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"Boy! You sure look nice naked. "I had just walked out of the bathroom after taking my shower and was toweling my hair dry. She was standing there directly in front of me staring at my penis and made no move to hide what the object of her fascination was. "Candy!" I said, with some embarrassment. "I didn't know you were here, or I wouldn't have walked out here naked. Don't go away. Hold on while I get some clothes on. ""O K . " She said and reached her hand out and hefted my semi limp penis in her hand. "That's not what I meant by hold on. " said I. "I know, but I wanted to see what it felt like, it's really smooth and soft; O look its getting bigger. "And it was. I couldn't help it. Her hand holding my penis was turning me on. "Candy, you really shouldn't be touching me like that.

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   Don't you know that?""Well yea I do but I want to. Don't you like me to touch your thing? It sure is big. A lot bigger than my daddy's. My daddy likes it a lot when I touch his thing. He likes me to rub it back and forth like this. "She was stroking my dick and it did feel wonderful. Looking down at this little angel with my dick in her hand and the look of rapt attention on her face was turning me on. I was embarrassed that someone so young could cause me to get so hot. "Candy. How long have you been touching your daddy's thing?""I don't know. A long time. He told me never to tell anyone, so you have to promise never to tell anybody OK ?""Don't worry, I won't tell a soul, besides I could be in a lot of trouble if anybody found out we were doing this. ""I know me too. My daddy really likes it when I put his thing in my mouth. Can I put your thing in my mouth? I can make sperm, that's what my daddy calls it, come out of his prick, that what he calls his thingy, he calls it his cock sometimes too.

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   He tells me, Suck my prick harder Candy. And pretty soon his sperm comes out and he makes me swallow it. I like the way it tastes. I want to taste your sperm. Can I?"With that Candy took my prick into her mouth and sucked it hard. She was taking it all the way into her throat. I was so excited by the whole scene that I shot my load so quickly into Candy's pretty little mouth that I couldn't have pulled out in time even if I had wanted too. Candy pulled her face off my dick and cum was running out the corners of her mouth. "I like the way your sperm tastes. It's even better than my daddy's. Did that feel good? Did I do it right for you? My daddy likes to kiss me in-between my legs and it makes me feel real good. Will you kiss me and make me feel good. I like it when he rubs his thing between my legs too. We could do that if you want. Can we?"What could I say? I picked her up and placed my lips on hers.

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   Immediately her tongue was licking my lips and trying to get into my mouth. I opened my mouth and tasted her tongue and the remnants of my cum. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my mid section, together we walked, or I should say I walked, she road, into the bedroom. I laid down on the bed with Candy still holding on to me. I rolled on to my back and she sat on my stomach. Sitting up she removed her pullover shirt and proudly displayed her tiny titties with cute little nipples for my inspection. Standing up she undid her pants and dropped them and her underpants just below her beautiful little ass. Sitting back down she thrust her legs forward for me to pull the clothing off for her. I took the pants and underpants off together and she slid forward moving her little girl pussy right over my mouth. She spread her lips wide with her fingers and I got a wondrous view into her pink hairless little cunt. As she lowered herself down I positioned my nose so that she would impale it with that sweet pink hairless pussy. Candy laughed when she saw what was happening below her and wiggled her butt to try and get more of my provasis deeper into her slippery fuck chute. The aroma of sweet young cunt filled my senses and the moist juices produced by this little vixen saturated my nose and made its way into my mouth. I had to have more of this ambrosia so I moved her pussy over my mouth where I pierced her with my rather long tongue. I had my tongue buried at least three inches into her cunt and tasted what had to be her sweet piss, trickling into my mouth.

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   "Sorry. " she said. "You touched inside me with your tongue and it just made my pee come out. I didn't do it on purpose. Honest. ""That's OK honey your pee tasted real good. I never tasted pee before and I never thought I would want to, but yours tasted wonderful. ""Really. I thought it would be kinda yuckie. "Well I would have thought so too, but hers was wonderful. As a matter of fact I thought I might like another taste. I asked her if she could let just a little more out without letting it all go. She said she would try. A single squirt departed her pussy and went directly into my open mouth. I have never been into water sports, but the urine that this little girl produced tasted like liquid sex.

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   I was feeling as if I was partaking of something super-sensual and life quickening. I asked for more and again for more. I actually drank all of the piss she could produce and could have taken even more if she had it. "That's it. " she said. "You drank all the pee I have; you sure seemed to like it. "Yea, I did. Didn't I?Candy moved off of my mouth and slid down to my dick. She took it into her little hands and lovingly stroked it with a feathery touch that sent ripples of pleasure throughout my entire body. Just watching her hold my penis and look intensely at it from varying angles was somehow exciting me more than any adult woman ever had. Pre cum was oozing out the tip and Candy wasted no time tasting it with her delicate pink tongue. Taking the head into her mouth she again proceeded to suck me with an intensity I have only experienced with a woman at least twice her age. My prick was as swollen as it could get and her mouth was stretched around it to the max. Another centimeter of thickness and there would have been no way it could have entered her. I reached between her legs and played with the opening to her cunt.

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   Using my thumb and forefinger I rolled her pussy lips and little by little inserted my finger into her. I felt no obstruction inside her and my finger went all the way up into her moist little fuck hole. Her moans told me that she was approaching climax so I moved a little harder and faster. I could feel the cum rising in my dick as Candy was approaching her climax. Suddenly she erupted with a spasm that was so intense she clamped her mouth over my dick and the cum, I felt rising before, shot violently into her mouth. She gulped and I could see her trying to swallow everything deposited into her mouth, but to no avail. Cum was flowing out the corners of her mouth and I was shooting another blast into her. She coughed and white sticky sperm was projected for about three feet. I was covered with it and Candy was still a little out of it as a result of her intense orgasm. When Candy recovered she looked at me with ecstasy, and quite a load of cum splattered, all over her face. She smiled and said, "That was wicked pissa. Sorry about the mess, I'll clean it up. "I said, "Your right, that was wicked pissa. Come up here and kiss me. "She slithered up to my mouth, aided by the liberal lubrication of the great amount of orgasmic residue deposited all over me.

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   Her lips joined mine and our tongues entwined. Cum, that she still had in her mouth, was passed to me and I passed it back to her. Our slippery torsos, slid against each other sensuously and seductively. She moved easily over me and I was able to slip and slide her back and forth. The sperm covering our bodies lubricated us so completely that I just slid her entire body back down so that her door of pleasure contacted my pole of delight in the most enticing dance of sexuality that I have ever experienced. My cock had maintained it girth and length through the entire process and was now touching the entrance to her cunt. I knew there was no way that this little nymphet would ever be able to accommodate my five and a half inch circumference cock, but just being in such close proximity to such a jewel was more than satisfying. She nudged my prick with her cunt and the head, aided by the lubrication of my cum and the copious amount of little girl juice flowing out of her fuck box, found purchase. I couldn't believe that I was entering this forbidden territory. She nudged again and a few more centimeters found a home in this woman child's tunnel of joy. "This hurts me a little. " Candy stated without complaint. "I want to try and get as much of your cock in me as I can while I still feel this way. I feel like I am floating and the room is spinning and my cunt is on fire and I want you to fuck me so bad that I can hardly stand it. "With that she pushed her body into an upright position with my cock obscenely impaling her little cunt to a depth of about an inch and a half.

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  "Ugh" she grunted, as she let her body weight move me even deeper into her love hole. "Fuckin shit" she again replied, as another attempt at encompassing the prize she sought was met with futility. I was becoming more and more excited with her determination to realize, with her little girl body, what only a full grown woman should be able to experience. I had to fight the temptation to grab her and force her down onto my rampant member. "More. I want more. " she chanted, as if the words would make the deed possible. Another half inch entered or I should say ripped it's way into her little pussy. I could swear she was tearing her cunt to get it to accommodate my prick. I was now embedded about two inches into her and suddenly she just put her entire weight into the task and impaled herself all the way to my pubic bone. The tightest cunt I have ever experienced was wrapped around my dick. I was pulsating inside her, and every time I did she would moan. I wasn't sure if it was with pleasure or pain, probably a little of both. Her face was grimaced with the experience and she started to rise up experimentally, probably to see if she could. It felt like we were welded together.

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   Cock and cunt joined at the hip permanently. I could see we were going to find it hard to shop for clothing. The only way we were going to part was either surgically or I was going to have to cum and get soft. I could not move enough to generate an orgasm and she was just trying to deal with the great lump she had swallowed with her little girl pussy. I have to admit she had performed an amazing feat for a twelve-year-old girl. I have had trouble entering some grown woman and here I was looking at a pink hairless cunt impaled on my massive penis. It was a sight that will be imbedded in my brain forever. If I ever need a visual image to get off on this will be the one that will do it every time. All I have to do is recall this moment and I will be transported into the realm of orgasmic producing sex. Candy seemed to have finally returned from wherever the experience of impaling herself on an object that was not supposed to have entered her for a few more years, had sent her, and resumed breathing. She ever so slowly leaned forward and laid her head on my chest. Incapable of speech at the time, I realized she just needed to be held while she waited for her little body to adjust to the alien presence within her. Raising her face to look up at me she smiled and said in a slightly pained voice. "I wouldn't want to have to do that again soon. But now that it's in me I think I want to keep it there for awhile.


  " "Is it OK if we just lay here without moving for a few minutes?""Sure it is sweetheart, you just rest awhile. You just did a lot of work for a young girl and performed an amazing feat. I would never have believed that you could have gotten your little cunt to take me inside you. Now that I'm in there we are going to make this last for awhile. ""OK" she said. And closed her eyes and snuggled again back into my chest. I thought resting would accomplish the same effect as cumming, that is my dick would soften and I would be able to move a little inside Candy's pussy. As it was the pressure exerted on my penis was such that I could not lose awareness of it's proximity to her velvety pussy walls. If anything my dick was pulsating and, if it could be possible, growing larger and stretching her little cunt even more. Candy opened her eyes and smiled up at me saying, "I feel so full and I can feel your thing growing inside me, It feels wonderful. I can feel it way deep inside my belly and I think I'm gonna have a cum, Can you feel my cum happening? Can you feel the wetness inside me?"I could. I could feel every bit of her cunt wrapped around my dick. She started a slight up and down movement and it translated itself to my dick as fucking and gave me the impetus to start moving with her. Together we rocked ever so slowly, my dick slipping slightly in and out of her cunt. Her wetness did help the motion and soon I could actually move about a half inch at a time.


  Candy groaned and dug her fingers into my sides, as if to keep from falling off me. She started pulling herself higher up onto me and my prick came almost halfway out of her cunt. Candy was very brave and again impaled herself down on the full length of me. Now her juices and my pre cum were doing the job they were intended to do. She pulled herself up and off most of my dick and again impaled herself. This time she only took about half of me inside her before rising again. We were now really fucking. Her cunt and my prick were engaged in the act that ages of participants could not improve on. The act that created her only a few short years ago and all of us through generations of wondrous fucking. Candy's pussy was saturated with her natural lubrication and my cum was now rising in my prick. I could feel it starting its journey into the abyss of her cunt. I exploded into her and she climaxed at the exact same instant. Both of us screamed out our ecstasy and our bodies jerked and spazimed to the unheard music of erotic love. My cum was flowing profusely out of her little fuck box. My dick slipped out of Candy's cunt and was followed by our combined bodily fluids.

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   I rolled Candy over onto her back and closely inspected her pussy. Her lips were still wide open and my cum was pooling at the lower section of her slit. I leaned in to get a better view and she raised her self up to meet me. I dipped my tongue into her pretty, well fucked little cunt and tasted my cum. I have always liked the taste of my cum but extracting it from such a lovely vessel was a pleasure I had never expected to enjoy. I again pierced her slit with my tongue and dove in as deeply as I could. There was an abundance of our combined cum deeper inside her and I sucked and lapped until I was sure there was nothing more within reach of my greedy tongue. When I sat up Candy was smiling and licking her lips. She kissed me and licked my face clean of our juices. She then proceeded to lick my now flaccid prick clean. Taking me deep into her pretty little mouth she sucked me back to full hardness and kept sucking till I again released my cum into her mouth. Candy and I had many wonderful experiences for quite a few years following this adventure. It seems that she enjoyed sharing me with her friends and relatives, and I have never had a shortage of sweet young pussy from that time on. .

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