Student and Teacher, part 2


With that, Doug bent over Kristyn's naked body and kissed each of her small breasts. They could barely even be called that, as they were little more than bumps on her chest. Doug continued to kiss lower and lower on Kristyn's body, working his way down to her hairless, virginal pussy. He stuck out his tongue and ran it up and down her slit, tasting her sweet girl juices. "Mmmm, you taste as sweet as you look Kristyn," said Doug Doug, carefully put one finger inside of Kristyn's pussy, probing how tight this young 8th grader was. Slowly he rotated it around all the while playing with her clit with his tongue. While this was going on, Courtney was watching and smiling, slowly playing with her own pussy. She could not believe how wet she was. She had been wet before from masturbating, but never like this and she loved it. Doug stood up and placed his rock hard dick on Kristyn's slit, rubbing it up and down to get it nice and lubed up. He reached down and flicked each of her nipples with his hands, getting them nice and hard. Kristyn was really turned on now. She was squirming under him, thrusting her hips upwards slightly in an effort to increase the contact between her pussy and Doug's dick. Doug slowly pressed his dick into Kristyn?s virginal pussy. He had thought that Courtney was tight, but this girl was unreal. He got about 2 inches of his 6 inside of her and could not proceed any further, she was just too dang tight.

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   Doug came up with a good idea. "Kristyn I am going to lay on my back on the desk. You are going to straddle me and lower yourself onto my dick. I think that way you will be able to take most of it inside of you, but I'm not sure, you are sooooo tight. " With that, Doug pulled out of Kristyn and lay down next to her. The preteen climbed on top of Doug and asked, "What do I do now?" "Raise your self up a bit, I will position my dick right by your pussy. Then slowly lower yourself onto it. " Kristyn did as Doug had said, and slowly he entered her, bit by bit. Doug then felt a resistance; he knew that it must be her maidenhead. "Ok, this is going to hurt a bit, but I promise it won't be for long. " With that, Doug grabbed Kristyn's slim hips and pulled downward, while thrusting his own up. He felt her hymen give way. Kristyn at first gave a yelp in pain, but that soon ended. With Doug's gentle hands guiding her, she began to ride his stiff pole. Up and down she went, smiling with her eyes closed in deep pleasure.

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   Courtney could not take it any longer, she was on the brink of cumming, but needed something to put her over the top. She came up with a thought. She stood up from the seat, walked over to the desk where Kristyn and Doug were fucking and straddled Doug's face. At first Doug was surprised as he was concentrating on Kristyn, but then he realized what Courtney had done. He stuck out his tongue and began to flick her pussy with it. At the same time, Kristyn having gotten the idea began to ride Doug without his help. Faster and faster she went, building up to a powerful climax. Courtney and Doug were approaching their own climaxes as well. Suddenly, Kristyn began to cum and cum hard. Involuntarily, her pussy pulsed and grabbed Doug's dick hard. Between the warmth tightness around his cock and the sweet, sweet smell of Courtney's pussy, Doug began to cum as well. Shooting deep within the 12 year old, and moaning loudly, Doug could not believe how good this felt. Courtney was cumming too. A load of girl juice squirted out of her, all over Doug's face. She moaned loudly, stopping only when Kristyn leaned over and kissed her on the mouth to muffle the cries.

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   They didn't want to attract too much attention in case someone happened to pass by. The three of them stayed there for a moment breathing heavily, recovering from their mutual climaxes. Then the two girls climbed off of Doug and began to dress. Doug said, " I am going to give you two my number and address up in Vermont. Maybe you can come up and visit for a weekend. I will make sure it is one we will never forget. " "Oh if we can, we definitely will visit you. " Said Courtney. The three finished dressing, Doug letting the two girls leaves the room first and waiting a bit, so to try and make it look innocent. Doug began to daydream about other girls in his classroom he would like to screw, and began to get hard again. Sighing he adjusted himself so his hard on would be less visible and gathered his things to leave. Stopping off first at the bathroom to clean off the girl juice on his face. Courtney and Kristyn walked home together, part of the way, talking softly all the while about their encounter with Doug, and how soon they could do it again. After Kristyn left to go down her block, Courtney continued to walk home. Near a wooded area she was stopped.

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   It was David, a student from her class. He was the one that she had given a flash of her butt in class earlier today. David said, "I know what you just did, and I promise not to tell, if?. . "To be continued.

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