Summer Storm


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Summer Storm first hit porn screens in mid-2000, showing up in a string of scorching, down-and-dirty performances that turned heads among fans and producers alike. It was clear even in this early scene that Summer Storm had the drive and the spirit to reach the heights of the sex game.
She sports a ring in her scrumptious left nipple. She's got a girlishly lithe figure, with a tiny waist and not an ounce of fat. Her somewhat thick thighs give Summer Storm that little extra sexual kick, some bonus curves to feast your eyes on.
She was an outgoing, energetic and athletic girl when she was in high school. She experimented with sex on plenty of occasions with other girls while she was still in school, but it never went further than playful teasing, and when she got caught—which happened many times by her high school principal—it made it all the more enjoyable.
She was not a bad girl, but she was one of the most mischievous girls of her time. She loved sex like everyone else, but there was something about the thrill of doing it under abnormal circumstances that made her hot. Having sex with her father’s boss was her most abnormal, most enjoyable time.
It was her 18th birthday. Her father asked to leave work early that day to pick up a birthday cake at the bakery. It was surprise for his boss, Dave, because her dad had been working for him for two years and never said anything about a daughter.
“I’ll tell you what,” Dave said, “I’m just gonna finish this up and lock up.

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   You go be with your family. ”
“So you don’t mind?”
“No, I don’t mind. ”
“Great. If my wife calls, tell her I went to the bank. ”
“You got it,” replied Dave, never looking up from his work.
Summer’s dad left. Fifteen minutes later, a gorgeous blonde showed up. Dave was stunned by her beauty. He stood straight up when he saw her and asked, “May I help you?”
“Yes, I was looking for my dad, Alex. ”
“Oh, you must be his daughter, Summer. ”
“Yeah, I was going to surprise him. ”
“You just missed him. He just left. ”
She frowned. “Really? I needed a ride.

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   I got dropped off here. ”
“That’s alright,” he said reassuringly. “I can give you a ride if you want. So it’s your birthday, huh?”
She smiled and said, “Yeah, I just turned eighteen. ”
Turning eighteen was like a big accomplishment. It seemed like she could do anything she wanted now. She was a woman at last.
“What’d you ask for for your birthday?” asked Dave.
“Well, I wanted a new car but I don’t think my dad could afford it. ”
Dave looked up and glared at her as if she’d insulted him. “I pay your dad pretty well. ”
“Yeah, but…right now he’s having trouble with the bills and like…well he said if he worked extra hard—and maybe got a bonus—he could buy me one by next summer. ”
The way she tacitly implied that he wasn’t paying her dad enough was getting under his skin. He just nodded and said, “I see. ”

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“Call me Dave. ”
“Alright Dave. Do you think my dad’s gonna be able to buy me a new car?”
“Things are kind of tight around here now. The quarterly figures haven’t even come in yet. ” Now she was really starting to piss him off.
She could see it on face. She apologized and said, “I probably shouldn’t have asked you that. ”
“No, you shouldn’t have,” Dave said quickly, and returned to his work.
He was moving faster because he had so much anger boiling inside him and because he wanted to finish so he could hurry up and drop this girl off. Dave was a good man but he had little patience for rudeness, and Summer’s behavior so far was what he would consider rude. She’d just met him, he’d offered her a ride home, and all she could do was nag him about her father’s pay, which was actually high considering his work experience.
“Is there anything I can do to help out?” Summer asked.
Dave had a glimmer in his eye. He started laughing as a dirty thought passed through his mind. He contemplated whether or not he should say it out loud.

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   Fuck it. Why not?
“Well, there is one thing, but I don’t know if you’d be interested or not. ”
“What is that?”
He started getting nervous.
“I might be able to compensate your dad if…uh…if you did something for me. ” He got a little more nervous. “You see, when you get older you’ll understand that people have needs. Like right now you have a need for a new car; I have a need to be satisfied. So maybe we can work something out. ”
He was really shitting bricks now.
He gazed at her waiting for a response. She looked surprised, but not angry, which was fine.
She said, “I don’t understand. How can my dad get a raise like that?”
“Tell you what. Why don’t you show me your breasts?”
“You wouldn’t tell my dad, would you?” she said with a big, seductive smile as she looked him up and down and licked her lips.
“It’ll be our little secret.

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He approached her and raised her shirt. Her tits were small, but cute and her left nipple had the sexiest piercing.
Dave was a big man, full of muscle and sinew. He lifted her onto the work bench with hardly any effort. He touched her flat stomach and rubbed up and down between her tits and belly.
Summer opened her legs and allowed her miniskirt to ride up. She was wearing white panties that were easily visible.
She watched Dave eyeing her body. She could see his passion displayed across his face like words on paper. It aroused her, made her want him more. He was older too and that added to the excitement.
He kissed her thighs and then kissed each nipple. His cock began to swell.
Summer slipped out of her panties and started to finger fuck herself. She circled her clit as Dave pleasured her sensitive nipples with his strong jaws.


   Her pussy was drenched in seconds.
Her eyes were closed. They popped open when she heard his zipper come down. His cock popped out. It was damn near as big as he was. He was stroking it. It got harder and longer. He smacked her thigh with it and said, “You like that? Have you ever seen one of those? Put your hand on it. ”
She touched it and it jumped in her hand. She started rubbing it. It was intriguing the way it responded to her every touch. It jerked up when she stroked it one way and spasmed in and out when she touched it another way. It seemed like an independent, living organism that was attached to him. it seemed like it had a mind of its own.
“You should put your mouth on it,” Dave said after a minute of moaning.

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Still on the table, she got on her knees in a bending position and licked his vein. She took the swollen cock head in her mouth, slurped it, and then sucked as much of him as she could in her mouth.
“You like that?” Dave asked.
“Uh-huh,” she replied. It was fun sucking dick. It was kind of like sucking an ice cycle, but without the sweet flavor or the cold chill. The more she sucked, the bigger it got in her mouth.
She lay flat on the table, which meant she had to hold her head upward to suck his cock, making her throat straight and able to devour more of it.
“Ohhhh. Swallow it,” groaned Dave as Summer was using her hand to feed more of his dick between her lips.
She let it go and made the muscles in the back of her throat relax. She sucked him as deep as she could—deeper and deeper until she felt the urge to gag. She ignored the feeling and used her soft lips to feed more of his massive cock in her mouth until her lips touched pubic hair. She pulled away and it came out of her mouth with a loud smack and left gobs of saliva dripping down his shaft.
Summer lifted his shirt.

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   He took it as a signal that she wanted him to take his shirt off. He did so.
As horny as she was, her lust was magnified ten times when she saw his bulging muscles underneath. Dave was ripped. His chest and arms were huge and his stomach was flat and rippled with abs.
It made her pussy tingle even more, and soon her sweet juices were oozing from her nest.
Dave started moaning and massaging her back and ass. The more ass he felt, the more he wanted to slip inside of her young pussy. “I wanna fuck you,” he whispered. “Stand up. ”
She stood on the work table. Dave lay down, pointed his cock straight up and said, “Here’s where I want you to sit. Right on this big dick. ”
Summer lowered her body. She felt the bulging cock head pushing at her tiny hole as she eased onto his prick.

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Dave watched his cock disappear into her pussy. It was so hot and warm, and so very tight. It had been a long time since he’d fucked a woman this young. He’d forgotten how tight their cunts were at that age.
He moaned loudly and his head fell back as the intense pleasure took control of him. He felt a slight pull as she rose up and then a warm squeeze as she lowered back down.
She was bouncing fast and hard on him and she was screaming and crying out. He looked down and saw her bouncing her tattooed ass on his prick and nearly lost it himself, but things really got hot when she fell off of him. Instead of stopping to get balanced again, Dave took over and started pounding her from the side.
Summer’s legs were spread wide. Her pussy was so tight and hot.
“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Oh, yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck the shit out of me! Oh, yeah!”
She gasped for a much needed breath of air. Dave was obeying every command and ramming her tender pussy with all the force he could muster.
“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum all over your fucking cock!”
“You’re gonna squirt all over me?” Dave moaned.

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“You’re gonna squirt that pussy juice all over my cock?”
“Ohhhh, my god!!!” she screamed as her pussy began to spasm and squirt cunt juice. Dave felt it too. Her pussy got twice as hot and very slick all of sudden. His balls and pubic hair was drenched.
“Oh…oh fuck!” she cried out. “Fuck me!”
She was young, but definitely the wildest woman that Dave had ever been with. All this screaming was making him lust for her more.
He wanted to really pound her, but he couldn’t do it lying on their sides. He made her lay her on her back. He pinned her legs high, slammed his cock back inside of her, and drilled harder.
“Oh, yes! Pound that pussy! Fuck the shit out of me!” screamed Summer as Dave was manhandling her sweet hole.
Dave was sweating profusely. His legs were cramped and tired. His muscles were exhausted and telling him to stop. But he couldn’t stop.


   His lust wouldn’t let him.
He pounded her harder and harder. His balls were smacking her ass. They were both moaning and growling like two predators fighting.
“Fuck me, yes, oh fuck! It’s so good!”
“You’re gonna make me cum,” groaned Dave. “You wanna taste my cum?”
“Yeah. ”
He pulled his cock from her moist haven and they both sat up, Summer with her mouth wide open and her tongue extended. Dave jerked his cock in her face until ropes of sticky spunk shot free of it.
Every drop found its target. She caught it in her mouth and let it drip all over his cock when he was done cumming. She used her tongue to smear it all over the cock head and some dripped down his penis.
“Ooh,” said Dave, amazed that his employee’s daughter would be such a slut. Her dad was so docile. You’d think his daughter would be the same way.
“I think you earned that car," he said.

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   He took her home.
It was the first of many secret lustful evenings. Her father never knew the difference.
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