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"Maybe I can bring my swim suit tomorrow," I said. "No, Dennis, I meant today, and you don't need a swim suit. We can go in skinny dipping. " "Skinny dipping," explained Cindy. "Means we swim naked. " "Sure," replied Debbie, "We do it all the time, my parents and me. We only wear suits when company comes, and even then. . . " Cindy and I looked at each other. I shrugged, and so did she. "Do your parents mind?" I asked. My mind was already mulling over being naked with the two girls. I wanted to do it, but a was worried we would get into trouble. "They just want us to swim safely," Debbie said. "Maybe, we shouldn't make a big thing about the skinny-dipping part.

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   We can just have fun. " "OK, let's do it," I said. "I'm kind of hot. " I was hot and not just from the temperature. My hormones were warming me up. "Yeah, OK," agreed Cindy. "It sounds like fun. " The girls slipped off into Debbie's bedrooms to get ready, and I got undressed, thinking how awesome it would be to see Debbie and Cindy in the raw, without a stitch of clothing on. I went out to the pool deck after leaving my clothing piled near the rear door. Dangling my feet in the pool, I felt my dick twitch. I looked up and saw the two girls come out the door. Cindy was carrying some glasses and towels and Debbie had a pitcher of lemonade and some cookies. They walked up to me at the pool. As I sat there and looked at them, my cock twitched again. I hoped that this might not be good, clean fun.

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   Debbie had light brown fuzz above her bare pussy lips, a color that was the same as her golden hair. She did not have big titties, but her areolas and nipples were pink and prominent. Seeing me looking, she smiled and asked, "Do you think that I look nice?" "Debbie, you look so beautiful," I mumbled shyly. "What about me?" asked Cindy. She had a thatch of dark fur on her mound; it was as raven colored as her lovely long black hair. She had bigger boobies with large, dark nipples and matching areolas. "You're both so beautiful," I said emphatically. Grinning, they both turned away to place their burdens on a poolside table. I let my eyes rest on the pretty curves of their firm, round asses, their fabulous, smooth legs. Then both girls sat down next to the pool, dangling their legs in the water with me. "Man, it sure is hot!" I said. The temperature seemed to be going up. "Let's go in, but first we need to shower," Debbie said. She rose and went over, with us close behind, to a poolside showerhead and stood underneath. A stream of water cascaded onto us.

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   Both girls shrieked. The water was a bit cold, and we rushed over to the warmer pool and jumped in. We swam and paddled about for a twenty minutes; I couldn't keep my eyes off the fine breasts, which emerged so often above the surface. Becoming more relaxed with each other, we were now clustered together in the shallow end. Our bodies constantly brushed, and my dick became harder in spite of the cool water. Its size was absolutely amazing even to me; I had never experienced such a big erection. Both Debbie and Cindy had a few peeks at my hard cock and gave each other a knowing look, sharing a confidence. "Dennis," Cindy said at last. "Yeah. . . What?" She laughed and looked down at my crotch, and I turned around to hide my huge erection from her, only to find Debbie now facing my hard dick. I began to feel a bit uncomfortable. Cindy came up behind me, and I felt her tits press into my back as her hands slipped under my arms and around my chest. "Don't be upset, Dennis," she assured me.

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   "Your body is making us excited too. Do you feel how hard my nipples are? Look at Debbie's. " Glancing up at Debbie's cute little tits and seeing how firm her nipples had become, I smiled at her. "Are you still hot?" Debbie asked. "Well, I feel cooler, but this. . . " I said pointing at my penis. Debbie moved closer, and soon I was like the middle of a sandwich. My cock pressed against her soft, rounded tummy. Cindy was still pressed against my back. I reached back with one hand and ran it up and down Cindy's smooth leg and hugged Debbie to me while kneading her back with my fingers. "Mmmm. . .

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   Yeah," Debbie said. "Maybe we can get out and give each other some nice massages. " Turning away she began to climb out. The view of her firm buttocks was incredible. "Sounds good to me," Cindy said, pulling away, but also giving me a little tug to the pool edge. "We can put some sun screen on. " We took the cushions from the deck furniture and put them on the wooden veranda. We sipped glasses of lemonade and ate a few cookies. The sun warmed us up. I kept looking at the naked, female flesh and saw the young girls looking at me, and at each other. "Do my back some more," Debbie asked me, and I knelt along side her and began to stroke and massage the fragrant lotion onto her back. Cindy got behind me and began to rub the lotion on me, starting on my neck and shoulders. After a while Debbie rolled over and I continued on her front. My hands gave her soft little breasts a nice, gentle feel. She moaned and wiggled under my hands.

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   Her eyes peeked open. "Let's do Cindy now," she said as she sat up. We turned our attention to our friend. With both of us working on her, Cindy was soon sighing and wiggling too. We all were noticing how my cock wobbled from side to side as I moved about. "Do my cunnie," Cindy whispered. I watched in amazement as Debbie slipped her fingers into the slit between Cindy's smooth legs. "You too, Dennis," Cindy said, grinning at me. She parted her legs and I climbed between them. Debbie showed me what to do, guiding my fingers into Cindy's pussy lips. I found her wet and slippery. Becoming bolder, I slid a finger deeper, found a hole, and pushed a finger up inside the girlish vagina. "Ohhh, Yeahhh!" Cindy moaned. "That's the way, Dennis; you finger-fuck her; I'll rub her clit," Debbie said as her own fingers rubbed the fold of flesh at the top of Cindy's pussy. Her other hand was touching Cindy's big, hard nipples.

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   "Put another finger in me," gasped Cindy, "and. . . and do it faster. " I slid another finger into her and pumped my hand more rapidly against her wet cunt. I smelled a fragrance rise from her, and it was turning me on. Cindy began lifting her hips up against my strokes. Soon she was grunting softly, but she became much louder as she drove her cunt against my hand. I could see Debbie moving her hands faster too. "Ohhhh God," Cindy moaned, "Ohhhhh. . . my. . .

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   god. . . it's soooo good!" Her body suddenly froze and her legs clenched my dripping fingers, trapping my hand in her pussy. It was several minutes before she began to relax, panting and gleaming with sweat. "That was fabulous," she whispered. "Do me next," Debbie urged, "and then we'll both do Dennis. " She reached over and gave my boner a little squeeze. It was like a shock. Then she lay down on her cushion and smiled up at us. Cindy leaned over her; they grabbed each other, rubbing their boobs together. Cindy and Debbie kissed, and I saw their lips part and pink tongues slip out to writhe wetly together. Waiting for my cue, I watched the young girls hug and kiss. Then Cindy moved down Debbie's body, kissing and licking points of interest: the neck, the breasts, the belly button, THE PUSSY! I looked in amazement while Cindy pulled Debbie's pussy lips apart and kissed the inner pink folds, running her tongue into the crevice. Apparently, they were much closer friends than I had realized.

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   "Oh yes," moaned Debbie. "That feels so good. Let Dennis do it now. " Cindy looked up at me, her tongue still in Debbie's cunt. I replied to her questioning gaze with a nod of agreement. As she rose and Debbie spread her thighs wider, I knelt between them and put my face close to Debbie's glistening twat. Her bare snatch was right there, and I smelled the sweet aroma. I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders as I buried my face into her wet cunt. She squealed with delight when I dragged my tongue up her wet slit and flicked her clit. Cindy cradled her friend's head in her lap and gently rubbed the perky nipples. "That's right, Dennis, eat her sweet pussy. Debbie loves to be eaten out and finger-fucked. " Hearing her words, I slid first one, then another, finger into Debbie's slick twat. The two girls knew each other's tastes. "Oh yeah! Yeah!" Debbie cried out as her body responded to our erotic caresses.

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   Her heels dug into my back, urging my lewd oral assault to continue. "Oh god, Dennis, you're eating me so good!" she groaned. She rubbed her own breasts, tweaking her nipples in the frenzy of lust. I looked up from my task, seeing Cindy's titties jiggling as she worked Debbie's body. It did not take much time to stir up Debbie's oozing honey pot. Her hips rocked against me. Her youthful pelvis rolled about on the soft cushion, while her cries of ecstasy increased. With a loud cry of "OH MY GOD!" Debbie climaxed with my face firmly on her juicy cunt. I felt her wetness increase; a flood of tasty pussy juice gushed onto my face. I continued to lick and suck her wet cunt. I felt Cindy's breasts pressing against my back, and I felt the hair above her pussy brush my skin as she started to kiss the back of my neck. Not waiting for me to finish Debbie, Cindy had moved to me. She reached underneath me and fondled my balls, caressing them as I let out a moan. "Oh yeah, take my prick, Cindy, and stroke it for me while I eat out her pussy. " I felt Cindy reach around with her soft hand and grip my hard cock.


   She gave it a little squeeze and slid her fingers up and down the shaft. I rose up and kneeled as Cindy continued to touch my cock and balls. "Suck it, girl, make him come now," Cindy called to her friend from behind me. Still enthralled by her own orgasm, Debbie dragged herself around and placed her face against my thigh. She tongued the head for a moment; next she began to kiss both head and shaft. I closed my eyes due to the intense feeling welling up inside me, and Debbie took in most of my prick in one big gulp. I felt myself shudder, and I took her head in my hands, stroking her golden hair and brushing it away from her eager mouth. "Suck him, Debbie honey," Cindy urged again, but Debbie needed no advice from Cindy. Her lips were wrapped around my thick, hard penis, and I could feel her tongue rasping along the underside of my shaft. Debbie dipped her head lower and sucked my balls. She took them into her warm, wet mouth and flicked them with her tongue. I had never felt anything so wonderful. I could feel my excitement build. "Ahhggghhh, I'm gonna come," I moaned. "Stop, not yet," Cindy said, and Debbie pulled her mouth away.

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   "I want to suck him off, babe," she told Debbie. She pulled me onto my back and leaned over my fleshy pole, which now jutted proudly in the warm air. "I need to come so bad," I mumbled. "Don't worry, baby," Cindy assured me, and her mouth enveloped my wetly gleaming dick. Lifting my head, I saw it disappear into her open mouth and felt her swallow it. Her throat muscles worked on my cockhead, until she rose again, letting me slide from her mouth. "See, Deb, I knew I could do it," she informed her friend as I saw my cock still connected to her lips by threads of saliva. "Do him, honey," Debbie said. Cindy swallowed me again. Then she began to raise and lower her head, making my aching dick slide in and out of her mouth. She pumped my cock shaft with her soft fingers. I could feel my semen rising up and groaned. "He's going, honey," Debbie cried out. "Uhhh. .

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  . I mean he's coming. " Cindy lifted her lips from my prick, but pumped her hand harder. I cried out as stream of cum rose from my cock like a geyser. "Aahggghh! Aahgghh" Ohhh! Ohhh! Noooooo!" Waves of splendid sensations spread over me as gobs of semen rose into the air to fall back on my naked belly. We sat or lay there, sprawling on the cushions, panting to catch our breath. I could feel the cum pooling and dripping on my skin. "We need to rinse off and cool down," Cindy said as she got up and walked to the pool. Watching the cheeks of her firm ass move, I lay there until Debbie got up and gave me a view of her curvy hips moving so sexily. I rose and joined the two girls in the water, but soon we were touching and brushing our hands against each other. In fifteen minutes, we were out and lying on the cushions. Cindy pressed her chest against my face, and I sucked her nipples. Glancing to the other side, I saw Debbie move closer, kneeling next to me. I stuck two fingers inside her. "We have time for some more, and then we have to break this up," Debbie said, resting her hand on mine as I fingered her cunt.

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   Reaching with my other hand, I felt my way into Cindy's pussy. She moved her leg, welcoming me and squealed in delight when I drove my fingers deep into her soft folds. Her own hand found my straining cock and fondled the iron shaft. Both girls were kneeling over me and kissed, making an arch over my body. I looked up at their soft lips meeting with obvious passion, forming an erotic keystone to the nubile arch, realizing that these same lips had so recently been wrapped about my hard cock. I was now fingering both wet twats and rubbed each clit with a thumb while my fingers were buried inside the delightful clefts. "I want to try something," Debbie said. "I want to feel what a hard penis feels like inside my pussy. " "So do I," said Cindy, "but we have to be careful. Remember that big load of potent semen that shot out of Dennis's cock. If that gets inside us. . . ""Oh, I know that, but we can let our man stick his penis into us for just a minute or two, just to feel what it's like. " Rising up, Debbie straddled me and moved so that my cock was poised at the entrance to her love tunnel.

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   I watched her rub the head against her cunt lips as if to build up the courage to allow it to enter her. Sliding between her plump lips, my cock acquired a film of lubricant and gleamed wetly in the sun. Then, as she bit her lip in nervous anticipation, I felt the warmth, the wetness of her pussy slip down my cock. As I looked in astonishment, I saw it slip deep into her juicy cunt until our merging pubic hair concealed the last vestige of my swollen shaft. Debbie sat back, allowing the tumescence of my cock to swell within her tight vagina, and she was really tight. "It feels so good, Cindy. I feel filled up. . . almost stuffed. Debbie gave me a sexy look and wiggled her hips. "I almost want you to ejaculate in me. ""Hey, enough of that," cried out Cindy. "You can't do that. You know what will happen.

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   Get off him. Besides, I want to try it. " Reluctantly, Debbie lifted herself up. I watched as my wet cock, covered with her slippery secretions emerged into the air. I wanted to pull her back down, but I knew that would have Cindy next. No sooner had Debbie lifted her leg across my body than Cindy was sitting above my wet, sticky prick. She had no reluctance, and began to feed my cock into her. "Damn, you made it so big," she cried out. "I am having trouble putting it into my pussy. " She pressed her pelvis down; with a sudden pop, my cock slid part way into her. "Ouch!" she cried out, glancing at Debbie. "I guess I was still a little bit virgin, in spite of our little games. " Taking a deep breath, the recent virgin lowered herself down, and I was again treated to the sight of my prick disappearing from view until her thick, dark pubic hair was tickling my skin. "Oh, yeah, this is really great!" she moaned. "I know why you wanted to fuck him.

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   It feels too good. " She rocked back and forth until I moaned. "Watch out! You're making him come. Get off him!" Startled by the warning, Cindy opened her eyes and quickly rose from me. My cock emerged from her dripping cunt with a lascivious sucking sound. "I feel so hot," Cindy moaned. "I need you so bad, babe. " She moved to her friend and soon they were coupled in passion in reversed positions. Amazed, I watched them lap each other's cunts with penetrating tongues. I began to stroke myself softly while I watched them drive toward mutual orgasms. Moaning and panting, they fell away from one another and lay weakened in the warm air. "How did you like that sixty-nine we just did, Dennis," Debbie asked as she lay back, grinning at me and catching her breath. "Maybe you would like to try that some time. " "I would really like that," I replied. I looked down at my engorged prick and the two fine round asses so close to me.

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   "Don't worry, baby. We'll take care of you in a minute," Cindy said, lying near me and calming down from her climax. "Here, sweetie, slip it into me just for a bit," Debbie said backing her buttocks to me. I looked at her puffy cunt lips protruding between her legs and grabbed her soft, flaring hips. Pulling her closer, I worked my cock into her dripping folds and rammed deep into her cunt. "Ohhhhhhh," she moaned. "Watch out, babe!" Cindy yelled. "He wants to come so bad. " She crawled over and pried us apart. She began to give me a hand job while Debbie swung around and placed her mouth on my cock head and massaged my cum-laden balls. The sight of Cindy's hand and Debbie's mouth on my cock was just too much. I groaned and began to spurt my load out. The first jet fed Debbie's sucking lips, but the remainder splattered on her face and on Cindy's arms. Droplets of my creamy semen were all over, thanks to Cindy's brisk and energetic hand. After recovering from that exciting release, we all jumped into the pool one more time to cool off.

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