School Was For Chumps


School was for chumps! That is all I could think about as Mrs Driver sucked the class dry with lectures in a deep monotone voice.
            “Zabradus took 1000 men to the Philippine Islands and conquered them in the space of a few months…” I cursed under my breath and peered across the room. It was sweltering. The room was like a furnace, and due to school standards, your uniform was black.
            Black absorbed heat. I had learnt that in the year 8. Zabradus was an interesting topic in History. It was about an Irish rebel that stood up to the King and killed thousands spreading gore and sorrow across the land. It seemed hard to make bad a tale like that, but Mrs Driver pulled it off well. Every word was like poison.
            I glared up at the school clock and sighed, it was 3:20. Twenty long minutes before the end of the school, this had been a very long day.
            I was in year 9, and the teachers seemed desperate to make us achieve a good grade for Sats exams. But I couldn’t understand why. Sats was a doss, and everyone new it.
            Mrs Driver had long frizzy blonde hair lapping over her tanned face.

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   Her lips were permanently pouted and her eyes an electric blue. If you imagined her not talking, she would seem very attractive to a lot of males. For a moment I pitied her husband, but then I noticed it. I stared with interest at Mrs Drivers breast. You could see one of her nipples, perfectly clear, protruding from one side of her bra.
            Mrs Driver glanced at me, and re adjusted her bra. For a moment I thought she smiled. I turned a deep red, but was thankful that no one noticed. After that I seemed to have lost track of the world. What if Mrs Driver thought I was a perve? I couldn’t really care because I hated Mrs Driver. But it still is not nice to be thought of as a perve.
            A loud ringing burst into the room, and all the children bounced into life, quickly scooping their books into their bags.
            “Ok, Class Dismissed. I will see you tomorrow,” Mrs Driver smiled then opened the door.
            “Remember read chapters 2 –5 in your textbooks,” At this everyone filed out including me and headed towards the bus’.

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 History the next morning was last period again, Last period was always tiring and tedious, but this time, Mrs Driver had more of an attitude about it. As if trying to impress someone. Occasionally she would smile at odd times, modelling her perfect white teeth, and licking her lips seductively. Occasionally I would glance to the back of the room expecting to see a horny Inspector cumming in his pants, but only saw a blank dry wall.
            I was not sure what had brought on such a great mood, but all the boys in the class loved it. I have never remembered anyone pay so much attention to Mrs Driver. I somehow doubted they were listening to a thing she was saying however.
            Mrs Driver was 24, I know because she said she was born in 1981, and it was now 2005.   She married young and had had a kid at 16; work it out that means a 24 year old has an eight-year-old kid. I mean I’m 14 and my mum is pushing 50. So when I was eight my mum was 46. So it seems strange that a 24 year old can have an eight-year-old child. But anyway, I had heard on the news that a girl of 11 had just given birth so when her baby is eight she would only be 17. I liked Math. Only because I was good it, I was one of the brightest in my class.

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   I was fantastic at English, because I am good at writing. And if you’re imaginative. Most things come easy to you.
            “James,” I jolted up in my seat.
“Yes miss,” I never really understood, but teachers took it as offence, if you didn’t call them, Miss, or Sir.
            “What did I just say?” Mrs Driver said licking her lips smiling.
“Ermmm,” I didn’t have a clue, but for some reason I felt compelled to retaliate. “Probably something like, Zabradus was a good man, he killed people, but you no, he was a good man,” I had impersonated her voice so well the class roared with laughter. Expecting Mrs Driver to thunder down on him like she did on many occasions he slumped in his chair, and winced. But when he opened his eyes Mrs Driver was blushing deeply, trying to calm the class that were now crying with joy.
            “Everyone calm down,” Mrs Driver snapped her fingers and glared across the classroom, as her eyes fell upon the class, the laughter died. Most teachers that were young were taken advantage of, but Mrs Driver always had full control. People new not to get in her bad books.
            “Now if we would all calm down, I would like to set you homework for the weekend…” The bell went off again drowning her voice, and simultaneously, everyone filled there bags and stood.
            “I don’t remember dismissing you,” Mrs Driver addressed the class, “I am trying to give you homework,”
            “Please Miss, we had coursework to hand in the other day,” A girl cried, the class agreed.

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            “All right, everyone out,” The class filed out, but since I was the furthest from the door I was the last to leave, when I was about to leave a hand jutted out in front of me and pulled me back.
            “I need to speak to you,” Mrs Driver seemed serious, her voice monotone again.
            Jack, my friend peered around the door, “Shall I wait,” Jack and me lived in the neighbourhood. So we had to walk home from school, and we used to walk together, but today was different, “It’s alright, I’ll probably catch up with you,” At this Jack shrugged and made his way down the hall.
            “Sit down,” Mrs Driver pulled a seat in front of the desk and I sat down as instructed. Mrs Driver pushed a few items out of the way and perched her backside on the desk where for a brief moment I could see her knickers peering out from under her skirt, but she saw me looking so she crossed her legs. I felt so embarrassed; I thought I was going to die. Mrs Driver sighed then made her way to the door where she locked it with a key then pulled blinds across the door window, and the windows across the far wall. For a few moments the room was cast into darkness but then she switched the lights on and sat back down in her cross-legged position on the desk.
            On her left was a thick piece of paper with scrawled writing spread across it. It was my coursework from the week before; I stood up straight and noticed the bold red letter at the bottom of the paper. This letter was a U.
            F is a fail. So imagine what a U is, I didn’t no then, but it meant unclassified. The worst mark you can get, but back then all I new, was that it was bad.

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            She scooped up the paper and glared over the top of it.
“This is your coursework,” Mrs Driver pointed to the test, “This, is a U,” At this point my heart was pounding.
            “Do you understand that to go to GCSE’S you must get an E or above, with a U, you cannot go anywhere,” I began to stammer.
            “What was wrong with it,” I protested.
“It wasn’t your work,” Mrs Driver mentioned coolly.
            “What do you mean?” I spat.
“Tom was sitting in front of you, and I saw you copy his work. So I have to give you a U. I would have mentioned in class but I wanted to save the humiliation.
            “I did not copy Tom, I swear on it,” I shook my head in disbelief.
“I saw you, so don’t lie to me,” Mrs Driver suddenly became forceful.
            “Can’t I re-sit it,” I tested.
“You can re-sit exams not coursework’s,”
            “Is there anyway I can get a better grade,” I felt as though I was going to cry.
“Yes, and that is what I want to talk to you about,”
            Mrs Driver uncrossed her legs and I saw her knickers again, but I tore my eyes away and stared her blankly in the eyes.
            “Do you find me attractive?” At that my heart stopped.

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“What did you say?” I couldn’t believe what I had heard.
“Do you find me attractive?” Mrs Driver began unbuttoning her shirt revealing her bra.
            “Oh my god,” I felt my penis erect as she fully unbuttoned her shirt.
“I guess your kind of nice looking,” I didn’t really know what to say. I felt so scared.
            At this she slipped off the desk and fell to her needs. Where her head was at crotch height. I nearly gagged as she slowly undid my zipper.
            “Don’t you have a husband?” I muttered as I felt a finger stroke the end of my penis.
            “Yeh, but he is a bit of a dick, speaking of which,” Mrs Driver hooked my cock and slipped it out of my trousers. She massaged it gently while I just watched, she hesitated before slipping her tongue over the top of my cock, she slowly pushed on, she smiled as my cock suddenly turned rock solid, and she slowly began to move back and forth, her tongue cleaning the top of my dick. With her hands she unfastened her bra, I watched with excitement as her bra fell to the floor revealing a pair of the finest breasts I could have dreamed of, they were perfectly round and had large nipples. At this I felt myself cum, I knew the feeling because I had masturbated many times and it was a sensation I liked. White milky cum poured from the sides of her mouth, Mrs Driver smiled, gurgled the cum in the back of her throat then swallowed.
            “How does it feel?” Mrs Driver smiled.

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I didn’t lie, “It feels fantastic, don’t stop. But she did, she stopped slapping her tongue against my cock and instead pulled down her skirt and knickers. Her pussy was shaved, it was fat and pink, and gently she pushed by middle finger up it and groaned relaxingly.
            “Have you ever had sex before,” Mrs Driver asked as she massaged her pussy.
“No, I haven’t,” I said blankly, “I can’t believe this is happening. ”
            “Put your cock in my slit then,” For a moment I hesitated, and then pushed by body against hers, my cock fell to her slit and she smiled.
            “Now go back and forth,” It was a sensation like no other, I could feel my cock explode with cum as I eagerly moved back and forth, beaming as Mrs Driver started feeling her tits, letting out mild groans.
            “Yes,” She muttered over and over again. I grabbed her ass for support as I pushed harder and faster, trying to get my cock as deep into her pussy as possible. I saw cum, pour from her pussy as her msucles contracted around my penis.
"Ohhhhhhhh," Mrs Driver screamed as she thrusted her hips in rythum so my penis fully penetrated her.
            “Oh my god, this is fucking amazing,” I cried as she let me massage her tits.
“Will I get a pass for this,” I asked midway through a gigantic orgasm.
            “Does an A sound good,” Mrs Driver slipped my cock out of her pussy, and into her mouth, where she sipped the cum from my cock. For seven minutes she gave me a blowjob moving up and down deep throat style, occasionally gagging on a spurt of cum.

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   Then after that she shoved me onto an empty desk and said, “Lie down,” I did as I was told. Then she stuck her asshole on the end of my cock, and slowly eased her self down, It was a struggle getting it up her tight ass, she seemed in pain, but when the cock was fully submerged, lodged in her ass, I tried with difficulty to move my cock up and down, my cock was overwhelmed, it started to hurt as more cum poured from it’s tip. I pushed her off me and she let out a scream of pain.
            “What’s wrong?” She asked.
“It’s not right, we can’t be doing this I am sorry,” Mrs Driver sighed then slipped her knickers on and fastened her bra, her face was covered in cum, which she wiped with a napkin on the side of the desk. A few minutes later fully clothed, I ran, I ran and didn’t stop till I was home, I never spoke of this again. But History was never the same. .

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