Skipping School Part 3


I could see Marks fully erect penis been forced up and down by the mad man. I knew from my own masterbation that it wouldn't be long till he cum. "arhhhhhhhhh" screams Mark as he shoots hot cum all over his belly. The man bends his head down and licks up the hot cum of Marks belly. "nice sweet boy cum, pitty it's the first and last you'll make" laughes the man.
The man walks away from the table. Ben next to me is awake again. He whispers to me what can we do. I just shug my shoulders. The man must have heard ben because he walks over to us. He grabs the hair of Bens head and pulls his head up streight. "well in a few hours i'll be finished with your friend, then it's your turn. for you I have a special plan" "what's that, you have allready poured acid over my penis and balls" asks Ben. The man looks down at Bens messed up private parts and smiles. "well for you my little boy your going to get the works. Legs, arms and balls off.

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   You will be known as stumpy" laughes the man. Ben burst into tears at the thought. I know the man is mad enough to do it and by what I HAVE SEEN SO FAR DREAD TO THINK WHAT HE HAS IN STORE FOR ME.
The man walks upto me and pushes his hand in my pocket and pulls out my wallet. "well Mike is it, I have nice thing for you once i remove Marks family jewels you get to eat them" explains the man. I feel his hand undo my belt and I lookdown to see him pull down my zipper on my school pants, they fall around my ankles. The man looks at my bulge in my swimmers. He yanks them down to reveil my penis and balls. I was about the same size as Mark in that area. the man grabs me by the waist and twist me sidewards on the wall. I then scream out in pain as the man rapes my virgin arse with his penis. He fucks my arse for what seemed forever. I feel blood slideing down my legs I look down and see a small puddle of blood on the floor. I then feel a hot sticky thing in my bottom. The man pulls out his dick and pushes my backside back against the wall.

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   The man grads the ends of my school shirt and wipes the cum dripping from his now sofening penis. The man just laughes. And returns to Mark on the table.
The man attaches an old drip with some clear liquid inside to Marks arm.  he walks down infront of Marks penis. "say good bye to it" he says. Marks begs and pleads and tries to move, but his body is frozen by the look of it he can only move his eyes. The man picks up a sharp knife and makes a cut deep into the base of Marks penis I see blood splurting up, the mad man wrips it with some cotton buds. He attaches some type of clamp. I can see the horror and pain in Marks eyes. Ben next to me is vomitting all over his legs. The man then makes several other cuts around the base of the penis shaft. He then picks up a small saw and starts sawing through the base of Marks penis. I almost faint as I see what is happening it only took what seemed ten minutes when the man lifts up a what once was Marks penis. He makes sure Mark can see that it's gone.

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   He cut it right down at the base, He grabs the surgical string and starts sewing up the hole, just leaving a small gap for wee to come out of. "there now you will have to pee like a girl" The man places the whole 12cms of what was Marks penis on a metal tray.  He spends about the next hour removeing Marks testicles.  he saws up the muscles and holes which used to conect them to Marks body. Mark has a flood of tears running down his face.   "Now that's better you wont be wearing them sweet sight swimmers ever again, your bulge is gone for ever" laughs the man. He places some bandages over what was marks private parts and tosses a towel over his bottom half of his body.
The man walks over to me with the bloddy piece of skin and muscle in his hand. He grabs my head and tries to push the now mutalated penis into my mouth "eat it or i'll eat yours" yells the man at me. . . . . . .

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End of part 3. . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . what will happen to our once pretty teen boys in part 4. . . .

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