The man had hold of Marks penis pulling it up and down, Mark was in tears. Marks penis soom becomes rock hard. Pointing up and streight. "wow even your dick is perfect kid, but maybe not for long" the man laughes. The man grabs the shaver and removes all Marks pubic hair. He then runs it up and down both of Marks legs. "thats better, cant have any hair for surgery" bellows the man.
"Surgery" screams Mark. "what are you going to do to me" Mark asks. Ben and Mike look on in fear, knowing they turn might come soon. There is Mark with his shirt ripped from his body, his pants and around his ankles. All is body hair and half is head shaved clean.
The man picks up Marks school bag and goes though it. he pulls out a pair of swimmers the tight lycra bikini style. "well look at these small things, well i guess with your perfect body these suit you. I can see by your tan line these things get a lot of use" the man says Ben yells out "were all on the swim team"
The man walks over to Ben and rips open his shirt.

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   "nice tan as well" the man then grabs Ben by the balls and pulls on them tight Ben screams for all his might "when i want to hear your voice kid i"ll ask for it" the man yells as he lets go of Bens balls. Ben just knods. I don't say a word. I see sweat dripping down Bens face, I allso see he has pissed himself. I need to go as well, but i don't dare say any thing.
The man walks back over to Mark on the table "so we have 3 pretty rich school sports hero's" Well then boy what shall it be today. What shall re remove. The man expalins that he used to be a surgeion and now he is again. He asks Mark what body part he doesn't want. "So shall we remove your arms, legs, hands or this nice little floppy thing down here" maks says as he grabs hold of Marks private parts. "come on kid pick what you want to lose" Mark struggles to try and break free. One of the ropes holding down his left leg breaks free, Mark kicks the man in the chest.   The man jumps backwards. "you filthy boy you" screams the man" Marks leg is kicking the air for all he's worth. The man grabs a large piece of wood from the door.

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   The man smashes the wood down hard against Marks knee's. MARK CRIES OUT IN PAIN LIKE I HAVE NEVER HEARD. The wood shatters both of Marks knees to pieces and the wood beam breaks in half as well. Marks body is shakeing from the impack of the blow. "well that will stop you ever doing that again, and you'll never run again as well. the man screams as he rubs his chest.
"so what do i remove, might as well take the legs now" tells the man. "nope fairs fair you have five minutes to pick what i remove, and you to over there might want to start thinking as well. I might as well toss these swimmers here in the bin, you won't be swimming again in a hurry" laughs the man as he tosses Marks swimmers in the dust bin.
The man walks over to where Ben and me are tied. "you filthy boy" shouts the man at mark as he points to where he wet himself. The man pulls down Bens school pants and boxer shorts. The man looks at Ben's limp penis "well yours is a little thicker then your friends? isn't it?" Ben in a soft crying voice says "yes" The man walks over to the shelf and takes down a small bottle and a pair of gloves. He pulls the gloves over is old decaying hands. The man walks back over to Ben "do you know what this is?" ask's the man.

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   Ben shakes his head as the man undoes the lid on the bottle. The man takes a eye dropper from his pocket and fills it up with what's in the bottle. He drops drops of this solution on Bens Penis and balls. With in a second Ben is in pain as the Acid starts to eat away at the flesh it has  just landed on. I see white fumes comeing and the smell of burning flesh comeing from Bens penis. The man walks over to the sink and returns with a bucket of water, he toses it over Bens penis and balls. The smoke vanishes and then I look down at what this acid has done to Bens penis. It was eaten it's way through the top quarter of his penis and all his pubic hair is blistering. Ben is in tears and crying out in pain.   The man just laughs. "you now only have 2 minutes to pick what you lose" he yells as he leaves the room. I look at Mark with his broken legs and see the pain he is in. I look at the mess of Bens private parts. I can only think heaven help me, what will he do to me. I like my body the way it is.

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   I have a nice healthy body, I don't want to lose it. I know Mark's legs will never be the same. Ben could have plastic surgery to reshape his penis, but he will lose the top few centermeters at least.
The man returns and jabs Ben in the leg with a needle and does the same to Mark "there don't say I'm not kind, that shot will kill the pain and you wont feel a thing from now on either. Well untill it wears off any way"
"So kid what part do i take off" or if you don't pick I'll take off a few. Don't worry you won't die, I'll make sure of that. I want you to live with this for many years to come" "your legs might heel, I guess you will walk again, but with a limp, why not make it simple and tell me to remove your penis and balls. Your friends over there can eat them in front of us" laughs the man "NOW PICK" Screams the man. . . . . . . .

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  . . .
Mark is in tears from what must be going through his mind. After what I have seen I know this mad man means what he says. Mark talks through his tears "please let me go" Marks begging falls on deaf hears. "please just take a finger if you must" crys Mark. The man tells us all it has to be more then that. Istart to think what i'd pick, i have tears in my eyes just thinking about it" Mark then crys out "take one of my balls, but leave the rest of me along" the man scratches his head "YES AND NO, I'LL TAKE BOTH BALLS AND YOUR PENIS" swears the man at Mark. "I can see the fear in Marks face has his unused sexual parts are going to be removed. "NO PLEASE DON'T I'M CATHLIC I'VE NEVER EVEN JERKED OF" begs Mark. The man doesn't say a thing has he starts picking which scalples we wants close at hand. Mark continues to beg but the man is in a world of his own. The man starts playing with Marks balls to see how thick they are, he undoes a roll of surgical string and places it in a needle. I can only imagine this is to saw up the hole where Marks private parts are`at the moment.

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   Mark continues to beg. The Mad man shoots a needle of what i think is morpine just above the base of Marks Penis. I look next to me at Ben and notice he has fainted, he is slumped forward in his ropes.
The man places another phone book under Marks head "i want you to see all whats going on, dont worry that injection i just gave you will keep you a wake, but you won't feel a thing" laughes the man
I can see Mark looking down at his shaved penis and balls. He must be thinking oh no i'm about to lose them or less some miricle happens. " wait a minute, you just said you have never played with yourself, so you have never cum" asks the man in a careing voice. Mark replies "that is the honest truth I swear on the bible"
"Well in that case i better help you" For a secondi feel mark might be saved. but then the men starts masterbateing Marks penis "i want you to know what your going to miss. The quicker you cum the quicker I remove it" explains the man. The man has one hand jerking off Mark as the other hand plays with his balls. How long can a 14 year old boy last before he cums in this situation.

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