Summer School ''A Hot Day''


Nina was a pretty well proportioned girl, with 28c cup size boobs, and a nicely tanned body body. Her hair was bleached blonde, but it looked good wih her green eyes and tann skin. She lived with her dad, who left most of her "feminem stuff" up to her, and Adam and Nina did not waste much time or money on condomes, Nina simply got the pill. The next week after Adam came home from school, he found his schedule for summer school in the mailbox. He ripped it open and looked through it. He would be spending most of his time with Ms. Conner. "Who the-?" he asked himself. Maybe she was a new teacher, getting used to her job over the summer. He shrugged and went upstairs to get his stuff for football ready. The last week of school was pretty busy, and no one knew who Ms. Conner was. The football team won their last game, and a big party took place at Cody's house. (His parents were on a cruise to the Bahammas. )It was a big night of drinking, dancing, and all those fun things you do while your drunk. Adam and Nina had a quikie in the bathroom, which tired them out for a while.

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   Adam and his other friends were telling him what a bummer it was that he couldn't come to the beach house. "At least I'm gonna be a senior with you guys. " Adam laughed. The rest of the night was spent checking out girls and making rude remarks, some of them were playing spin the bottle, and some were just, well, knocked out. If you had been there you would have thought you were at a college party rather than a highschool one. The summer was getting hotter, it was unbearable to go outside. Adam was waiting at the bus stop for the big yellow carriage that would take him to hell. When he got to school, and found the classroom he was supposed to be in, he found out just why it was hell. Ms. Conner was none other than the hot she-devil her self! She had her back turned to him, but he liked what he saw. Ms. Conner had long black hair, and olive coloured skin. She was wearing a black skirt that showed her slender legs off, and showed the destinct round shape of a tight ass. "Aah you must be Mr. Long!" She exclaimed in her asian accent when she saw him at the door, "Please sit down!".

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   there were only about four other kids in this classroom, so Adam could sit pretty much where he wanted. "Damn she's hot!"Adam though to himslef, "I wouldn't mind seeing-". "Please if you have any questions before we beginn, don't hesitate to ask!" she smiled at everybody. No one answered, and she looked a little stumped, her full, fire engine red lips, slightly pouting. So Adam raised his hand, "How old are you Ms. Conner?" he asked. "Well I'm 24, I just graduated from ULV. " she replied, relief in her voice and a beautiful smile on her lips, "If there are no more queston we will beginn!". Adam did not pay much attention to what Ms. Conner was saying, he was to busy looking at her ass whenever she turned her back on them, and watching her boobs bouce slightly when she walked. In his head he could see Ms. Conner on his lap, passionatly kissing him, and crunching her butt onto his hard cock. That night he did some homework, and took Nina to the mall. At least that what they planned to do. His cock needed some relief from that after- noon, so Adam drove into an old drive in theater, and fucked Nina furiosly, making the car shake.

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   In his mind however, he was not fucking Nina, he was fucking Ms. Conners asian pussy. Adam really liked Nina, but he couldn't help thinking about Ms. Conner. A few weeks went by, and every night Adam had to jack off thinking about his hot teacher, or fuck Nina, pretending her tight pussy was that of Ms. Conner's. The days just kept getting hotter and hotter, Adam was thinking about skipping school. I felt like the sun had exploded. But his mom caught him, so he had to suffer the bus ride to school. Aparrently all of the other kids in his class had had the same idea of skipping, because he was the only one there, except for of course, Ms. Conner. "Well Adam, I'm glad at least you came!" She smiled. The classroom was very hot, and soon the speakers came on to anounce that the airconditioners were broken. The heat was clogging Adam's head, and as heat always made him, he soon became very horny. He looked up to see Ms.

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  Conner unbuttonging some buttons on her blouse, hoping to cool down. She stood up to open the window, and Adam could see her black bra through the sweat soaked blouse. Her skirt was sticking to her legs, giving an even more visible shape of her ass. Adam's self discipline shrunk to zero. He couldn't contain himself. He walked up behind Ms. Conner, and when she turned around their body's were standing very close. "Adam! Are you done with your work?" she asked surprised. "All done Ms. C. " he replied. Adam was taller than the teacher, and he could see down her blouse to the top of her silky bra, and the round olive boobs. "Well Adam, since there aren't many kids here today, you can just do anything you want until school is over. " Ms. Conner said, in her beautiful accent.

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   Adam smiled, leaned closer to Ms. Conner, and kissed her very passionatly on the lips, to his surprise she didn't pull away, instead she kissed back. Suddenly she broke the kiss, "Adam, that-that shouldn't have happened. What are you doing?" she asked in a surprised tone. Adam ran his hand down her back, "You told me to do what I want to, and I am. " He leaned in and kissed her again, and this time she kissed back more passionatly, Adam slid his tongue in her mouth and soon their tongues wer entwined, kissing soft, and nibbling. "If we are kissing, Adam, you should call me Lee,and I will close the door. " she walked across the classroom and locked the door. She turned around and unbuttoned some more of her blouse, revealing her whole bra, and her round boobs. Adam walked over and felt her boobs through her bra, they were soft, and the nipples were hard. He unsnapped the bra, and dropped it tot he floor, her boobs jiggled as they were unleashed, and he could see her big, pinkish brown, nipples, standing errect. He pinched them lightly, and begann to suck on them. Lee started to mean, and sat down on a desk. Adam was rubbing the other nipple with one hand, and the other was traveling it's way down her skirt. He felt her soaked panties, and slid off her skirt.

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   Next he slid off her panties revealing her hairy muff. God it was beautiful. As he sucked her tits, he ran a finger along her cunt, and slowly ran his finger into the wet slit. "Uhhhh, Adam!" Lee moaned a bit louder now. Adam slid his finger out, rubbing the juice onto her and arounder her cunt, dipping in frequently, sometimes with one finger sometimes with two. Adam picked her up and cleared a spot on her desk, where he layder her and sread her legs. Her pussy was glistening. Adam's nose nudged her cunt as he sniffed her arousal. It smelled so good. Lightly he flicked his tongue over her cunt, and he licked up and down her crack. As Lee moaned, and leaked more juice, he lapped it up like a dog lapps water. Lee was holding his head in place, as her hips bucked and her pussy burst with cum. Adam lapped up the sum mixed with cunt juice, nibbeling a litle here an there. He brought his head back up and looked at her sopping wet pussy, and the teacher he had jacked off for so many times. She looked better than he could have imagined.

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   Once Le had caught her breath she pushed Adam onto a chair, and now she kneeled in front of him. Adam held some strands of long black hair out of Lee's way, as she grabbed his errect 11 inch cock, and began to pump it for him. "Oh god. Mmmmmm. Yesssssss!" Adam moaned as her mouth joined her hand. Licking his rod from head to his balls, which she kissed lightly. She began to suck on his head, as pre cum oozed out. She took more of his cock in until it was shoved down her throat. Adam's eyes rolled to the back of his head, as she began to blow his cock dry and reapeat the process. Once it was back in her nice warm throat, a big blast of cum shot down her throat. Lee gobble up every drop. Once Adam was done cumming, she sat in his lap as he caught his breath. He opened his eyes, and saw those beautiful tits jutting out at him, and her pussy straddeling him, he could feel her juice on his stoamch. Adam's cock grew again, and Lee cruched down on it. Rubbing her pussy up and down on his cock.

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   Slowly Lee lowered her pussy onto his errect cock. Adam could see his head dissapear into her slit. Moannig and gasps escaped their lips until Lee had burried his cock deep inside her cunt slit. Her pussy muscles tightened around it, as she began pushing up and down, in nice even strokes. Her pussy was gripping his cock, as she went faster. Soon she was ramming it in. It felt like she was being fucked by a big iron pole. Adam had his hands around her waist, helping her up and down. Her tits juiggled lusciously as she began literally jumping up and down. "OOOOOO, God, Adam! Shit I'm CUUUUUMMIIING!"Lee screamed. Adam was surprised. Her english wasn't good but it certainly sounded good as she was abusing her pussy. This brought Adam over the edge, and she blasted his load deep into her pussy. She colapsed into his arms, and they sat there, a big sweaty heap of hot luvers. And you know what? they had totally forgotten, the summer heat.

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   Hey, this is my very first story, I dunno if it's any good or not. So please e-mail me, I want to hear both good and bad, and what you would change. My E-mail address is: anonymous_user2008@yahoo. com.