Sex at camp with my friend


It was mid summer at the camp. It was hot, humid and the bugs were annoying. The camp had mostly girls with like a dozen guys and I only knew two girls there, Kelsey and Tanya. Kelsey had a petite little body and small b-cup breasts and she had long golden blonde hair with blue eyes and a cute innocent face. Tanya had the same petite body but had slightly larger breasts and had short wavy brown hair and green eyes. We had all been friends since kindergarten, or since they were and I was in the 1st grade. I was 15 and they were 14 now and that summer we had gone to summer camp for six weeks. All the guys would basically bullshit at night and brag about their dicks and the amount of girls they fucked. I don’t mean to brag, if it sounds like it, but I’ve been over gifted, when I hit puberty my body and cock had growth spurts, big ones. I stood at 6ft 2in tall and between my legs was an annoying 14 inch hard on. In school I didn’t have to even try and get hard and I would and the damn thing would slide down my leg and make it painful and embarrassing to stand up. In the shower room it was so hot no one wore their towels. No one looked at anyone else or even cared they were surrounded by naked guys, it was too damn hot to give a shit. So we got in and out of the showers and went to bed, nothing said. Well the next morning everyone went down to the lake and cooled off from the 104 degree heat. Kelsey, Tanya and I hung around together in a small group.

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   They were both in these two piece swim suits like bikinis but with short shorts bottoms. We talked and talked and they started telling me about a few of the girls sneaking out of their cabin to “hang out” with the guys. I fell asleep fast so I didn’t have too much to say on that subject. My dick was soft, but even then it was like 8 inches long and had a little bit of excess skin but even when it was soft and bendy it was annoying to have down there and I considered it more or less a curse than a great gift like one senior said my freshman year in high school. All she did was give head, good head, but wouldn’t let me fuck her. Anyways, my friends didn’t know about it and I didn’t want to tell them, didn’t really feel like it and sex was always on my mind. So we swam and swam, played a tackle version of Marco Polo. The counselor made us get out later so we could do arts and craft and hike up the trails and all that other bullshit. Well later that even it was cool and we, the guys, weren’t tired and hot and everyone felt pretty arrogant. In the shower room some guys wrapped up in towels while the other girls walked around and showed off what they had and dared other guys to show theirs until everyone, except me, had shown theirs off and a few guys got ragged on for having small dicks. Then finally came to me and I hesitated before saying, “Oh what the hell. ” I took my towel off, threw it on my shoulders and guys that started all this just turned around and shut up. Another guy just stared at me with the look of, “Holy shit,” on his face. Getting creped out I put my towel back on and kept it on until I got into the shower stall. As I walked out of the shower and started to my cabin I passed by Kelsey on the way.

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   She was in her pajamas and had her hair up and she looked hot as hell. “Hey Al,” she said, “What’s up?” “Nothing,” I said, “you?” Right then a guy walked by, “Lucky girl,” he said and walked on. “What was that about?” she asked. “You’re asking the wrong guy,” I said. A camp counselor walked by and made us head to our cabins so we left. I changed into my gym shorts, which I sleep in, and fell asleep quickly. The next morning at breakfast pretty much all the girls were staring at me. Tanya and Kelsey kept staring at me in the same way and I knew what it was but I really didn’t want that kind of attention, especially when a senior slut at school told me I couldn’t fuck her with this. That was like 4 months ago though. Well, today we went hiking first and I was wearing shorts. A few of the girls kept flirting with me and trying to rub up against me or grind their asses into my crotch when we rested. Kelsey just laughed at me the entire time and watched the show. “What,” I said. “Nothing,” she kept laughing. I nudged her in the shoulder and I tried to laugh.

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   At lunch while we were eating a counselor came and told Tanya she was going home, she would be going to some family reunion where she had a cousin she loved to fuck(she was big into incest), so that left me and Kelsey. Before Tanya left though, she walked up, hugged me and then grabbed my soft cock in my pants and smiled. “So they were right for once, wish I could have seen it before I left,” she said. I would have shown her but she turned and walked to the bus. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen already and that was the last thing I wanted, to have a long noticeable bulge down my shorts leg and really pushed outward. I managed to hide for a few minutes and calm it down. After that I found Kelsey and we started hanging out, talking and joking around. While we were talking she went silent and looking around before she leaned forward. “Can I ask you something?” she asked so innocently. “Sure,” I said. “Even if it’s personal?” “Sure, go ahead,” I said, already knowing what she was going to ask. She looked around again, “Is it true what the girls were told?” “What were they told?” I asked. I wanted her to say it herself. “Is it true you have a huge cock?” she asked, she was red in the face all over from embarrassment. “Yeah,” I said, but I didn’t say it like “Yeah my cock is huge you want to see it,” I said it more like it was a tumor like, “Yeah it’s that bad,” that kind of yeah.

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   She looked at me like I was crazy. “I hear the bigger the better,” she said. “Yeah, that’s how it goes, unless it’s so big it’s uncomfortable to have in your shorts,” I said. “Now I think you’re messing with me,” she said. “Not kidding,” I said. “Then prove it,” she said. “Yeah right, I don’t have to prove it,” I said. I could tell by the look on her face she was hoping I’d say yes. It was easy to tell she was a virgin and that she was so innocent. “Please,” she asked. “I’ve never seen one and I’m tired of the girls describing them to me or looking in magazines,” she said. “Magazines,” I asked, I was shocked, all I ever knew as penthouse and playboy. “Never mind,” she said, “but could I please see it, I mean not touch it, just see it. ” She sounded so innocent and sexy just begging. I couldn’t help it; I had to show her, besides she was like my best friend so it’s not like I’d have to worry about anything.

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   “Ok,” I said. “Follow me. ” I stood up and walked into the camps office and she followed. I looked around until I finally found and empty room that locked. We walked in and I closed the door and locked it. I stood in front of her, took my shirt of, kicked off my shoes and stood there. “Ready,” I asked. “Yeah,” she said looking at my crotch with eager eyes. I slowly unzipped my shorts and slid ‘em down. She kept staring and I could she was wanting it more and more. My cock, even when soft, was easy to see in my boxers, going down my leg but the head didn’t stick out. “Holy shit,” she said, “is that thing real,” she asked. I finally dropped my boxers and let my cock hang down. The look on her face was enough to get me hard, but I fought against it. I reached down and grabbed it at the base of my shaft and shook it around like a limp piece of meat.

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   She stared at it and then looked up at me. “Like it?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said in a single breath. I kept wiggling it and grinned. “Want to touch it,” I said. “Sure,” she said. she took a few steps forward and I stopped her. “Before you do, you have to show me,” I said. “What?” she asked. “I don’t have anything to show. ” “You have tits and a pussy,” I said. “I know, but my tits aren’t big and my pussy is…” “Show me,” I said. “fine,” she said. She slowly removed her shirt and short shorts. I was slowly starting to get hard.

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   She was standing there in a small bra and a nice little red thong. She undid the front of her bra and let the cups open and she slipped it off. She looked up at me and grinned a sexy grin and slowly slipped out of her thong like a lap dancer. “See,” she said, “You happy?” “You look great,” I said. her pussy looked so tight and there were little blonde hairs starting to grow. I walked over and stood in front of her. My cock was still growing and getting hard even as I stood there. She looked down and slid her fingers across my cock and they were so warm. I slowly and descreetly moved my hand to her pussy and quickly grabbed it and slid a few fingers into her lips. She jumped in surprise and moaned. “Allen,” she said. “What,” I said. She reached over and grabbed my cock and squeezed it and started stroking and I let out a soft moan. “Keep doing that,” I said. she kept on for a few more minutes until I was finally hard.

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   She stared at it and then at me. “When were you going to tell me about this,” she said. “When I felt like fucking you,” I said. I didn’t care about the fact I had known her for so long, I was horny, hard and right in front of my virgin friend. I reached around her, lifted her up by her ass and carried her to a small desk in the corner of the room. “I feel like fucking you now,” I said, I trying to be funny. She looked at me, “That’s too big,” she said, “it’s too long and too thick, it’ll tear me up,” she said. “Come on, if it hurts I’ll let you hurt me,” I said. “Ok,” she said. she scooted back onto the desk and spread her legs. I got on my knees and began licking her pussy lips to loosen her up. She started to say something but started moaning. I sunk my tongue into her slit and savored her virgin juices and began sucking on her lips, one at a time before I spread her lips with my thumbs and sank my mouth into her open cunt. She moaned and rested a hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair. She tasted even better than the slut from school, and I was so hard and my cock was being pushed downward by the desk.

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   After a few more minutes she began whimpering and moaning and finally she came all over my lips and the desk. I pulled out, looked up at her and she smiled. I moved up and began sucking on her tits and playing with her nipples before we finally kissed. “So that’s what I taste like,” she whispered. I pulled back, held my hard slab of meat in my hand rested it on her pussy lips. “Ready for it,” I asked. “Fuck yeah,” she moaned. I slowly slid my head in and I slowly slid my thick cock in inch by inch and she moaned. She was so tight it was like sliding my cock between vice grips. I kept sliding in deeper and deeper until she whimpered when I was too deep. More than half my cock was buried in her cunt. She laid back on the desk and I pulled out and started fucking her little virgin pussy. At first it was a slow motion so it wouldn’t hurt her then I went crazy and went deeper. Her tits bounced back and forth, slightly though, they were small. She moaned and whimpered and I kept fucking her.

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   She sat forth and put and arm around my neck to hold herself up as I slammed into her cunt. She looked down at her pussy and watched my thick cock spread her tight lips with a little bit of blood and her juices were mixed on my shaft and around her lips a little bit. I lifted her up and spun around, sat down and let her go up and down my cock before I let her try and ride me. After a little while I got back on top of her and before I knew it she was cumming and I could feel the pressure in my cock and before long I emptied a huge load of cum into her cunt and I kept fucking her non stop. The cum leaked out and foamed up from all the friction and she moaned constantly. I kept fucking her for another hour and we came a few times before we stopped. I sat down on the edge of the desk and closed my eyes while breaking. While I wasn’t looking she quickly wrapped her lips around my cock drench in our cum and started sucking like crazy. At first her head wasn’t bobbing up and down and she was just sucking on my head and I could feel the blood rushing to it until she started bobbing her head up and down, taking as much of he in as she could. She fondled my balls and wrapped fingers around my shaft. I didn’t hold back for her and I emptied a huge load into her mouth. She pulled me out and my cum shot onto her lips, nose and cheek. She swallowed what was in her mouth and wiped the rest off with her hand and licked it off. “It’s salty,” she said, “but it still so good. ” I got on the floor next to her and kissed her again and I could taste myself in her mouth.


   I turned her around, bent her over and slammed my cock into her pussy again from behind and she started moaning again. We kept fucking, and cumming until the door opened and a girl walked in and she was about 20 with long brown hair and brown eyes. “What’s going on in here?” she asked. I pulled out quickly and my cum leaked from her pussy. She walked in and closed the door behind her and stared at my cock. She stepped over and crouched down in front of me, “little stud,” she said. she grabbed my sticky cock and slid her fingers into her mouth to taste. “You’re so good,” she moaned, “and your cock is bigger than any I’ve ever had. ” “Please don’t tell,” Kelsey said. “We’ll do anything,” I pleaded. “Well,” she said and quickly stripped out of everything. “Fuck me,” she said. she leaned back, propped herself up on her arms and spread her legs. She looked at Kelsey, “Don’t worry, you’ll get his cock back in a few minutes. ” I crawled over, hung my cock over her pussy and thrust my cock deep into her loose and deep cunt.

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   She laid back completely and I hammered her cunt like crazy. After a few minutes I pulled out and rolled her over and slammed my cock into her pussy and noticed her asshole was huge. I pulled out and slammed my cock into that and fucked her. She wasn’t deep but I still forced my way into her. I pulled out and did the same with her pussy and before long I cummed in her. She looked back at me, “You’re pretty good for a young guy,” she moaned erotically, “you’ll be a pro by college. ” She moved away and I sat back propping myself up on an arm. “Hey slut,” she said looking at Kelsey, “come over here, I want to give you a lesson on giving head. ” Kelsey came over and sat next to her. This girl started sucking my cock and it was pretty good, kind of like the slut from school, but not as good. I rolled my head back and moaned as she kept sucking until I felt her thrust a finger into my asshole and move it around and I cummed pretty fast. “See, if you do this, you’ll get more cum out of him,” she said. she stood up got dressed and left. Kelsey started sucking my cock and slid a finger in my asshole and made me cum. I quickly laid her on her side and spread her legs, having 1 under me and the other on my shoulder and I fucked her asshole really hard spreading it and pushing in really deep.

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   I felt the urge to cum again after a few more minutes and I emptied my last load of cum into her cunt. When she stood up cum leaked out of her pussy and she quickly put on her thong and shorts but the cum seeped through. I got dressed to, stuffing my cock into my pants and it went down my thigh. We left the building and quickly got to our cabins and showered. We kept fucking through out the rest of the camp. She tried it with one guy but said it wasn’t the same, but I found 1 other girl to fuck also, she was like 12 or 11 and was just about to go into middle school, that’s another story. Oh yeah turned out my cock grew like an inch or something like that or the 4 months. .

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