Student/Teacher Conference Part 1


       First of all let me start off by describing myself. My name is Caroline and I am 16 years old. I have long, silky black hair that reaches just a little above my ass. I am 5'7", bright green eyes and a tanned skin. My breasts are a good enough size which is 34C. Now, I guess I have a nice body and my weight is around 135lbs. . . . which is normal. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment because most of these High School guys are so immature! But I do have a thing for my chem teacher. . . . . now I know what your thinking! UGH How can this girl have a crush on her chem teacher? And stuff like that, right? Well, this chem teacher isn't like all the other teachers.

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   He is just so damn sexy! His name is Alex (he let us call him by his first name) and he's 25 years old. He's around my height, if not 1 or 2 inches taller. He has dark brown hair, light brown eyes, the sexiest lips ever and of course, the cutest smile too!
       After about the second semester, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to try to seduce him since I KNEW he wasn't going to even think about making a move on me. So one day I went to school wearing the tightest lowrider jeans you can imagine. Also, with a tight black tank top that had cuts that showed a lot cleavage. So there I go walking in class and sitting down in front for some reason. After a couple of minutes the bell rang and Alex started to take attendance. He looked up every time he said a name to see where they were. When he said my name he looked up and noticed that I was in the front and looked kind of confused since I always sit in the back. When he looked at me I bit my lower lip and smiled. He looked away quickly and moved to the next name looking kind of red.
       After class was over and everybody had left I stood up and walked over to Alex's desk.
   "You need anything Caroline?" He asked.
   "Well yes actually. Well my grade was kind of low last semester---" I started saying.

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   "It was a B. . . . " he said as he cut me off in the middle of my sentence.    "Well I'd prefer an A. . . . But I was just wondering if there was anyway you could. . . uh. . .

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  could give me help?" I said.
   "Caroline, your grades aren't bad you can just work harder on it. I'm sure it won't be that hard. "
   "Ummm, I think it will. " I said smiling sweetly. "I think it's going to be harder this semester you know, it's going to get more stressful and stuff so I was just wondering if you could help me more?" I said giving him a small smile and looking kind of desperate.
   "Well if I agree to do it are you going to be showing up on time unlike being tardy like you sometimes are in my class?" He asked.
       I smiled a big smile and said, "Oh don't worry I won't be late. Plus me being tardy in your class only happens sometimes and I have PERFECTLY good reasons for them. "    "Yeah? Let me hear it. " He said with a happy look on his face knowing that I didn't have an excuse at all.
   "Now come on Alex! I think that we should discuss when and where you can help me out. " I said looking at him kind of nervous but somehow still maintaining to keep a smile on my face.
   "Doesn't matter with me," he said, "I'm here every day after school so just tell me when you can come. "
   "Well, I can come anytime you want, " I said while giving him a big smile again, "But how about 3 times a week starting tomorrow? So it'll be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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  . . is that ok? We'll only have 2 days this week but I guess it's ok. What do you think?"
   "Yeah I think that'll be fine. So how about in my office? You know where it is right?"   "Yep. . . . so I'll see you tomorrow. " I said as I smiled again and turned to leave towards the door while shaking my ass a little.
       The next day I went to school totally revealing everything. I wore a tiny black schoolgirl-like skirt with a tight white blouse that had most of the buttons opened so that it showed my breasts and a little of my white bra. I walked into class and quickly noticed Alex sitting on his chair in front of his desk looking through some papers. I sat down in the front again when a guy caught my attention.    "Damn girl.

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  . . . what's the occasion?" He asked while looking at me up and down.
   "It's hot. " Was my simple reply.
   "Well it just got hotter in here . " He said and walked off to the back. I smiled to myself as the bell rang. Alex started to take attendance and when he said my name he looked at me and looked as though he had stopped breathing. He was looking at me from head to toes and back again with his mouth slightly open and his eyes wide open. I just looked straight at the wall without any expression on my face. But deep inside I was jumping up and down with excitement. Class went by as usual. As soon as the bell rang and class was over people quickly left the room.

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   But not me, I stayed there. I got up and moved towards Alex's desk. He was looking through some papers but had noticed me moving up to his desk.
   "Yes Caroline?" He asked while raising his head slowly. I knew he was looking at my legs. Finally he looked into my eyes.
   "I was just making sure if we're still on after school?" I asked while smiling. He looked away from my eyes and looked at my breasts for a second then looked away.    "Yep, I'll see you soon. " He said while still looking somewhere besides me.
   "K. " I said while he finally looked at me again. I turned towards the door and dropped my book by 'accident'. I bent over and I was 100% sure he caught sight of my ass. I stood up straight again and left the class smiling to myself.

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       After the final bell rang I went to my locker and then headed to his office. I walked in and he was sitting there on this big comfortable chair. I guess he didn't notice me so I slammed the door. He looked up.
   "Sorry!" I said sweetly. He nodded towards a chair in front of his desk and I sat down.
   "So, are you going to need any help on today's worksheet that I assigned?" He asked but not looking at me.
   "Umm. . . I actually already started on it," I said while standing up and moving to his desk. I pushed some papers aside from the corner of his desk and sat on it so that I was on his side of the desk and almost right next to him. I crossed my legs which made my skirt go up so my white silk G-string was clearly visible. "But I do need some help with 2 problems on it. " I continued to say while looking at him.

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   He quickly looked up my skirt but then looked away as quickly as he had looked.
   "Ok, then. . . uh. . . take out the worksheet so that I can help you with the problems that you have. " He said while still looking away from me. I lifted up my legs which made my skirt raise up even more, if it was even possible, and I leaned over to get my bookbag from the floor, giving him a perfect view of my breasts. When I sat back straight I noticed him moving his head and looking somewhere else so I was sure he was looking down my blouse. Smiling, I took off the paper from my bookbag and put it in front of him as he took a water bottle and took 2 gulps from it.
   "Umm ok, these problems aren't that hard, they're actually pretty simple. You have to do this part first. " He said while pointing to a part of the paper.

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   I leaned over and accidently knocked over his water bottle so that it spilled all over his crotch.
       I gasped and said, "Damn! I am SO sorry Alex. . . . I didn't mean to!" I picked up the water bottle that was on the floor and put it back up on the desk and then picked up a couple of tissues and started rubbing the water from his crotch. I kept on rubbing his crotch and actually rubbing his dick through his pants. He was starting to get kind of hard as I continued to rub.
   "No, Caroline it's ok. Here, I'll do it. " He said while taking my hand away from his crotch.
   "No Alex, I should do it since it's my fault. " I said politely as I pulled my hand away from his and continued to rub his crotch. He was harder than before and you could see a bulge in his pants. Finally I stopped rubbing, he had his hand on my wrist wanting to take my hand away but obviously not doing it.

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   "Good thing your pants are black right?" I said as I gave him a sweet but sexy smile.
       He smiled nervously and looked at me and gave me a small nod as he then looked at the bulge on his pants and I noticed his cheeks getting a little red. He looked up at me and I couldn't stop smiling and biting my lower lip at the same time. He turned to look at the worksheet.
   "It's getting late Alex so I better be going. Since I know I'm supposed to do that part first I'll figure it out at home and if I have any trouble and don't really pass in my homework. . . . don't yell at me 'k?" I said and then smiled.
   "All right. " He said, and it was pretty much ALL he could say since I was staring at his crotch again. I got off the desk and turned around so that my back was to him and then I bent over and picked up my bookbag, which made my skirt go up and making him stare at my ass with a REALLY good view since my ass was right there. . .


  inches away from his face. I turned to stare at him again and saw that he had his mouth slightly open. He realized this so he closed it right away. I looked at his crotch again and noticed the bulge was bigger than the last time I looked at it.
       I smiled again and leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Well I'll see you soon," and then I kissed him on the cheek making it kind of long as I ran my fingers over his crotch making him moan really softly and quietly. I got up again and left the room happily with my sucess.
       The next day after class I walked up to Alex's desk as he looked up. I said "Alex do you think that we could do this tutoring thing today instead of tomorrow? It's just that I found out I'm gonna have to do something after school tomorrow. " I was saying that with extreme calmness like nothing happened the day before.
   "Yeah, sure it's ok. " He said while not looking at me.
   "Ok then,I'll see you later. " I said and then walked away.
Part 2 cumming soon. .

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  . . .

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