The story involves 3 boys aged 14. 5 and 15 years old. It was  a nice spring day. Mike, Ben and Mark had just met to walk to school together. The 3 of them went to the same private school.
On the way to school the boys saw the useral bum going through the trash tans. Mark called out to him "get a job you ugly retard" the other 2 boys just laughed since it was the cool thing to do.
The boys decided to skip school for the day and go to the old boys were messing around in the old hospital. When Ben says " I need a leek" we told Ben "do it over there" " Ben replied I'll go into the next room.
Ben was gone for over five minutes. Mark and me were getting worried. We went looking for Ben but couldn't find him. We decided to split up and look for him and meet back in this room in ten minutes.
After ten minutes i went back to the room hopeing that Mark had found Ben. But instead of Them  I saw the old bum from this morning. "where's my friends" I yell.

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   The man grabs me and pushes a rag into my mouth. I faint. . . . .
I wait up in a basement room of the hospital I'm tied to a wall and Ben is tied next to me. "are you ok" I ask Ben. Ben just knods his head and whispers "yes" I look up and see Mark laid out on what looks like an old metal hospital table. His ankles and wrists tied out to the sides. His head is popped up on some old phone books. I call out to Mark "MARK CAN YOU GET FREE" he replies back no he cant even budge an inch. I try to get out of the ropes and same as Mark and Ben I'm trapped to the wall.
We try to work out what happened to us when we hear foot steps walking down the hall. We hear the door open.

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   In walks the old bum. He is wearing a hospital coat and pushes an old rusty cart next to Mark on the table.
"So you 3 spoilt rich kids like to make fun of me, well yes I might be ugly and down on my luck. One day I was a great doctor. Some stupid lawer took my life away from me. You 3 will pay. Lets have a look at what's on the table" the man explains to us. We beg for him to let us go, we all say were sorry but he just laughes. "My folks will give you money" I scream at him. " I dont want your money, you pretty little boys"
The man has placed Ben and me so we can see mark and him perfectly. The man pulls out a sharp looking knife from the tray and chops Marks tie of from his neck. He toses the broken tie onto the floor. He grabs marks shirt in his hands and tears it from his chest.
The man rubs Marks smooth tanned chest with his hands, Mark has tears in his eyes. "nice body" he spits at Mark.

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The man grabs an old electric razer and starts shaveing Marks scalp. "must remove hair first" he laughs. Next he shaves Marks arms and arm pits.
"oh no" the man yells "I almost forgot something" Ben and me are begging him to stop. He yells at us "make all the noice you like, no one will hear you.
He pats mark on the outside of his school pants. "now lets see" he says. He feels inside Marks pocket and pulls out his wallet. He opens it and pulls out Marks school Id. " almost 15 well in that case we better check" he toses marks wallet on the ground and pushes his hand down marks pants. Mark screams out in pain.
The old man undoes Marks belt and zipper and pulls down his school pants arount Marks tied ankles. Mark is now laid there with his blue bikini brifs covering his private parts.   " well we do have the perfect body" he yells into Marks ear. He grabs the knife and with a quick cut the underpants are gone. 

He takes hold of Marks limp 12 cm penis and starts pulling it up and down. Mark begs him 2 stop.
END OF PART ONE. . . . . . . . . . . .


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