pulled her head off my cock and i blew more cum onto her face and into her hair. we got dressed and kissed for the rest of the movie.
i called her parents and told them, "umm. . . the movie is over and we could use a ride. "
as we waited outside she kissed me and told me that tommorow we would have some more fun.

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