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Walking down to a gloomy, unsanitary basement the anticipation for great day was awake in my stomach. My boyfriend and I walked down the stairs. Sitting on one of the dingy couches was his friend Chris. As we both sat down the others then arrived and seated on a pair of other couches. The boys packed the pipes and we began to pass them around. I don’t know what it is but I get so horny when I’m high. My boyfriend was sitting back on the couch and I decided to sit closer to the edge so that my orange g-string would stick out of my jeans. I loved teasing him because all of his friends were around. We were all laughing and listening to music when I felt my boyfriend running his finger left to right underneath the string of my thong. I turn back and looked at him seductively. Being high made me so horny I practically just wanted to fuck him right there in front of everyone. He then grinned back at me. We passed the pipes around once more. \/\/I lean over and whisper in his ear, “I want to make out with you,” with a giggle trailing off. \/I then looked forward and he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Do you want to go back to my house and fuck?” \/I was actually surprised with his forwardness. It definitely turns me on when he says anything dirty.

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   I felt a flutter in my stomach. Now excited from being high and soon for his dick. \/“Well, I think we are going to go to my house and eat dinner. We’ll see you at Alan’s house. ” he said to the boys as we got up to leave. \/“Cool, see you guys later. ”\/As we walked up the stairs he took his middle finger and rubbed the outside of my jeans from my clit towards him. I tease him and he ends up teasing me. We drive to his house, as I stumble out of his truck I mention I had to go to the bathroom. I then came out and looked down the hall towards his bedroom. The door was closed. I opened it to find him laying underneath the blanket on his bed. \/\/“Are you naked?” I said naively. Standing by the bed I began to strip taking off my pants and shirt until I was in my hot orange bra and thong. I have about a 36D sized chest.

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   I’m not skinny but I’m not fat, I consider myself more of a curvy girl. I’ve got the ass that skinny bitches only wish they could have. \/\/I crawled onto the bed and begin to kiss him sweetly. He then reached back and unhooked my bra. I stood up again and took of my underwear. Watching him gently stroke his hard cock as I took my final piece of clothing off, set me on edge. I wanted him now. I got back on the bed and straddled his hand he brought his fingertip to my swollen clit. He started to rub in circles. As he did so I began to pant and squeal as the juices from my cunt were swirled over the lips of my pussy and massaged over my clit. \/“Yes, oh god,” I gasped as I reached closer to screaming out of control. \/While moaning in his ear he pushed me forward to see my face as I orgasmed. He then kissed my open mouth filling it with the battle between his tongue in mine to romantically follow it by asking if I had a condom. \/“Yes, It’s in my purse hold on,” as I looked in my purse for my wallet I had realized I left it in my car. “Well I’ll be right back,” I said.

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  \/“Why?”\/“It’s in my wallet in my car,” I threw on my wife-beater tank and jeans skipping the undergarments, “I really want to fuck you. ”I said as a last thought when I ran outside to my car and returned with the white square packet. \/As he put it on I took my jeans off again. In the haste of wanting his dick in me I didn’t even take off my shirt. \/I straddled him and alined his cock at the entrance of my cunt. I put the tip of it in and felt my pussy grip around it completely. I pushed my body down on his thick cock until it disappeared completely into my pussy. I began to ride him as he pushed up into me and moved his hips so that he was rubbing my g spot. \/I was blazed and in that state I tend to do and say things that I wish I could say or do when I was sober. \/As his dick went in and out of me I could feel my juices coating him and making it a slippery mess. I took my tank top off and threw it across the room. He grabbed my hips and bounced me. I leaned back as he thrust up into me. \/“You like that?” his question was answered with a moan and I can only assume that was the answer he was hoping for. “Lean back a little more.

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  ”\/As I leaned back it exposed my clit. He began to rub it hard. My pussy tightened around his cock as I began to reach my second orgasm. \/“I. . . . . I want you. . . . . please, fuck me hard. I want you to fuck me hard.

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  ” I pleaded as I now leaned towards him. \/This must have gotten him going because he then grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down hard on his cock. \/His breathing got heavier and then he uttered, “I’m going to cum soon. ”\/As he continued to shove me down on his dick, his face began to distort to the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. His mouth open and eyes half, he slammed me down once more and I could feel the pulsing of his cock pumping his seed. \/Out of breath and the world in a daze we dressed and left for the grocery store. We got a call and promised we would be on our way soon. As we got there the boys questioned why we were gone so long and now eating dinner that we picked up there instead. My boyfriend stood there trying to come up with something until I answered, “Well first I fucked him then we went to the store. ”\/They all kinda just sat there in a shock and then laughed. Sex and drugs. .

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