Sex with my girl friends best friend: Part 1


My names Dave, im 17 years old and live in the suburbs of a big town, I would say im pretty popular, I have alot of friends and girl friends. Im what some people would call an "Emo" kid, Ive got the parted hair across half of my face and the rediculously tight pants and shirts with the checkered vans shoes.
My story begins in Taco Bell. Me and my best friend, girl friend, girl friends best friend, and a bunch of other people. My girl friends best friend is names Kelly. Ive never really been that attracted to her, I suppose I've just never looked at her as a sex option. Shes fit, B cup breasts and a nice butt.
It all happened when one of our friends catie had to get a ride home. I didnt want to ride back alone so I asked Kelly to come with me. She did of course. Kelly is very flirty, and she is the girl that our group of friends makes fun of alot. Mostly because she had anal with our friend Jeff, so we call her the Ass-Master.
We drop off Catie and on the way back she pulls out a marker and starts drawing on my hand. For some reason teenage girls always have the biggest addiction to writing on my hands, and arms.
I jerked my hand away. "Hell no, you guys gave me full arm sleeves yesterday, I had to peel the skin off my arm to get it to wash off.

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  " I told her. "Oh come on, what will you do for me?""You can draw on me. . . ""I dunno. . . I don't have the urge to draw on everyone like you do. What else?""I don't know. . What do you want?" She asked. "Ill let you, if you flash me. ""Right here?" She asked, not really sounding shocked that I wanted to. "No, lets go on the side roads, because I don't want to run off the road. ""Ok fine.

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We drove for a little bit and I took a right onto a residential road on the way back to Taco Bell. "Well, lets see em. "She hesitated a little bit, feeling nervous but then lifted up her shirt, revealing her white bra. "Are you kidding, I want to see everything. ""Fiiiine. . " She lifted up her bra and let her milky white breasts drop. The were nice, she had perfect round nipples, not too small or too large. "Not bad. . . " I said surrendering my hand to her. She wrote a little something on it, but I didnt even bother to read it because just then she asked,"So lets see your dick. ""Hah, turning this into a kindergarden game of Ill show you, you show me, huh?" I laughed. "Maybe, lets see it.

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  " So I unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing erect 7 inch dick, dripping at the end with pre-cum. "Not bad," She said. "I must say its bigger than Rob and Jeffs. ""Ha, really? I feel special now. " I put my dick back in my boxers. "So want to go further?" I asked her. "What do you mean?" She asked. "Completely take off your shirt. " I told her, and by this time, I pulled over to the side of the road. "Ok, I can do that. " She took off her shirt and bra and tossed them onto the floor. I reached over and cupped my hand around her soft perky breast and started to run my hands up and down her chest and tease and pinch her nipples. She reached of and started to unbotton my pants and slid her warm fingers around the shaft of my dick and started to jerk me off. She did this for a little while and I started to suck on her tits and swirl my tongue around them. "Hey, lets get in the back" I said to her.

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  "It might be a little more comfortable. " So we jumped in the back and she pulled my pants all the way to the floor and I kicked them off and took off my shirt.
Then I began to unbotton her pants and I pulled them down, she started to spread her legs. I rubbed my 2 fingers over her panties and felt the steaming hot warmness of her female parts. I slipped off her panties and dropped them to the floor. I rubbed my finger against her clit and started to rub. She gave out a slight moan and I stuck my finger inside of her and started to pump in and out slowly, and then faster, and then 2 fingers, and then 3. She started moaning and jerking me off faster.
I was on the brink of explosion, I pulled my fingers out and took her hand off my dick. "Whats wrong?" She asked. "Im not ready to cum yet. ""Oh, I get it. " she said. She put one hand on the base of my shaft and the other on my balls and started massaging my balls up and down. Then softly kissed the head of my penis.

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   Then slowly sucked the head of my penis into her mouth and rubbed her tongue against it.
She slowly started putting my dick deeper between her soft, wet lips until she started to gag, but she kept going. I rubbed my hands through her hair and down her back. She sucked me off for nearly 5 minutes before my phone started ringing and it scared us both so bad that she almost bit my dick off. "Shit, they are looking for us. " I told her as I answered my phone. Party's over, we had to get back. "We'll have to continue this another time. " I told her as she whiped off her mouth. On the way back I noticed my hand said "I want to fuck you. "
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