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   No matter. I sucked Rah, temporarily forgotten, back into my mouth and paid attention to the swollen tip, licking and sucking gently around it , before grabbing him in my hand and stroking him as I paid attention to his balls. Jamarr was pounding furiously inside me, hurting my pelvic bone as our bodies brutally came together again and again. I used my free hand to grab his meaty ass and pull him into me and before long he was emptying his much wanted seed into my womb. As Jamarr slid free of my used pussy, Rah greedily filled his spot. By now I was tired and wanted nothing more than to make him cum so I could go home to my pink, ruffled bed. Even the guys who had been watching me take a pussy pounding had gone downstairs with the others. Thankfully, after a few thrusts inside my hot, tight pussy, Rah was ejaculating across my stomach and chest, to both our relief!.

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