Serving Detention with Miss Andrews


As we sat there silently, each immersed in our individual shame and terror, we could see the schoolgrounds emptying of its final inhabitants. While the other kids went off to play their Nintendo, or terrorise the neighborhood, we could do nothing but reflect, and wait. Finally Miss Andrews entered the room, closed the door behind her, uttered a minimalist greeting of “Boys,” and sat down at the front desk, facing us. She was a blonde in her thirties, and she was wearing a snug-fitting white collared shirt, a pleated skirt, and long black boots. She was, without doubt, the sexiest teacher in the school, with full round breasts, and a face that expressed both sly intelligence and a sense of power. I am sure that many of her students had spent many a night masturbating to the vision of Miss Andrews, and I am just as sure that she was aware of that fact, but at that moment she was to me nothing but the embodiment of my eternal damnation. She had brought in with her the very magazine that was the proof of our shame. She sat there in silence, flicking the pages, without apparent interest. After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke. “As I recall,” she began, “I wandered behind the school sheds, only to find you four boys slobbering over this particular, um, journal. ” It was as though she were going again over the events we all knew perfectly well just to increase our shame. “I don’t believe this periodical is a part of the curriculum, is it Lachlan?”“No,” Lachlan managed to mutter in reply. “You do know, don’t you James, that this is degrading filth?”“Yes Miss, sorry Miss,” said James. “Sorry Miss doesn’t cut it I’m afraid,” Miss Andrews said. “Is there any reason why I should think of you four boys as anything other than disgusting little boys? Jason, I’m talking to you. ”“We’ll never do it again,” Jason stammered.

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  “That wasn’t what I asked, and I don’t believe you for one second. And Davey, its you I’m most surprised at. I thought you, of all people, would know better than to lower yourself to this level. ”Davey. That’s me. I felt like saying that I had just gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd but, after all, these were my friends. Jason had taken the magazine from his father’s stash, and, along with the rest of them, I could not resist taking a peek at the naked flesh, at the lovingly lighted shots of girls with cocks in their mouths and pussies. I remember that the one thought I had while looking at these photographs, the like of which I had never seen before, was that I could not believe that people would actually do this in front of a camera. To actually allow a photograph to be taken while a guy shot his cum on your face—could that really happen on planet Earth?!“I’m so sorry Miss,” was all I could manage. Until that moment, I had been one of her favourites. “Yes you are all sorry. Easy words to say. But don’t you know that it degrades women to be photographed like this, that YOU, all of you, are taking part in that degradation. I just don’t think its enough. ” And then came the words I had been dreading.

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   “I think I had better call your parents and let them decide what’s the best way to punish you. ”“No!” I exclaimed involuntarily. Miss Andrews raised her eyebrows. “Are you telling me what to do Davey?”“I’m sorry Miss. Please don’t tell my parents. Please don’t tell my Mom. ”“Are you afraid that your Mom will finally discover what a disgusting little boy you are, Davey? Don’t you think she should know the truth, that you are a disgusting little boy, who will grow into a disgusting adult, and who is destined, along with the rest of you, to become a dirty old man?” She was sneering. I could only repeat what I had already said. “Please don’t tell our parents. ”Miss Andrews was quiet for a moment. My heart was racing, and I was inwardly praying to God to somehow prevent my mother from ever finding out about this whole incident. “Well,” she said slowly, “I suppose that I could punish you myself, but on one condition. ”“We accept,” James interrupted. Evidently he was just as worried as I was about his own mother, whom I knew was somewhat of a harridan. “The condition is,” Miss Andrews continued, looking annoyed at the interruption, “that you ALL accept whatever punishment I propose, and that you unquestionably carry out whatever it is I order you to do to fulfill that punishment.

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  ”The four of us looked at each other, then back at Miss Andrews, and, in unison, nodded our assent. Again Miss Andrews was quiet. She started flicking through the magazine again, as though a more thorough understanding of its contents would enable her to more accurately determine the appropriate punishment. All four of us were fidgeting, tapping the desk with our pens, or the floor with our feet. But she just kept slowly turning page after humiliating page. “So you think its ok to look at naked girls, do you?” she asked rhetorically. “Well let the punishment fit the crime. Boys, come up here and stand in front of my desk. ” We silently complied. “Closer,” she said. We were standing about an inch from the front of the desk. “Now unzip your pants and take out your cocks. ” We stood there dumbstruck. “I said take out your cocks. I want to see them.

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  ” None of us moved, horrified at what was going on. Was she serious, or just trying to scare us. “OK that’s it,” she said angrily. “I’m calling your parents right now!”Four zips went down. She gave a little chortle. “Take ‘em out now. ” Slowly, as though any second we would get a reprieve, we each reached into our pants and pulled out our cocks. We just stood there, dangling. “If you want to look at girls, then its only fair that I should look at you, not that there’s much to look at. ” She just stared at us for a while, then she had another idea. “Lay your cocks on the desk. That’s it, just let them sit there on the desk like four little lined-up worms. ” The four of us had to crouch down just a little, but we obviously all felt we better do what she wanted. Our cocks were arranged on the desk in front of, lined up just as she wanted. She laughed at the sight of it, then said, “Well its obvious that its THESE that are truly the guilty party.

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   Is that right Lachlan? Its not you who’s guilty, just your cocks that lead you astray?”“Um I guess so,” Lachlan replied meekly. “Well then I better punish the guilty parties,” Miss Andrews concluded approvingly. She pulled a wooden ruler out of the desk drawer. “I am going to give each of you a spank, ok?” We looked at each other in fear. “You agreed to be punished by me didn’t you? Its not too late to call your mothers you know. ” We nodded. Miss Andrews stood up, and walked around the desk. I was to be the first recipient of this surprising brand of justice. She raised her right hand with the ruler, and I was suddenly terrified that she would belt the shit out of my cock. Down came the ruler, and I drew in my breath as it hit. My cock stung like hell, but I have to admit she didn’t hit it as hard as I had feared. The other three looked along. She quickly spanked their cocks with the ruler, as though she were swatting flies. “There, that didn’t hurt did it?” she asked wryly, seemingly pleased with the pained expressions on our faces. Then she looked down at where she had just administered the blows.

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   Suddenly she gave a short laugh. “My god,” she exclaimed, “all four of you have got raging hard-ons!”I looked down and it was true. I don’t know why it was true but it was true. Our four cocks were now elongated snakes on Miss Andrews’ desk, or even standing straight up above it. “You really are dirty little boys aren’t you? Davey, does it turn you on that I hit your cock with a ruler? Do you like it? Should I do it again?” she asked menacingly. Menacingly, but, in fact, she was practically whispering, and her mouth was at my ear. “Please don’t hit it again,” I replied. “Don’t tell me what to do,” Miss Andrews reproved. “If I need to hit your cock again that’s exactly what I’ll do. Now show me what you do when you read that magazine. ”None of us moved. “I said show me what you do when you read that magazine!”“Uh, what do you mean, Miss?” Jason inquired quietly. “Pull your cocks. The four of you, pull your cocks now!” And she raised her hand that still wielded the ruler. Seeing little option, the four of us pulled our cocks, all of which were now rock hard.

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   Miss Andrews watched, on and on it went, and the longer it went on the more turned I got, and it was Miss Andrews who was turning me on. All four of us were staring at her breasts, or her incredibly sexy legs, or her pleated skirt. She must have seen us staring, even though none of thus could bring ourselves to look her in the eye. “Keep pulling,” she commanded, sitting down in her chair, as though to enjoy the spectacle at her leisure. She leaned her elbows on the desk and, in leaning forward, the four of us got just a glimpse of her cleavage. My cock seemed harder than it had ever been before. Just as I was about to lose control, she rescinded the order. “Ok ok, enough of that, let go of your cocks. The four of you, get undressed and lie on the floor. ”Again, at this next stage in our punishment, we hesitated. Was she really serious?“Um you mean completely undressed, so we’re, um, naked?” James asked. “What are you, retarded?” Miss Andrews replied. “If I say get undressed get undressed. Now do it, and lie on the floor. Now!” Again recognizing we had no choice, the four of us got undressed.

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   We lay on the floor in a line of four, so that our whole bodies were now like a larger version of the four worms that had just been lying on her desk. “OK now start pulling your cocks again, you disgusting little boys. ” I was terrified someone would come into the room, but I guess everybody had left the school by now. Miss Andrews certainly seemed unconcerned, and she stood over us, watching us lying there pulling ourselves. I am unable to describe the shame I was feeling, but it was a shame that was mixed with arousal. In fact, perhaps, it was as though they were intertwined, as though the shame was the result of the arousal, but, strangely, that the shame itself was making me, and probably all of us, even more aroused. Certainly all of our cocks were sticking straight into the air, as though reaching for Miss Andrews above us. Miss Andrews then did something I was simply not expecting. She grabbed her skirt on both sides and gathered it up. Even more incredible was that the four of us all had the sudden realization that Miss Andrews was not wearing any underwear. And, as I was still registering this fact, it was dawning on me that not only had Miss Andrews lifted her skirt, not only was she not wearing underwear, but her pussy was shaved. I could not believe that there were women in the world, that is, outside the porno we had just been looking at, who really did shave their pussy, and I certainly could not believe that I was now staring intently at Miss Andrews’ shaved pussy. “Nobody cum,” was all she said. Then she crouched down over Lachlan’s head and, even more simply, uttered one word. “Lick.

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  ” Lachlan dutifully, and gratefully, complied. I was pulling my cock furiously, trying to keep in my mind the commandment not to cum. After about two minutes, Miss Andrews stood up and crouched over James. “Lick,” she said. James, too, let his tongue work away at her beautiful pink pussy. Then came Jason’s turn. And then mine. “Lick,” she said to me, and, needless to say, it was the first time I had tasted pussy. I was still terrified, I was still incredibly ashamed, I still had a vision of my mother in tears as she kicked me out of the house, but at the same time I had the thought that this was probably the most perfect day I would ever experience. I licked and licked, hungrily taking in the flowing juices that were already mixed with the saliva of three other boys. Miss Andrews made me lick for about ten minutes, and then she whispered in my ear so that the others couldn’t hear, “I like you the best of all. ” I almost came right then. She continued, “I’m glad you had that magazine. You’ve got the nicest cock here. ” And she smiled at me in a way that was both affectionate and yet domineering.

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   She stood up, and I thought everything was over, but she simply took a step back and crouched down again, this time over my hard cock. She removed my hand from the shaft, and I felt my cock slide into her dripping pussy. I felt like I was being swallowed by the most beautiful monster I had ever seen. I was ready to join whatever religion worshipped Miss Andrews’ pussy. She worked her way up and down my cock, and again she whispered in my ear, “You’ve got a glorious big cock. ” And added, even more quietly, yet also more forcefully, “Fuck me!” I held her ass, and quickened the tempo. “Boys,” she suddenly announced loudly, “Come up here. ” The other three eagerly stood up. “Line up in front of me,” she commanded, all the while sitting on top of me fucking my hard cock. “I want you to cum. Shoot it in my mouth. ” James, Lachlan, and Jason pulled their cocks vigorously. “Tell me when you’re about to cum. ”After about thirty seconds, Jason said, “I’m going to cum Miss,” and she opened her mouth as he shot jet after jet of cum straight into it. She laughed, and I could feel that I was getting ready to explode.


   James and Lachlan were red in the face from pulling their cocks. “Give it to me now,” Miss Andrews ordered and, as though on cue, they both shot their loads onto her face, about a quarter of it managing to find her mouth. Her face was dripping, and she placed her hands squarely on my chest and started riding my cock wildly. It was more than I could take and I shouted that I was cumming. Miss Andrews kept fucking and I felt my cum shoot up inside, wave after wave so that I thought it would never end, a feeling of incredible bliss rushing over me. Miss Andrews rolled off me, and lay on the floor with a big smile on her face. “Boys,” she said, “you’re all beautiful. ” She looked at us wryly. “I hope,” she said, mock sternly, “that you have all learned your lesson. ”We certainly had. .