Tales of a Prostitute


The ground was dry and arid, a rather dead place for such a juicy tale to occur. The setting was present day Arizona, more specifically, northern Arizona; Elliot’s home for the last six years. His parents had moved him during his junior high years, wrenched him from the coast into this desolate waste land. He found solace in the fact that he was allowed routine visits, but between those visits, he was forced to entertain himself, and as the years passed, this became harder and harder.
Almost a year after Elliot had moved to this wasteland, he had discovered an abandoned house but a bike ride away. He often wandered up there, and found pairs of teenagers using the privacy to enjoy carnal activities. He often found himself watching, wishing it were him plowing his own furrow in the seductive girls, and sometimes women, he found gracing the ruins. By the time four years had passed, he knew every inch of the place, as well as he knew the back of his hand.
He never expected to have company on his trips, he made absolutely sure he was alone, and that nobody was going to interrupt him. More often than not, he would find himself fantasizing that he was the one with the girl in the halls of this house, pounding a girl senseless on the cold, unyielding stone floors. But these fantasies ended in a pile of come scarring the stone floors.
But today was different, he didn’t know why, but it felt strange. As he wandered the corridors, he could have sworn several times he heard voices, but he didn’t see any bikes or cars outside the house, so he chalked it up to imagination and went about his business. As he rounded the final corner on his rounds, he came upon a rather eccentrically dressed young girl, who was in the final throes of masturbation. Elliot mumbled out an apology and jogged past her, but not before sneaking a peak. The girl looked up and gasped, before fumbling with her skirt and standing up.

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She reached out to him and called out, “Wait, stay, don’t leave. I thought I was alone, but company is always better. ” She had adopted a sultry voice along the way, and Elliot knew she was coming onto him. "I suppose, I'd rather be here than wandering randomly around the hallss trying to find something interesting to do. And you can take that as a compliment if you wish, it's about as close as you're going to get to one from me. "
His eyes slowly drifted over her, finding he was rather unable to avoid it. The way her skirt hugged her thighs, and the curve of her hips, even the slight dip of her front before blossoming into breasts. He shook his head and focused his gaze on the wall opposite of her, avoiding her gaze.
Her lips twitched into a smirk. He was so ridiculously obvious. She knew he couldn't deny her for long. She was on the verge of an orgasm when he came upon her, and she needed somebody to finish it. He would do just fine, perhaps this was her chance. She crawled towards him on her hands and knees. Once she reached him she straddled his legs but didn't bend at all but kneeled over him so he had to look up at her to see her face and in his direct line of vision were her well shaped breasts.


   “Stop lying and just give in lust for once to in your life. " She rolled her hands over his stomach and chest, molding them to fit the shape of his muscles. The only thoughts in her mind were of the two of them, covered in sweat, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure they were causing each other.
Elliot fought off a smirk and adopted a slight scowl, staring up at her. He couldn't help it though. His eyes traveled down from her eyes, lingering where her neck met her shoulder, longing to run his tongue along her collar bone. His eyes traveled further, until he was looking straight forward, Lilith's voluptuous chest poised directly in his line of sight.             He forced his eyes back up to hers, and his scowl disappeared, "Why should I just give in so easily?"
"Because you want to. It's simple. " She replied seductively. She bent over him, pressing her breasts into him, so she could press her lips against his neck without having to sit down. She ran her tongue over his skin without any intent on pleasure, only a tease.
Elliot pulled his hands from his pockets and gripped her neck, pushing her away from him, and looking her square in the eye. "If this is going to happen, it will happen my way, and my way only. " He leaned in, pulling her closer, still gripping her neck, and brushed his lips over hers briefly.

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   His second hand came out of his pocket and passed along her back, over her lower back and onto her ass, gripping her and bringing her closer.
 He stretched out his legs, allowing her to easily straddle his waist. He could see she liked it brutal, so he kept his hand around her neck, not squeezing too tightly, as he leaned in to suck, bite and run his tongue all along her neck where it met her shoulder. After the first few moments, he released her neck, and pushed that hand underneath her shirt, resting just below her ample chest, waiting for her to make the next move.
She was perfectly willing to comply. Usually, she wasn't willing to play by someone else's rules, but she had a feeling that if she did so this time it would benefit her more than if she argued. It didn't take long before she was completely overcome by arousal from his rough handling and pleasuring kisses. She breathed deeply to keep herself from getting too excited but it was growing more and more difficult.             Her hands ran down his back and slipped underneath the hem of his shirt. She wrapped the fabric around her fingers and attempted to pull it up over his head. She always like feeling someone's bare skin more than feeling their clothes. There was something pleasurable about the heat that's exchanged between two bodies.
Elliot bared his teeth and bit the nape of her neck roughly, his left hand squeezing her ass and pulling her closer while his right hand slipped up and took a handful of her ample chest. When he felt her hands tugging at the bottom of his shirt, he pulled his hands away from her body and raised his arms, still sucking and running his tongue along her neck, stopping only briefly as his shirt passed over his head. Instead of returning to her neck, he pressed his mouth against hers, and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer and up, so she was forced to look down in order to keep her lips against his.

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Her hands cupped his face, deepening the kiss. From there her hands slithered down his body and rested on his thighs. The more this continued the deeper her breathing became.    She desperately wanted him inside her, to feel pleasure the way it was meant to be felt, but she knew he wouldn't rush things. Anticipation was part of the fun.
Elliot fought back a groan, pushing his tongue past her lips and wrapping it around hers, his hands snaking underneath her shirt. While his left hand took a handful of her chest, much like before, his right hand gripped the hem of the shirt and pulled it up, but he didn't do very well, as he was slightly distracted. He wasn't too distracted, however, to know exactly what his left hand was doing, as he pulled at her distended nipple, twirling it between his fingers and squeezing the entire breast roughly as he bit playfully at her bottom lip.
            She moaned quietly as her arousal grew from his treatment of her firm breasts. She couldn't wait any longer, she would have to move things along herself. Her hands, which were already on his thighs, moved to meet on his belt. While she kissed him she pulled the leather out of the buckle and pulled it out of the loops. She tossed the belt aside and her hands came back to the same place to unbutton and unzip his pants.
Elliot broke the kiss and glanced down at his hands. When he had successfully ascertained that she really was doing what he thought she was doing, his eyes lifted to meet hers, and he pressed his lips back to hers in lust, shifting his weight to give her better access.

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   He interrupted her progress briefly to lift her shirt off over her head, again breaking the kiss before returning his mouth to hers, wrapping his tongue around hers and grasping one of her breasts in each hand, squeezing and kneading them in order to increase her arousal.
            She groaned louder, trying to make her hands work at a faster pace, but of course she was just more distracted so her hands were fidgeting without reaching their purpose immediately. Eventually she had his pants undone and was trying to slide them off his hips. She lifted her weight off of him so he could lift himself up and let her pull his pants down. Elliot did just that, lifting his hips up, somehow without releasing his hold on her firm chest or breaking the kiss. He did, however, withdraw his tongue from her mouth and break it voluntarily, leaning down and running his tongue along her collar bone, relishing in the shivers that ran up and down his spine.             He felt the cold air of the hallway immediately, and gasped as his bare ass hit the cold stone floor, but the shock was gone immediately as he felt the warmth spread from her body pressed against his. The heat that she loved so much passed between their bodies, thrilling her with its warmth. He was now completely naked and she was scantily clad in only a short skirt. She unbuttoned it herself and slipped it off her thin body so now she was wearing nothing but her leather boots that came up to just below her knee.             She straddled him again, her body pressing against his and kissing him. Her hands dropped down to his hips and started to lightly massage his distended appendage.
Elliot gasped slightly at the sight of her completely bare body, and his 'appendage' grew, when he saw she still bore the leather boots, until it was hard as a rock. He moaned very lightly, almost unheard, as her thin hands wrapped around it, and he jerked upwards towards her body.             He snaked his right hand around her back, keeping his left hand in place, and pulling her closer to him, her chest and his hand pressing into his own chest.

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   When she was close enough, Elliot's hand came around her front, and delved low, snaking a finger up and inside of her. He kissed his way up her neck and over her chin, pressing his lips against hers and waiting for her reaction.
            She gasped as he pushed a finger inside of her. Blood rushed through her body to create a warming sensation. He hadn't moved much, but just the initial entrance was enough to get her completely aroused and her mind completely in the gutter. She wanted him to move around inside of her, so she changed what she was doing to him in order to entice him. Her hands had been massaging him lightly, but now she moved them up and down the shaft in a rhythmic pace.
            Her torso started to roll as she tried to match his rhythm and thrust her hips against his finger. Her hands quickened their pace with long strokes that covered his entire shaft. Every time she reached the tip she tightened her top finger and thumb so they would brush over the head. She was never good at multi-tasking because she always got easily distracted. Between pleasuring him, kissing him, and her own pleasure, she could barely handle it all. But thinking about it all at the same time was incredibly arousing.     Elliot stopped kissing her soon after he started, then ran his tongue along her jaw line up to her ear. He pulled his finger out of her, pulling his hand up to her neck and gripping it tightly.

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   He knew she would like it, so he wasn't worried about hurting her, for now. He pulled her head closer and ran his tongue around her ear lobe and whispered, "I want inside of you, now". His voice was rough, and he made sure it was to make sure she knew he meant business.             He rocked his hips forward, and sighed as the head of his member slipped inside of her. As his hips fell back, he slipped back out and was once again at the mercy of her hands, but he knew he had planted a seed of an idea in her mind, and it wouldn't be long now.   Her entire body shuddered with pleasure the moment he entered her. But it was so short that she was left wanting more. If that was his intent then it worked perfectly; she wanted more, and she wanted it now. But she wasn't going to beg for it, she liked to think she had more class than that. She'd make him want her as much as she wanted him that moment.             She cast him a mischievous glance before lowering her mouth down to his tool. She held it in her hand as her tongue grazed the tip. She licked all the sides, starting at the base and moving up slowly towards the head. Every so often she'd look up at him to see his reaction.
            Elliot shifted his arms and hands so he could still massage her chest.

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   One hand rested on her ass, just below her waistline, and the other did as it should, squeezing and teasing her breast and nipple. His head tilted back and his mouth opened. He tried to keep his eyes open, but failed miserably, and they clenched shut, and a moan escaped his mouth.   After a few moments of staring at the inside of his eyelids, his eyes snapped open and he looked down into her eyes, lust the dominant emotion. The hand that was currently assaulting her chest moved to the back of her head, and took a handful of her hair, roughly. He groaned as he pushed down on the back of her head, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. He gasped as the head of his member knocked against the back of his throat, and he felt her gag reflex.             Pulling on her hair, he let it slide out of her mouth, relishing the moment her teeth grazed the length of his shaft. After a few more thrusts, he released her hair and let his hand drop to his thigh, where it squeezed and pushed against the flesh there as his orgasm built.
            Something about the way he liked to control everything turned her on. He even had to have control over how she gave him head. She would have smiled if his dick wasn't inside her mouth. Even though he let go, she kept going, taking his whole member into her mouth and moving her lips and tongue up and down. She felt it throb against her lips and get harder as she could tell he was getting closer to a climax.
            His hands were uncontrollable by this point.

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   His right hand gripped and tore at his own thigh. He raked his fingers up and down his leg in ecstasy. His right hand still gripped her ass, pulling one cheek away from the other and raking his nails up her back, much like his right hand did to his leg.   He fought against the feeling, focusing his breathing so he could look down at her, open his eyes, and actually speak. "I'm almost there; do you want my spunk down your throat? Or do you want it deep inside of you?" He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair again when she didn't stop immediately, pulling her off his cock and pulling her face to his, licking his lips. "That was a rhetorical question. " He released her head and let her do what she saw fit, for now. His muscles now in control of his big head, he gripped her ass and pulled her closer, bringing her cunt closer to his penis, standing erect and almost visibly throbbing with the amount blood filling the engorged member.
            She knew it was a rhetorical question but she was so caught up in things that she felt the need to answer it anyway. She leaned over and licked at his neck and his ear so she could whisper to it, "I'd prefer you come when you're deep inside me, thrusting deeper until you can't take it anymore. " As she whispered this she straddled him and pushed herself onto his cock, and lowered herself so he was forced deep inside of her. This caused her to gasp into his ear at the surprising amount of pleasure she got from it.
The entire time, Elliot had imagined just what it would feel like as his throbbing, hard cock slipped inside of her. Silk? Maybe. Something better? Possibly.

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   But when he felt her lift herself bodily over him, and the head of his member slip between her silky lips, he gasped in even greater ecstasy than before.             At first he thought it wouldn't get better. Then he felt her body engulf him, and he grunted and moaned harder than ever before. His hands traveled up and down her back. One finally came to rest on her lower back, and the other to grip the back of her neck. He dug his fingers into her neck, knowing she would relish in the pain, and purposely squeezing harder. He wasn't one to speak during sex, but he couldn't help it, simply moaning the word 'Yes' into her ear.
            She loved the pain; it drove her forward. Something about mixing the pain from his nails with the intense pleasure she felt created an incredible stimulus for her imagination to run wild. She thought of all the things they could do together, all the positions they could experiment with. The possibilities seemed endless. She raised and lowered her body over him, creating friction between herself and his pulsing member. Her breathing grew incredibly shallow from the pleasure and the exercise. Every time she rose her back arched so his cock would brush past the most pleasurable parts of her pussy. She bit her lip to keep herself quiet, but she couldn't hold back the moans of pleasure.


               A wondrous sensation emanated from her cunt, pulsing through her entire body in waves. It started to grow until it was over powering her, controlling her actions. She knew the feeling would intensify if she quickened her pace, so she did just that, thrusting faster onto him and by default harder. Everything grew too intense for her to handle gracefully; through her moans words could be vaguely understood such as, "Fuck" and "Oh god". She was losing control of her body, the pleasure clouding her brain, and it seemed she was running on autopilot and allowing her instincts to take control.
            Elliot groaned into her ear, still pinning her head against his shoulder. When she quickened her pace, a startlingly loud moan escaped from his mouth, quite unexpected. He released his grip on her neck and lowered it to just opposite his other hand. He timed it carefully, pulling on her ass, forcing his cock deeper inside of her every time she rocked forward. He could feel her manipulating the movements to attain maximum pleasure, and he had absolutely no complaints.
            He could feel her tighten around him, and knew she was getting closer and closer as every second passed. As her pace quickened and he could feel her pelvis pound against his. His hands pulled harder on her, rocking faster to meet her motions. He could feel his own climax building, liquid fire spreading upwards through his member and spreading throughout her inner walls. He ventured a glance down, reveling in the site of his penis disappearing inside of her.

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   Soon, his eyes drifted upwards, and relished the site of her firm chest bouncing in time with the rest of her body.
            The feeling was sending her into convulsions; her whole body trembled with every movement. She felt the waves of heat penetrate her small body until she was shaking all over. Her back was arching more than it was before and she kept moving faster and faster before she knew she would pass out from exhaustion. She couldn't control herself at all. Her arms reached out and clawed at his back and legs, darting in every which way so she could relieve some of the built up tension. She was practically screaming now, unable to hold back and quiet herself. If they weren't in a completely deserted part of the grounds she would be worried someone would hear her. But being found out was the least of her concerns now. The only thing she was thinking about was how much she desperately wanted to climax. She was so tantalizingly close; she could feel herself about to peak.
            Elliot's body mimicked her reactions, though his were slightly less obvious. Shivers ran up and down his spine as his orgasm came even closer. He tried to push deeper into her, though he thought he had already gone as deep as possible. Despite this, the only thing that entered his mind at the moment was pushing deep inside of her with the one goal of splitting her in half.


   He grunted and moaned, jerking inside of her, wishing she would climax so he could feel her clench around him, giving him the release he so desired.
            His wish came true. Her climax reached her with an overwhelming shudder. Her whole body shook with the pleasure as it came. She kept moving through it, bringing her orgasm to new heights with ever thrust. She threw her head back and stifled her moans as much as she could, though that was very little. Her insides clenched around him as the muscles contracted. Even as they did so she felt more pleasure. She kept moving, despite her post coital exhaustion, hoping his climax was near.
            Elliot reached a heightened sense of ecstasy as her insides clenched even tighter around his engorged cock, pushing him well over the edge. He gasped and moaned in her ear, feeling the contents of his testicles empty, flowing up and out of his member and erupting deep inside of her, he gripped her hips and stopped her movements, making sure he was as deep inside of her as possible. He gasped as he felt himself come, and let out the breath he didn't realize he was holding just as he finished. He held onto her hips, holding her close until her orgasm subsided and he regained control of his motor functions. He looked up at her and pushed his lips against hers roughly for a few moments, then broke it and leaned his head back against the wall.
            She was still breathing heavily so it took a while for her lungs to catch up with her.

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   Sex was exercise after all, so it was expected that she would be out of breath after that. She looked at Elliot and grinned, pleased at what they had just done. A small laugh came from behind her lips as she thought of how much he had surprised her. She leaned over and kissed him one more time. "That was better than I expected. " She said flirtatiously.   After her lips pulled away from his she got off of him and lied down on the cold stone floor beside him. She wasn't much for cuddling and she was perfectly aware that this was just fucking, no love or passion in it. No strings attached. She half expected him to get up and leave, but she didn't quite feel up to it yet.
            Elliot planted his hands against the stone below him, pushing himself to his feet. He felt his arms shake from the effort, but he managed well enough. When he successfully stood, even his legs shook, so he stabilized himself against the wall. He looked down at her prone, naked form and nodded slightly. She was right, it was better than he expected.

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               He hadn't expected her to be so tight. She was so willing to fuck him, he expected her to be wide open and rather cavernous, but he was surprised to find she was tight as hell, which felt amazing. He shook off the feeling and rolled his neck and shoulders, feeling his spine crack. He gathered his clothes and quickly dressed himself, prepared to simply walk away from the situation that had just occurred.             Mentally, he already had. It had happened, but he wouldn't let it control his life. It was good, but he wasn't going to ponder the act for weeks to come. It was simple. They had fucked, and they had fucked hard, but now they were simply strangers again. And she would get nothing more than that out of him anymore. Elliot clenched his jaw and thought to himself, I'll make sure of that. He didn’t understand why he was such an asshole sometimes. He should get her name, and her phone number. Call her sometime, develop a relationship, but he knew somewhere in the back of his mind that she was just a slut, and all she wanted was a cock inside of her, one way or another. So Elliot walked away, throwing a look of contempt at the girl he had just fucked.

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   The girl he had fucked without learning her name.

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