Secret Admirers chapter 2


Chapter 2: The sticky stuff on the floorMan was he enjoying this. He got to play the worlds biggest villain, and having such a gifted actress next to him made it all the better, he didnt think anything could be more exciting than this. "Stop!!" was all she thought to say at first, but the words wouldn't come. Ashley was tugging at her handcuffs behind her back franticly. Trying to pull them apart, then realizing that they were actual steel cuffs. Her mind then raced to her Sam. . . "Oh my god!! What would he think if he knew what we were doing? Oh shit, oh shit, I should have never . . . . never. . . .

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   Wait I'm not doing anything wrong. . . . . "You sure aren't putting up a fight though you little whore. " Her mind shot back at her. "You like this, you've even thought of screwing him before, haven't you?"It was true, out of all of Sam's friends she liked Ken the best. Partly cause of his sense of humor, and also cause she was really attracted to him. Almost more than she was to Sam.  He was really squeezing her breasts for all they were worth, kneeding them like a madman, and occasionally pinching her petite nipples. She wanted it to stop, to go back to the way they were before he had taken advantage of her, she really had liked him as a friend. The shock of that and the thought of what Sam was going to say almost drove her to tears, until he whipped out his dick. . .


   Then her face turned to the most comical form of shock and almost awe one could make. "Holy shit Ken!!!" "Yeah slave, maybe if your good I'll let you fuck it, but only if you behave like a good little cock-slut" She had seen only two dicks before, and they had been nothing to write home about. Maybe 4 or 5 inches, but THIS. . . at least 7 and a half if it was an inch. Easily most of the circumference of her wrist too. At that moment she just stared at it unbeleavingly, and right or wrong, she felt a hot, moisture in her crotch. He was still playing with her fun-bags, but she had altogether stopped struggling with her cuffs. She licked her lips, sensing what was coming next. Knowing how wrong all of this was, but at the same time salavating at the huge red dick staring her right in the face. It twitched occasionally when her hot breath touched it. "Well then, I think that first you should suck this bad boy" he smirkedShe felt guiltier than she ever had in her life. She wanted to. .

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  . she actually wanted to get raped like this. . . She was still the sweet little Ashley that wore plain cotton panties and had platonic male friends and spoke at her church's youth group, right? In truth that girl was gone forever now, and this little girl was about to see just how bad you could be. It wasn't even a consious decision at that point, just to be a tease she said "I dont know if I get it all in my mouth"What followed next was the tightest pinching she had ever felt to both her nipples. She almost cried out from the pain. "Now slave!!!"She figured that if thats what being a tease cost her, she would just forget it. . . But she would definitely give him the best head of his life, now it was anything to get to fuck that huge meat tube. She would give up anything she had, just to get at it. In that moment she realized how giving up Sam would be easy for a prize like this. No that wasn't right, she now wanted to get rid of Sam. .

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  . spend more time around Ken and his thick meat. "You don't want this!!" her seven years at catholic school screamed at her. Oh but she did, there was no denying that now. "Mmmmm" she moaned as her lips stretched and her tongue lapped at the length of the one thing she idolized now. She wanted to please him now, so she made the nasty grunting noises she had heard in porno movies she had seen. She had been forced to watch a part of the movie by her old boy friend, but she hated it and wondered how any guy could find that sexy. She would've been amused at the irony of that idea now if she hadn't been eardeep in dick. Now she was gonna throw out any words or moans she could remember for Ken's benefit. She was even trying to move the way the pornstar had, though it was tough to remember, since in the movie, there was a guy getting his dick sucked while the other fucked the girl from behind and every once in a while it would stop showing her giving head for a while. "Honesly" she thought, "How could a girl even take on two guys at the same time? That seems just odd to me. "It was a beautiful sight to behold. This goddess licking his dick like she had done so many times with a lollypop as a girl, moving her kitten-ish tongue over the tip and all the way down the underside to the base. Then taking the whole fucking thing in her mouth. Her head bobbed, in what seemed like impossible speed.

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   Her gorgeous blonde bangs flapping up and down in the cool brees of the theatre. All the while he was either pinching/rubbing her nipples or pushing the back of her head down for her to get at his fun-stick better. She knew how wrong what she was doing was, but she also knew how good it felt when she obeyed and how bad it felt when she disobeyed, and that became her life from then on out. She eventually felt the tip lightly hitting the back of her throat, which turned her on even more. She felt dirty and degraded. . . "Like a whore that you are"Ashley was gone now, Kens slave in ashleys smokin' little body was all that was left now. She then moved out of her theatre chair and knelt on her knees so that her head rest between his knees instead of hanging over him like a ghost. Like the sweet little girl she always was, she wanted him to not only get the best fucking head on the planet, she would give him the best view of the movie she thought he wanted to watch. He knew he was gonna cum really soon and wanted to make it perfect so he pushed her head down for about thirty seconds while he shot his seed directly into her stomach. Little did he know the kind of gag reflex she had. . . Her head jerked back, regardless of the strong hands that cupped her head.

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   She opened her mouth when she flung her head back on accident and lost a dixie cup worth of perfectly good semen on the floor to the left of Ken's seat. Chapter 3: Quiet Before The StormShe slunked down in her chair next to him, obviously needing to catch her breath. What he saw, when he looking into her eyes, was pure adoration, love even. Had either of them ever loved anyone before, truly? They were still in high school, so probably not, he knew Sam didn't love her, that was certain. So for a minute, he sat there and watched her pant, the visions of himself as the great villain, or a clever actor, or even a mean guy were washed away by the look in her eyes. She had the power to forgive him of any terrible things he had done in the past. And for that, he loved her too. They both knew what was coming next, and were both very ready for it. Ashley kicked off her shoes and took off her shirt in preparation. Then Ken did the thing that he imagined more often than anything else in the past year, he moved in front of her seat, and hiked up her skirt around her waist. She wore a teal pair of plain cotton panties, "If this isn't enough to make me cream my pants. . . nothing is" But he didn't. He simply put two fingers at the top of the elastic and slowly pulled her panties right off, never missing the opportunity to brush the inside of her legs.

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   When it was on the ground, Ken grabbed an ankle in each hand. Then spread her wide, so that each foot was resting on the armchair to the right or left of hers. She had to balance herself at first, since her hands were still cuffed behind her back, but she made do. And never complained about the pain in her wrists. "Just like a good little slave. "Just then, Ken realized that in all the confusion, he had forgotten one of the first things he planned on doing. So he slowly cocked his head forward and kissed her strongly but not dominatingly. She knew the signifigance of this kiss too. He acted like a badass, but really, his sentimental side was the key, without it, he wouldn't have made this plan, without his love for me, I would have never been this happy. Stop it she wanted to scream. This is wrong Dammit!!! This is RAPE!! and she wanted no part of it, but couldn't deny the obvious wet spot forming on the seat cushion in front of her. But before she could think of anything else he pressed his hips into her spread opening. His dick was so big around, he had to work quite a bit to actually get it in there, but it was worth the effort. He pushed about four inches of himself inside her. Then she let out a large gasp.

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   So he slowed down his speed of entry. Once he got to about the seventh inch she yelled out. "Ssstop. . . . oh ouuuhh Christ!!!  This thing is too fucking big"This put a big smile on Ken's face. Then he reached over her legs and pulled the rest of himself into her with such force that she jumped a little. Then we was completely in, she tried to squirm a bit, biting her lip from the immense heat of this tool in her tight little slit. "Mmmmmhhhh. . . Oh Fuck me, do it. . Fuck the shit out of me! Oh God!!! Ohhhhh yeah.

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  " She moaned in extasy. Ken moved his hands from her legs, to either side of her midsection, right abover her waist. While he moved slowly, in and out of her, she was spreading her legs farther and farther, hoping that doing so would allow him to fuck her even better. Ken had noticed this, and found it immensely funny that this little slut was taking his large meat, and was practically begging him for more. And he would give her more, God knew he would give her much more. . . Her cuffs were once more being pulled apart, not by her wanting to leave, but by the force that was running through her body while he continued to nail her harder and harder. Her legs were athletic and strong and she was flexing them unconsiously during the whole process. They rested on the chairs next to hers, but whenever he would slam his seven inch cock completely into her, they would be lifted off the chair just about a foot high then settle down again. She then decided to make a bold move for the sake of her own sexual appetite. She lifted her legs up, and wrapped them around Ken's midsection firmly. Then everytime he bucked, she would aid him by pulling him inside her with all her might. This added to her sensual moaning by doubling the noise. If her hands had been available, she would have been pulling him in even more, but alas, that wasnt available at moment.

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   "But why worry about that now? Well fuck like jackrabbits, and next time there wont need to be any handcuffs" Her subconsious railed. Next time. . yes, there was something to look forward to. But right now she was focussed on the glorious feelings in her pussy. Ken was amazed at how tight she was. Ever since she had wrapped her legs around him, it felt like her snatch was actually milking his cock. Like the muscles were contracting at just the right moments to give him the ride of his life. She was writhing like she was having a seizure for at least five minutes until Ken repositioned himself on her. He leaned more over her and then took his hands off her belly and started playing with her meaty tits while he fucked her harder than ever before. It was so hard, the chair was squeeking almost as loud as Ashley was. Then he put his mouth over her nipples and sucked away. Occasionally he nibbled a bit, for the extra volume it produced in her. "Ggaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! AAaaah  oh fuck me! Harder!!" she wailed at the top of her lungs. God she was loving this, rolling her head from side to side, her eyes far back in her head with each vein in her neck popping out, it almost made it look like Ken's dick, that was obsenely veiny.


   She wondered then, how she could ever be more sexually satisfied. . . Ken then let out a grunt that would have rivaled that of the noise from the movie they weren't watching. As he shot his huge load deep in her pussy, he exhaled loudly and grasped at two chunks of her wonderful blonde hair and tugged hard. This sent her head flying forward just in front of his own as she yelped loudly at the pain above each of her temples. He didn't stop completely after cumming, he continued to pump away slowly until his balls were completely drained in her. Then as their mouths were only inches away from one another, he leaned in and passionately kissed her, it was a lovers kiss. It marked the beginning of how the rest of Ashley's and Kenneth's lives would be. Then they heard some footsteps coming from the door of the theatre. . . .

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