Sexual Encounters: My Life Chapter 3 & 4


There was a man in his late twenties, early thirties. His name was Torry. He was the first guy I had ever gotten a 'crush' on. He was Puerta Rican, about my height with curly brown hair and a gentle laugh. One night Karie and I were over at the apartment he shared with his cousin Julio, who Karie was fucking and who I later fucked. At the time I was recently turned 15, and we were all drinking Old English. I was sitting on their beat down sofa with a 40 OZ of malt liquor between my legs, trying to ride hard with the 'big dogs'. Julio offered me some Southern Comfort and I readily accepted. I had never had hard liquor before, so I wasn't sure what it's affect would be. He handed me a glass half full, and I gulped it down quickly. . Needless to say, my chest and stomach became aflame with the hot liquid and my eyes grew large in my head. They all had a laugh at my expense, and I vowed off liquor (a vow I have never kept). Shortly after I had to use the bathroom and attempting to make my way to the 'little girls room' alone, I fell into a closet. Torry came to my rescue and helped me up. At this point the liquor had taken charge of my brain because I blurted out, "I wanna fuck.

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  " He and I were in the hallway kissing right ouside his bedroom. He pushed me towards his room and in a move I found rather erotic, we fell together onto the bed. He removed my jeans and shirt and wasted no time in placing his hot, wet mouth on my engorged nipple. He suckled, first one and then the other, causing me to get extremely wet between my thighs. He removed his jeans and placed his hard cock at the entrance to my soul, and with one swift plunge he was buried balls deep inside me. I was no loner the shy, timid girl I once was and my moans, I'm sure, could be heard across the street. "Fuck me!" I screamed, all inhabitions lost. "Fuck me hard!"Torry began to tear into my cunt, showing me no mercy. I was so drunk I didn't care what he thought of me, who heard us. . . nothing. I dug my nails into his back, arched myself off the bed, and cried out, "Give it to me! Give me that big dick! Fuck my white pussy baby! Fuck yeah! Oh yes! Fuck!"By now I was simply allowing every vulgar and lucid word and phrase imaginable spill forth from my young mouth. My large, hardened nipples were rubbing across his chest and I could feel my pussy contracting on his cock. I was out of my mind with need.

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  . . desire. I fucked back, wanting more of him in me. I wanted to feel the pain of him hitting so deep he bruised my cervix. "Hurt me!" I begged, pulling his ass against me. . . forcing him where I ached for him. My body began to shudder and I felt myself falling. The room went out of focus and I thought I was going to faint. With one final thrust he emptied his seed inside my womb. He fell against me and I passed out beneath him. Chapter 4Things were off and on with Torry and me for a few weeks. He was the first guy I had continued to fuck on a semi-regular basis.

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   Then I fell into other crews and Torry and I stopped speaking. Karie and I decided one night while we were out that we weren't going to go home. We ran into these guys who at the time seemed good enough for a fuck. So we went home with them to their rinky dink room. . . where they shared the bathroom and kitchen with other borders. Karie and the tall, bald headed guy where on the sofa fucking, her small frame lost beneath his wide shoulders. I was on the twin bed with an older man named John. He had to be in his forties, and come to think of it, he wasn't very good looking. But, he was a fuck. And to me that was all that mattered. We were laying under the covers and I had just removed my jeans when I felt him slide beneath the rough blanket and between my legs. I had never had a man lick me 'down there' before so when I felt his tongue slash through my gates, I damn near screamed. The intense feeling of his wet, hot tongue lapping away at my hole was incredible.

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   I felt him slide his tongue into me and then along my slit until he reached the little nub at the top. When his tongue and my clit met for the first time it was amazing. Shivers and sparks ran through my body, ending in my fingers and toes. He stayed down there, eating my pussy, for what seemed forever. Then he returned to lay beside me. He slipped on top of me with his small, skinny body and jabbed me with his penis. I didn't enjoy fucking this man. . . and looking into his dark, age marked face, I wished he would come so I could get out from beneath him. He finally came, grunting and shaking, into my awaiting sex, and I quicly rolled away from him and fell asleep. The next day Karie and I cleaned the guys apartment for him, since he had let us stay the night there. I have always felt as though I owe a man. . .

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   my pussy, head, whatever. So when he asked to finger my pussy later that day I allowed him to do so. Since his friend wasn't there, he had Karie sit on top of the sofa with him kneeling in front of her and between my legs while he fingered the both of us at the same time. I enjoyed watching Karie's face as his fingers slid between her pussy lips, hearing her moaning as he sucked on her tender, teenage clit. Afterwards I allowed him to fuck me. (More to cum. . . eating Karie's cunt. ).
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