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That night, I knocked nervously on the door, and she quickly opened the door and ushered me in. “My parents aren’t and they don’t want anyone over, but we need to get a start on that project. ” “ I understand. ” Was my reply. She was wearing very seductive clothing, a tight white v-cut T-shirt showing off her immense cleavage, which I could not help but stare at. Her pants were tight dark blue jeans, perfectly accenting her asscheeks and thin legs. She led me into her room, which was a little bit of a mess. “Don’t worry about my room, it’s kinda messy but there is plenty of desk space!” Her overt enthusiasm took me by surprise, but I swiftly adjusted to her attitude and played right along, not really knowing where it would take me. She pulled up two chairs for us to sit on and we started reviewing our notes that we had taken and various other materials. I could quickly tell that she was easily frustrated. Rather bluntly she asked, “are you a virgin, Robert?” Surprised, I replied, “ I have had sex only once. ” Now that my confidence was immediately bolstered, I asked, “What about you?” “ I only have sex once, just like you. ” I couldn’t but notice your bulge at the water fountain. ” Thinking I was at a loss, I said that I did not mean anything by it, but I knew that wasn’t true. “ That’s okay, Robert I liked it. ” “Really?” “Really.

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  ” “What do you say we have a little fun?” she said. At this point, I was completed mesmerized by her, and would do virtually anything to have her – right here, right now. She got up without saying anything, and slowly took off her t-shirt, with the obvious intent of teasing. Her bra was pitch black and very seductive. “Would you like to see my breasts?” “Very much so. ” I said enthusiastically. She slowly took her bra off, revealing the most luscious nipples I had ever encountered before in my life. The size of her breasts were not gargantuan, but the fullness combined with the almost quarter-sized nipples that were dark red, made my soldier stand at full attention and I almost died right there – literally. “Would you like to touch them?” “Yes!” I blurted out. I was sitting in a chair leaning back, and she took a few steps towards me, and I reached out with both hands and I gently caressed both breasts entirely, then focusing on her nipples. Without hesitation, I moved my head up to one of her breasts and began to passionately kiss and suck on her nipple. Her loud gasps and sighs turned me on even more and felt like I wanted to leave my face implanted between her round mounds of flesh for eternity. She began tearing at my shirt and helped with my hands while I sucked on her breasts. My shirt was finally off, and she began to tug at my pants. At this point, I just sat there, realizing that it was her turn.

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   She put her hands on my knees and slowly started to move towards my crotch. The unreal sensation moved up my leg more quickly then her hands, for the feeling was at my cock when her hands were only half way up my leg. She playfully unbuckled my belt, and began feeling my cock through my jeans as she was unzipping my pants. I stared into her eyes, knowing full well that this meant more than just what was happening at that particular moment in time. I stood up so she could take off my boxers, and I lifted my feet up so I could toss them to the side. I sat back down, my cock staring her right in the face. She cautiously grabbed the base of my cock with one hand and had the other on my leg. She began licking around the head of my penis, and after what seemed like 10 minutes, she finally took the head of my penis into her mouth. Her soft, caressing and wet lips that wrapped around my cock were almost too much for me. She began a steady up and down sucking motion, but pausing every so often to lick around the head of my penis. This went on for about five minutes. Again, without saying anything, as if I knew what to expect, she quickly took off her jeans and then her light pink panties. She unveiled a dark brown mound of trimmed pubic hair and a set of vaginal lips that looked poised for action. “ Come over here. ” She pointed to her bed, I thought I was going to fuck her, but she spread her legs and said “make me cum with your tongue.

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  ” I immediately lowered my head to her pussy and began licking all the way up and down and inserting my tongue when I came across her sweet-smelling entrance. She bucked her hips, making my face and tongue go deeper into her by now sopping cunt. I wrapped my arms around her legs, shaking my head in every possible direction, with my tongue following. “More!” “More!” “Ah yeah, ah yeah!” Those were her exact words. I stuck two fingers into her vagina after about thirty seconds she was screaming really loud. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” She exclaimed. “I’m cummmmmminnnnggg!!” I could tell within a few seconds as her love juice seeped out of her vagina into my mouth as I swallowed it all and licked her clean. She stood up in front of me pushed me back onto to the bed, with my swollen cock standing straight up. She climbed on top of me as I anticipated the greatest sensation that I have ever felt in my life. She grabbed my cock with one hand and teased herself by rubbing it around her pussy lips and then she finally gently pushed down on my cock with her hips. Her vagina was so wet that I easily slid in, but her pussy lips wrapped around my cock just like her mouth and I was in all the way. She leaned forward slightly, and started to fervently move back and forth, and I started to meet her thrusts with my own thrusts. That sent her into an almost violent scream, inhaling and exhaling several times. My balls were slapping against her ass as I was thrusting harder then she was. I stopped completely and she slowly moved her hips on my cock.

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   She let herself fall on her back, and I followed suit. I lifted her legs out of the way and reinserted my eight-inch penis back into her pussy. I immediately began to pound hard, sending her to another orgasm, as I could feel her love juices flow over my cock. That energized me even more, and I began to vary the pace with slower more powerful thrusts, leaving my cock completely in her for a few seconds and pulling out almost all the way until I quickly thrusted back in. “I want to feel your cock between my tits. ” Stephanie said loudly. I pulled out, and we kissed passionately, our tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. I then spat on my cock and between her tits and she pushed them together. I put my cock between her luscious breasts and sped up the pace. I would fuck her tits for about a minute, and then I would lean forward slightly so she could suck my cock for a few moments, then it was back to her tits. This event happened several times, all in succession. “I want to taste your cum. ” As I had done all night long, I just listened to her command and got on my knees, and she adjusted herself so that she was lying on her stomach with one knees propping her upper half up, so she had the ability to suck me without straining herself. She was sucking my cock hard, going at such a rapid pace that I had trouble keeping her dark brown braided her out of the way. But I succeeded, and I was watching as the indescribable feeling into my cock began to rise.

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   “Oh god, yeah , I’m cumming, Steph, ah yeah!” “Ahhhhhahhhhhhh!” I shot six or seven spurts of my jizz into her waiting mouth. She tried to smile at the same time she was trying to swallow the massive load that I had just put in her mouth. Continuing with her rapid motion, semen started to seep out of the corners of her mouth, when I finally pulled my cock out. She quickly licked around her lips with her tongue and got all of the semen off of her mouth and then swallowed that. “How about another study session tomorrow, Robert?” Sure was my reply as we start to kiss and made out until we fell asleep in each other’s arms. THE END.
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