Sarahs Wild Family


I was walking home from school, and on my way to my friends house. I always went there after school, because my mum works until late, and she wouldnt leave me in alone, even though I am 14, nearly 15.
I approached her house and rang the doorbell twice so they knew it would be me. Nobody answered. Rang it again, to be sure, and again nobody answered. So I pushed the letterbox open and shouted through it. "Hello. . ?" Then I heard somebody moving upstairs. My friend Sarah came running down the stairs. "God Im SO Sorry. I was in the shower and i didnt hear the door" She said as she opened the door and closed it again as I walked in. "Its Okay dont worry" I said.   "Just wait there a moment I need to run back upstairs" she said fast, and then raced up the stairs again. I wondered what she was doing, so i followed her. As i got to the top of the stairs, I heard her mums voice.


   "Rub it there Sarah. Harder!" I walked towards her mums bedroom door and peered through the gap near the hinge.
On the bed, Sarahs mum was lying completely naked with her legs spread wide apart and Sarah was sitting in just her bra and knickers inbetween her mums legs, rubbing her mums pussy. I was so shocked, I must have let out a gasp because Sarah looked straight through the gap at me peering in. She stopped and came and opened the door completely. Her mum got up off the bed and looked at me. "Well? You Just gonna stand there or you gonna join us?" I Didnt know what to say. Her mum took my bag and blazer off me and flung them into the corner, followed by my skirt and blouse. I was standing in my bra and knickers just like Sarah. Sarah took off her bra and knickers and lay down on the bed like her mum was doing just moments earlier. As she spread her legs I saw her wet, sticky pussy rub against the duvet. This really turned me on, so I took off my bra and knickers too. Sarahs mum walked over to me. "Wow, you have gorgeous tits" she said, and she squeezed my boobs with her hand. Then she sat on the bed inbetween sarahs legs and moved close to her so their pussies were pressing together.

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   "This is what we do Amy. Watch and learn" Her mum said and then started rubbing their pussies together. I could hear them squelching. I could feel myself becoming wet.
After about 10 minutes, they stopped and Sarahs mum instructed me to lay down on the bed and spread my legs. I  did so and Sarah came and stood over me. She looked down at me. Then she sat down on my face. All I could see and smell was pussy. "Lick me dry" she said. So I started licking her. As I got used to it, she started to moan with pleasure. I stuck my tongue up her pussy and licked it. I began to suck it and she started making really loud moaning noises. Then I felt something between my legs.

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   I think her mum was licking my pussy. She shoved her tongue right into me and it was the best thing I had ever felt. Then I heard a knock at the door. Everbody stopped and got up. Sarah put her clothes on and went down to answer the door. Her mum continued eating my pussy and I started to moan loudly with pleasure. I rubbed and squeezed my tits as she licked and suddenly I felt hot liquid gush between my legs. "Thats it. Cum for me Amy" her mum said and she sucked and licked harder than ever. It felt so good I thought I was going to explode.
Sarah walked back into the room and her mum stood up. "Dads Home" Sarah announced. And her dad walked into the room. Seeing 2 naked teenagers and his naked wife must have turned him on because he began to take his clothes off too. He stood there naked for a moment, then looked down at me with my legs spread wide, and my cum on his duvet.

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   He climbed ontop of me and started to kiss my neck and lick me. Sarah and her mum were watching with great interest.   Her dad was kissing me hard on the lips and he began to press his tongue against  my lips. As we lay there kissing he began to moan and grunt. I could feel his hot cock between my thighs. He stopped kissing me and started licking my tits and biting my nipples. I liked this alot. I moaned again. Sarah and her mum must have stopped watching because I heard Sarah groaning.
Then her dad got his cock and placed it near my clit. He started rubbing it up and down it. I felt like I was in heaven. Then he started pushing his cock into me. This really really hurt but my pain was soon replaced with immense pleasure and he pushed his cock as far in as it would go. "Ahh Ohhhh Ughhh Ahhh" I Moaned as he began to pull his cock in and out fast.

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   "Yeah you like that do you?" he said. "Arrghgh Arrhg Ahaahah" I yelled. "Fuck me harder! FUCK ME HARDER" I screeched. Then with one blow he thrust his cock in hard and deep and it exploded inside me. I screamed with pleasure as I felt his cum fill me up. He pulled his cock out fast then turned me over and said "If you liked that, You'll LOVE this" and he thrust his cock at my ass. He didnt get it in first time, but he pulled out and then pushed it as hard as he could into me. I screamed with pain, again replaced by pleasure and he began to ass-fuck me hard. I moaned loudly again. This felt so, so, so SO good. Then he blew his load into me and I felt his cum fill me up once again. He pulled out and left me lying on the bed twitching with pleasure and enjoyment.
"Did you like that Amy? Ive wanted to do that do you since I first saw you. How could I resist a fresh teenage pussy. " Then he stood up and walked out the room.

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   Sarah came in. "Omg. You were moaning really, really loud. You sounded like you really enjoyed that. What did he do to you?" I sat up and saw all the cum on the duvet. "I just got fucked by your dad" I breathed. "He fucked me hard and deep. " Sarah looked stunned. "Wow. By the way, your a pretty good pussy eater" I grinned. "Thanks. Can we do this every day?" I asked her "Yeah course, we do it everyday anyway" she said. Then the doorbell rang. "It must be your mum" said Sarah "Get Dressed, quick!!" I Got dressed and ran down to greet my mum.
Every day after school I went back to Sarahs house, hoping to get fucked by her dad again.

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   But he never came home early again. But I did get pussy eating down to a T!!