SDF - part ten - Demon Island


On an island far away from civilization, on an island not found on any conventional map; on an island where many died; a test of one of the highest calibers was taking place. A boat reached the shore of this dangerous island. Three people were standing on the red hot sands. The sun was bearing down on everyone, casting away the shadows. The nearest tree was far away past an open field. Within the woods. . . evil lurked about. "[Motoko, you realize that the success rate of this test is less than 5%, correct?]""Hai, Sensei. ""[You also realize that the chances of you dying during the course of this test are more than 90%?]""Hai, Sensei. ""[You'll be required not only to survive for three months, but you'll also need to find the ultimate weapon somewhere on this island. ]""Hai, Sensei. ""[Then. . .

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   good luck. We'll be leaving now. ]""Arigatou, Sensei. "*****Motoko stood up from her newly made campsite. She was on the edge of the beach where she said farewell to the last people she would talk to for the next three months. Where she stood, the beach ended and the grassy plains began. There were hills along the way. . . and past the hills were the woods. As soon as she reached the woods, she felt uneasy. The branches and leaves blocked out the sun, casting large shadows onto the ground below. Nevertheless, the young girl knew that she had to explore the island if she were to have any chance of completing her task. Her hand rested upon the hilt of her shinai, though she knew a wooden weapon stood no chance against large predators. However, it still gave her comfort to know she had something to rely upon should the need arise.

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  "Honk!""[What the hell?]" Motoko blinked as soon as she noticed the strange creature. "Honk honk honk!!!" It was a pink bird, though not a flamingo, with an owl's head, goat horns, and three legs. Although it had three legs, it was standing on none of them. It had a tail that looked very much like a cross between a snake and a lamprey. That was what it was standing on. This made the bird-like animal stand as tall as Motoko. "[Guess I shouldn't be too picky with my meals from now on,]" Motoko noted as she gripped her shinai with both hands. She immediately rushed forth, drawing her weapon back behind her. The ground was moist, yet she had no trouble with speed. Once she was within striking distance, she quickly lashed out a horizontal slash towards the head. Clack"Honk," The pink creature honked as it parried the strike with its horns. It dropped down onto the ground with two feet planted firmly into the semi-muddy dirt. The long tail left the ground, taking a large piece of the earth with it. The tail whipped out towards the samurai girl, sending the desk-sized clump of dirt towards her. [What The hell], she thought.

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   Motoko quickly side-stepped the projectile, though she was quite surprised by the attack. Apparently, the bird-creature was a lot smarter than it looked. The pink bird attack again, however, before she could recover. "Honk honk!" The third set of talons curled up into a fist and punched into the ground. Once it did, a wave of tall spires made of stone began from the point of impact and headed straight for the young girl. Each spire was larger than the last and disappeared right after it reached its peak. The first spire rose as tall as a foot. Motoko quickly dashed away from the wave of spires and watched as the last one uprooted and shredded a tree into four long pieces. This one was as tall as a house. "[Eh heh. . . I must be dreamin'. . .

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   yeah. . . just dreamin'. . . ]" Motoko chuckled nervously as she stared at the large spire before it disappeared back into the ground. She turned her attention back to the pink bird just in time to see it run towards her. . . head first. She didn't move. Instead, she stood there. . .

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   and waited. "[If this is a dream, someone please wake me up. ]""Honk!" The pink bird felt something on its head. It felt nothing on its horns. It lifted its head and looked to see that the girl was gone. The bird then felt a rush of sharp pain. "[Good thing ya can't charge and use yer gripper-thingy at the same time,]" Motoko smirked as she straddled the bird's back with her shinai planted firmly against the back of the creature's head. One hand was on the shinai, the other was reached out behind her to grab the tail in case it came after her. That last part, as it turned out, wasn't necessary. The bird collapsed onto the ground, causing the young girl to let out a cry, "Oof… [not a dream. . . ]"She got off the bird, grabbed it by the third talon, and began dragging it back to the campsite. Dinner was served. .

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  . or so she thought. "GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR. . . ""[What now?]" Motoko grumbled as she looked over her shoulder. She didn't have a chance to react. Thwip thwip"[Ya gotta be kiddin me!]" Motoko exclaimed as she felt two vines grabbed hold of her weapon. She released her catch and grabbed hold of her shinai with both hands. Unfortunately, she lacked the strength to compete against this new animal and lost the tug-of-war. Her hands throbbed with burning heat as she felt the handle slip out of her grasp. Gritting her teeth in anger and determination, she faced her opponent. "[Dat's it! Yer goin' down!]""GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR. . .

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  "A three-eyed monkey with vines coming out of its back appeared. "[Uh. . . ]" Motoko blinked speechlessly once she found out her new foe was the size of a house-cat. She immediately snapped out of it once more vines made their way towards her. She quickly stepped out of the line of fire and said with exasperation, "[if this is some kinda joke, not funny!]""GGGRRROOOOAAAARRRRR!!!" The three-eyed monkey roared as the end of each vine grew a single, razor-sharp claw. Three vines reared upwards before swinging down towards the sword-girl's head. "[Wha. . . shit!]" Motoko was too busy dodging the horizontal vines to notice the ones overhead. She dashed backwards and barely avoided getting skewered. The front of her clothes however was shredded exposing her breasts to the air. She noticed the shreds of clothing and looked down.

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   "[Wha. . . pervert,]" she shouted. "Groar," the monkey growled happily as it started swinging around the shinai it stole from Motoko. Motoko glared at the monkey, swearing to herself that the little furry animal was going to roast over the campfire tonight. She reached out and grabbed a nearby branch in order to use it as a temporary weapon. Unfortunately for her, the monkey was had quicker reflexes and stabbed the back of Motoko's right hand before she could pick up the branch. At first, the young girl was shocked that in the time it took to pick up a weapon, the monkey was able to attack from twenty feet away. The mischevious three-eyed monkey withdrew its claw which caused blood to spurt out of Motoko's hand. Motoko gritted her teeth for she planned to ignore the pain and continue fighting. Her knees bent, indicating that she was going to dash forward and attack from close range. She never had the chance. "[AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!]" Motoko screamed in pain as even more of her own blood was spilt all over the ground. A horizontal slit was created just below the knees on the front of her hakama.

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   She immediately fell on her ass for her legs could not support her at the moment. When she pressed her right palm against the ground to support herself, even more pain surged from the first wound. Motoko knew she had to get away and tried to stand up to run. She was surprised when the monkey did not stop her from standing back up. She was even more surprised when three vines slammed into her ribs, sending her flying backwards through the air. A heavy thud sounded once she landed back on the ground, knocking the wind out of her. It almost felt like she was hit by a car doing 120mph. "[Damn. . . ]" Motoko gasped as she sat up from where she laid. Every single breathe she took from that point on hurt like hell. She looked up at her opponent. . .

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   no. . . she was too weak to call the monkey her opponent. The three-eyed monkey bared its teeth as if taunting the bleeding girl. The wounded girl immediately knew just from the look in the monkey's eyes. . . she was being toyed with. It was no wonder so many students died while staying on this island. It was a wonder how Sanae did not die while staying on this island. The young swordswoman felt two vines encircle her ankles. She felt like a rag doll in the hands of a bratty toddler. The monkey jerked at the girl's legs causing the girl to drop her arms and hit the back of her head against the ground. Motoko reached around frantically with her left hand.


   She didn't care what she picked up. She had to get out of this situation through any means necessary. Her hands wrapped around something rough and the size of a baseball. With one last desperate attempt, she flung the stone in her hand towards the monkey. The stone did not even leave her hand. No. . . that can't be. . . Motoko thought to herself in shock. She turned her head and stared at her left arm. A crimson line ran from her wrist down to her elbow. She released her hold on the stone in her hand as blood painted her face.

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   She looked back up at the three-eyed monkey. Her eyes went up even higher until they were fixed on a single blade raised up towards the sky. The blade came down. . . The blade stopped within an inch of Motoko's face. "Honk!" The pink bird-like creature from before had its sucker attached to the back of the three-eyed monkey. The bird pulled in the paralyzed monkey until it was right under its middle talon. The middle talon was used to tear out the vine-like appendages one at a time. The bird reached down with its beak and pecked away at the three eyes. This strange creature was hungry and it chose the monkey to be its food. The monkey appeared smaller, but due to its vine-like appendages it had twice as much meat as a grown human being. On other days, Motoko would had been fascinated at the similarities between these demons and normal animals. Instead, she wanted to get away from this place as soon as she could. She slowly staggered to her feet, pressing her left arm against her waist to stop the bleeding.

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   The wound on her right hand stopped closed up, but it still stung every time she reached out for a tree to support herself. A trail of footprints followed her as she painfully made her way out of the forest. As soon as she reached the beach, she collapsed under her own weight. She laid there in the sand for a few seconds. She pulled herself back up and walked towards the water. She shed her clothes revealing twos cuts on each leg located just below the knee and around the ankle. Her ribs were bruised and she suspected that a couple of them were broken. Once she was knee deep in water, she ripped a few strips from her clothing and bandaged her left forearm and right hand. She pulled herself out of the water and fell back onto the sand. The sand felt cold during the night. As she laid naked on the silent beach, she thought about her first day on the island. She thought about the test. She thought about the warnings that came with the test. She thought about the other students before her who took the test and died. She thought.

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  . . and she cried. . . .

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